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new reviews 12-26-10

hope everyone had a nice holiday? here is a new batch of black/dark metal reviews for you to sink your teeth into. hopefully you will find some metal to your liking.
we are currently working on ALOT of new interviews and reviews so stay tuned for alot more darkend metal in 2011.{damn where did 2010 go? time really does fly when u are older}
enjoy and thanks to everyone who supported me and winter torment you all rule!!!
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bleeding solitude-chapter0:forever lifeless pro cdr {eisigermond prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
bleeding solitude are a new one man force in the french underground scene.unlike the other bands i have heard/reviewed from this label bleeding solitude are more influenced by darker,depreesive black metal then by the straight-forward aggressive style.with so many bands doing this style i was not really expecting to much . but to my surprise mainman/musician apathy does a good job of mixing in dreary somber and melodic black metal with some depressive overtones.also adding a nice element to bleeding solitude's already dreary sound is the use of keyboards that really help to help to add another layer of darkend metal to bleeding solitude's of depressive,melodic black metal will surely enjoy bleeding solitude new release.
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dark managarm-diva e.p {eisigermond prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
dark managarm can be summed up in one word "violent".but since that would be a lame review here is a bit more descriptive one.dark managarm come out of the depths of france's obscure and brutal black metal underground.dark managarm stick to their roots playing and producing some brutal,and fast in your face black metal.the guitars are a bit thicker than most black metal giving them a slightly death metal feel and sound.the guitarist plays at extremly fast speeds but also has produced some well-thought out riffs,solo's in the songs on diva.the drums are equally as intense and violent non-stop beats with a few breaks intertwined.i really enjoy this band i really enjoy and i would recomend them to fans of violent,brutal black metal a must have.
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deliria-children of the unknown cdr demo {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
deliria are a two-piece doom band coming out of the amazing italian metal scene. at first listen the band comes off with alot of traditional {sabbath,solitude aeturnus etc.} influences.but the band also mix in some synths and keyboards not usually heard in this style.but i must say the members of deliria have mixed traditional doom with touches of dark atmosphere and made it sound really good,i am sure some old-school doom fans probably lost interest at the mention of keyboards and synths. but i would urge all fans of doom to give deliria a chance as the bands core lies deeply within the traditional doom influence with crushing riffs and powerful drumming patterns.this should please fans of both traditional and atmospheric doom.add another gem of a band to the ever-growing italian scene {whether it's doom,black or death italy has it all}
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kveste-war against humanity pro cdr {eisigermond prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
war against humanity is the debut release from the french black metal warriors kveste.the band plays raw,true black metal.the band doesnt concern themselves with images or gimmicks for the band instead focus on creating cold,hate-filled black metal not for the masses but for the elite.the guitars are thin razor-sharp riffs the drums are a nice blend of mid-paced attacks to all-out blasting attacks. kveste have done a great job of creating and producing a release of "traditional" black metal but also adding enough of their own ideas to keep the band and music interesting as not to get lost in the endless sea of black metal bands out nowadays. this is a great band and defintly a band to watch out for.
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lacrimae mortalium-- L'ange de glace cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick
canada's lacrimae mortalium have released one of 2010's best death/doom/black metal releases hands down.starting off with some heavy and bone crushing riffs.the band seems heavily rooted in the early 90's death/doom with their approach.the band picks up the tempo to mid-paced range with some impressive guitar riffs and solo's not normally heard in death/doom bands.the drumming is just as impressive and devestating with some heavy crushing beats but picks up the pace right along with the guitarist and makes for an interesting and enjoyable listen.the vocals are really where the bands black and death metal influence can be heard with some vicious and brutal {yes i know brutal is not a word normally used to describe a doom band} growls and some insane black metal screams the two very different vocal patterns fit very well with lacrimae mortalium's music and add an extra layer to the bands already heavy sound.i am not really sure if traditional-doom fans will enjoy this.but if you are a fan of death or black/doom then lacrimae mortalium is a must hear! buy this now!
