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new reviews for 9-7-09

here is a new review blog with some really amazing bands from all-over the world so take some time to check out some new bands and keep supporting the underground!
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patrick and winter torment
exiled from the light-descending further into nothingness cd {hypnotic dirge rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
i think since i first came into contact i have been hearing alot about this release and now the long wait is zealend's exiled from light release their debut.everything was handled by mort {vocals,all instruments}according to the bio mort had other more straight-forard black metal projects.but with exiled with the light it seems he wanted more in the musical realm.starting with a ambient,melodic intro.the music begins with a dark harsh guitar sound.the bass and guitars have the more modern scratchy/harsh riffs and sound.mort seems to keep the pace of the songs to mid-paced to slower than most black metal bands today.the drums are in the same mode played exceptionally well and fit well with the range of the rest of music.the vocals{when used} are scratchy of somber,depressive styled black metal will bow down to this band and the amazing debut.defintly one of hypnotic dirge's best releases to date!!
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funeral fornication-solitude and suicide cd
{hypnotic dirge records}{reviewed by patrick}
this is the third release{first for hypnotic dirge rec,}and apparently a new beginning for this canadian project.looking at the band's site and bio i guess funeral fornication's first two releases were more in the black/thrash style.well with solitude and suicide will shock alot of older funeral fornication's it is more dark,dreary sounding.the band plays some decent dreary,and depressing mid-paced black metal.i respect the band trying a new sound/genre but really for a debut of dreary ambient styled black metal this is release is just of the newer black metal/ambient style might enjoy this.
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hegoxuri/pogrom-split cdr {funeral rain rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
both of these bands are new to my ears so i was
eager to hear this release.first up is canada's hegoxuri.
2 tracks of minimalistic and modern black metal the first song "the end of darkend days"is mid-paced raw black metal.the second track from hegoxuri is "a breathless oblivion"starts off with some low chanting vocals but speeds up quickly with a old-school punkish feel to the song.the songs are not bad for a debut of minimalistic,raw black metal will like hegoxuri.up next is another canadian band pogrom.the opening track "this is a funeral{minimal mix} is mid-paced bass heavy black metal usually with this genre the guitar or drums really stick out.but general blaspheme {vocals,all instruments} have some really well-played bass lines. the songs from both bands are a bit short but do showcase some good ideas and musical of harsh/primitive,mid-paced black metal will want to check this split cdr out for sure.
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immolith--hymns to the countess e.p {carrion crawler rec./forces of satan}{reviewed by patrick}

this is a release i have been waiting to hear for a few months now.immolith are easily one of my favorite and proably one of the best new black metal bands from the u.s.b.m right now.for those of you who have not heard these new jersey hate mongers.immolith play a semi-raw old-school black metal.very well played and thought out guitar and bass riffs and few solo's.vocals go between gruff styled vocals and all out violent black metal screams.the drums have a heavy mid-paced sound and feel but immolith seem to have control on the drums unlike alot of newer bands who just use the all-out blasting insanity.the production is perfect as well it is not horribly raw/low but also does not have the crisp-perfect sound so many of the newer bands are using which i personally feels kills the black metal sound and is great to hear/see a band keeping the early days of black metal alive and well. fans of late 80's/early 90's black metal will love immolith with all their dark hearts. {special note:if you are a fan of "digital"downloads you can go to forces of satan for the digital download of this mighty release or fans of the real deal cd/cover etc.can contact the band.i am not sure how many copies were made up so if interested contact them asap!!}
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nebrus-twilight of humanity pro cdr demo {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
nebrus defintly are one of the more expirmental and dark bands i have heard from the italian scene.looking at the bands bio.the duo started out as a funeral doom project but quickly evolved keeping the dark dreary doom feeling but also incorporating other styles of dark insanity.beyond the doom influence and feel the duo also have a harsh modern black metal sound and even
sneak in some progressive guitar chords within the darkness of the entire cdr.the vocals are equally as dark with a mix of harsh screams and drone-inspired screams and alot of clean vocals sung in the bands native language.i do recomend everyone check out nebrus as they have created a masterpiece of dark,haunting and original which is not easy to do in today's scene.
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prayer of the dying--structures of a dying matter "2007 cd" {war flagellation productions}{reviewed by patrick}
this is the debut release from malta's prayer of the dying.with so many one man band's flooding the scene these days i was not expecting this level of mature songwriting and combining elements from various metal
genre's together.the songs on "structures of a dying matter heavily influenced by the early 90's black/death gods.main-man martin ciappara also incorporates alot of early 90's death/doom to give prayer of the dying a heavy,dark and unique sound that is heavily layered with atmosphere.all fans of black/death with touches of death/doom will want to be sure and check out this new band.
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prayer of the dying-from the mouth of the passing cd{nekrogoat heresy productions}{reviewed by

