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Enthroned Interview done by Patrick 5-16-14

Metal Hails!
Here is a new  interview  with  Enthroned  from  Belgium   that are  getting ready to release their tenth  cd  "Sovereigns"  through Agonia  Records
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Interview with Nornagast vocalist and  guitarist    of Enthroned   done  by  Patrick 

1.Hails!! Nornagest , how are things going with you this week? Please give a history of Enthroned ..

Ave! Really a busy week here, tons of work, practice with my two bands (Enthroned and Goat Torment), concerts etc... as for our history, the band was created under the name of Enthroned in 1993 (existed as another entity, Morbid Death since 1987), we released 10 studio albums, 2 demos, 2 ep’s, 1 mini album and one live album, band split up with original vocalist in 2007, and celebrated 21 years of existence, 20 after the first release this year. More details on our web site.

 2.Enthroned  recently  released their new  cd "Sovereigns" through the mighty Agonia Rec. How long did it  take you all to write and record the songs for this release?

The whole process went actually fast, seems we had some kind of revelation all at once in this band... it maybe took 4 months in total to complete the album from the composition to the recording, in this case I guess having your own recording studio helps a lot!

 3.Who usually  writes the lyrics for the band? What are some subjects you all wrote about on the new cd?

I write all the lyrics, except now and then, when a close friend has something that belongs to the concept I’m working on at that moment. Sometimes I ask one of those close ones to write something about an experience they had and if they want to share it. Our concept is turning generally around the Occult/ Satanism in what is it in its pure sense without any exaggeration or fantasy added to it like most Black metal band do, we have some traces of hermetic philosophies as well as Typhonian depending who or what experiences we went through and to which experience the lyrics are referring to. The concept of “Sovereigns” in kind of complex to get especially for someone who is not into the Occult, Satanism, Goetia etc... Even then some might interpret it as fiction or simply misunderstand them in the core of their true essence, but it is absolutely not the case. We are dealing here with another perspective upon things, until now our lyrics were based upon us, how we see things, deal with them, learn from them and what we learn from them. In this chapter we see all those things from “their” point of view, these views being interpreted regarding the experiences we had with some of those entities or someone of undoubted reliable source had with one or more of them. Eight of them are given the pen, if I can say it like this, on “Sovereigns”. The title doesn’t mean that we see them as our rulers or our Sovereigns, but as the monarchs in their own domain, field and attributes. “Sovereigns” could as well be interpreted as our sovereignty upon our own career, not upon other bands etc..; that would be rather arrogant and ridiculous, not that I consider myself lower than anyone else but after 21 years of existence we conquered many adversities, time and fate itself, so it can also be seen that way.


4.How do you feel Enthroned music has changed over the years?  For the readers who have never heard Enthroned how would you describe the  music?

Enthroned plays Black Metal, brutal, intense with some atmospheres properly related to its lyrical content. The band went through several stage of evolution while remaining faithful to its original style, evolved into an entity with a touch of its own I would say.

5.Does Enthroned have any tours  planned for  "Sovereigns" if yes where are some countries you all will be playing?  Who are some bands you will be touring with?

We are planning several tours and concerts, some shows with Mgla from Poland, a tour in South America with my other band Goat Torment, some dates in the US, some shows in Brazil and Central America and some dates in Europe for the end of the year.

7.What does Black Metal mean to you?
Metal based music with a Satanic/ Occult theme. In our case I see more Enthroned, it is my personal point of view, more a part of the Occult than Black metal due to our message but it is strictly my own personal point of view. 

8.Who are your all time favorite Belgium bands? Are there any new bands you  have checked out lately that you feel the readers should as well?

Back in the old days I loved bands such as Black Sheppherd, Crossfire, Asphyxia, Ostrogoth and Cyclone, they were excellent yet underrated bands. In this actual scene, there are really good bands such as Emptiness, Cult of Erinyes, Goat Torment, Amenra, Pek, Sardonis, The Reckoning...


9.Nornagest, you handle the guitars for the band at what age did you  start  playing the guitars? Are you self taught or did you take lessons when first starting out?

I started by playing bass actually when I was 12, then switched to guitars when I became 14/15.
I’m completely self taught, never took any lessons, I always saw it as a feeling killer; most teachers force their own style unto you and it kills most of your own touch. 

10.Who would you say are some of your influences/favorite guitarist?

Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Slash, Tommy Iommi, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Jimmy Page, I was quite amazed by Axel Rudi Pell but I really do not like his band to be honest, KK Downing and Glenn Tipton.
11.And you also handle the vocals. When did you first  start singing? Who are some of your  influences/favorite singers?

I started when I was 12 with my first band Heresia,  it was pretty crap to be honest. After this except for Enthroned, I’ve always been the vocalist in the bands I played with (except for a few session/ guest appearances) now, I just play guitars in Goat Torment, and studio/ composition with Enthroned, since a tendinitis doesn’t allow me to perform long sets anymore. My favourite singers are Freddie Mercury, Bruce Dickinson, Attila, David Eugene Edwards, Nick Cave, Vorphalak, Ihsahn, Arioch, Lisa Gerrard, Diamanda Galas, Rob Halford, Nocturno Culto, Tomas Pettersson from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Triore.

12.Well  thank you for taking the  time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanx for the interview! Khep’r!