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Moloch-isolation der essenz cd {sabbathid records}{reviewed by patrick}
moloch from the ukraine are one man band that has been making a name for himself in the ambient/black metal underground the last few years.and one listen to isolation der essenz you will hear why.moloch has the perfect blend of somber,dark instrumentals along with some disturbing and tormented shrieks of pain {when used the main focus seems to be on the musical aspect of the project} their is also some passages of more straight-forward black metal with raw/primitive guitar riffs moloch is band that will impress most fans of depressive,ambient black metal chek em out today.
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pandemonium-hellspawn cd {mystic productions}{reviewed by patrick}
pandemonium have been creating and releasing since 1990. and hellspawn is the bands newest offering.this is my first time encountering the polish old-school black/death warriors so i can't compare the bands progression from past releases but i can say hellspawn is a impressive metal masterpiece!.heavy,fast guitarist which are a little thicker and lean more to a death metalish feel and sound the drums are mid-paced but do unleash some faster,more aggressive beats from time to time to keep the listener interested and guessing. the vocals are brutal growls with some blackend screams throughout a few songs.recomended to fans of late 80's/early 90's death,black metal gods such as vader,immolation,morbid angel will be headbanging all-night and day to this metal-masterpiece.
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sententia mortis--mother earthquake demo cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a new three-piece band from the mighty italian metal scene.sentientia mortis have created and crafted a very original and impressive debut.mixing in epic,fast black metal with alot of atmosphere.the guitarist even has some technical guitar riffs mixed in with the blackness.the guitars are a whirlwind of blazing fast guitars and breaks to a more melodic mid-paced range and playedwith precision and flawless intensity.the drummer is brilliant and can pull off the blasting,fast beats but also can break to a almost slow pace in the blink of an eye. the vocals are deeper growlish screams. fans of {early} emperor,{early} dimmu borgir or good,quality atmospheric black metal should defintly look for this band soon.
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simulacro--self-titled cdr demo {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
italy's simulacro have crafted an exellent demo mixing in the best elements of straight-forward death metal and atmospheric black metal for a very original and enjoyable listen.the guitars are heavy,thicker sounding for a more death metal feel and the drums are what really stick out going from a mid-paced range with some well written creative patterns but are not all mid-paced as the band will pummel you into oblivion with some hyper speed beats.the band also entertwines keyboards into their blackend death sound without compromising the bands brutal approach and gives it a nice darker melodic edge. this is a really good debut release from a band i think we will be hearing alot from in the future. well worth your time and money if you are a fan of atmospheric blackend death.
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towards global holocaust-feuersturm cd {scattered to the winds rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
after releasing a great mcd last year {...ever onwards also availible on s.t.w} and a split with christ dismemberment.the u.s war machine towards global holocaust are ready to unleash their debut cd "feuersturm".9 songs of pure-war inspired metal madness.if you were lucky enough to hear this bands previous releases you will know what to expect but for those who are new to t.g.h. t.g.h is a two-man band R.F{vocals,guitars,bass} and blaash {drums,vocals} on feuersturm the band continues to defy being put into a certain genre or labeled. as you probably guessed by the name of the band and cd the band is heavily influenced by straight forward war metal insanity but their are moments of more straight-forward death metal. and i hear a bigger thrash influence in the guitars this time around.{t.g.h has always had a thrash sound but it is much more front and center on feuersturm} blaash's drumming has always impressed me with his ability to play chaotic,violent blast beats but makes them memorable and even catchy in a few songs.blaash is not all speed and noise as he does slow down from time to time to catch his breath and play in a mid-paced range with the guitars until he has caught his breath and then attacks again with a barrage of chaos and utter violent blasts.the vocals which are shared by both members are some of the most unique and scary sounds ever recorded! with shrieks and tortured screams.this is by far towards global holocaust's best and most impressive work to date. highly recomended to fans of chaotic,violent war thrashing black/death metal.
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