here we have the second and most recent release by prayer of the dying.once again martin c.handles all instruements,vocals.the music starts off with a much more brutal black/death sound than on the debut release.but has not totally abandoned the death/doom style as he slows the music down mid-way through the cd and the song "breed up with hate"have some really well sung and placed clean-male singing and chanting style vocals.prayer of the dying are a band fans of blackend death/doom will love.
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ravenhelm-through pagan mist cd {beneath the fog productions}{reviewed by patrick}
u.s pagan black metal warrior munnin the impaler{vocals,all instruments} has unleashed a great and mighty release with "through pagan mist" a nice mix of raw/hate-filled black metal with alot of pagan/folk emotions and instruments.vocals are raw and screechy early 90's are raw yet played with exceptional precision for this style of metal.the drums are mid-paced keeping the tempo at a steady but controlled speed.a good release from this u.s of pagan blackend folk metal will defintly want to check out this amazing band.
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ravenhelm--serenity is only for the dead e.p {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is the newest e.p/material from ravenhelm.for those unfamilar with this band ravenhelm is a one-man band from right here in the u.s playing a mix of pagan black metal.serenity for the dead is 4 songs of pure black metal with some epic,pagan influences throughout the tracks.the vocal approach is once again in the traditional vein of harsh,violent screams and screeches.the guitars while a little more faster than on the previous ravenhelm cd are still posses alot of precision and amazing riffs/solo's not taking away from the music's intensity or rawness at all. the production seems to be a little heavier/clearer on this release on the previous full-length but still has enough rawness mixed in so shouldn't scare too many old fans away while gaining new ones for this up and coming band.another good release from ravenhelm all fans of pagan,black metal should defintly take the time to check this band out.
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sacred ground-into the ruins mcd {self released}
{reviewed by patrick}
i was not expecting this style at all!! when i read/saw ths bands page i was under the impression this band was sludge/doom.well when your wrong,your wrong and i can admit when i am soon as i put this in and pushed "play" i was blown away by the heavy bass death metal.heavy pounding drums only add to sacred ground's wall of sound.the third track "lost for eternity" has a strong mix of blackend death and adds some screechy vocals for a black metal feel.overall i would label this band has a sound and feel of the newer death metal genre but also adds some elements of blackend death so it will be interesting to see which road this bands takes on it's upcoming full-length.not a great release but the band does show alot of promise so time will tell with sacred ground.
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strah--full manens ve and gru demo cd {self released){reviewed by patrick}
now this band and release take me back in time to genre and style i enjoy early 90's norwegian black metal.
strah are a 2-piece band coming out of the norwegian scene.the duo play as you proably guessed "classic"early 90's.raw razor-sharp guitar chords cut through the each song with cold intensity and the vocals equally harsh and razor-sharp shriek and scream forth the lyrics sung in the native norwegian language.the drums carry on with fast,and heavy beats preparing all for the war against the white light religions of the world.strah are a great band paying tribute {but also adding in many ideas/riffs of their own} to the mighty norwegian scene.and strah is here to prove once and for all norwegian black metal is not dead it is alive and well.recomend for fans of {early}gods such as mayhem,gorgoroth,dark throne and so on..
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