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Interview with hod done by necrosadism!!

a new interview is now up compliments of a good supporter and writer for winter torment.necrosadism.
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San Antonio, TX

Necrosadism for Winter Torment E-Zine

From the Depths of San Antonio comes to you a dark, yeat mysterious metal band...HOD. As indecisive as I was...I followed what a dear friend of mine told me, after giving me a list of fucking bands to look into...I picked HOD. As I looked at their page on the space...I was surprised to hear something fresh, and just in time as well. I couldn't resist the urge to just pass this up. I contacted one of the guys and sat down and listed as many questions I could think of orr what they could possibly of course answer...

1. Do you feel it matters, or matters only for aesthetic ("sound" quality, texture, timbre, "feel") qualities?

A:I like a completed piece of art. All the parts should define the whole.

2. What are you guys like outside of the band? Do you suffer under the Judeo-Christian pestilence known as "day jobs"?

A:Of course we do. The music is not paying the bills. We do not mask who we are at work though. I will not change for a job.

3. What do you see as the difference between Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Buddhist views of "evil"/"suffering"?

A:Well I cannot say I am expert on all of these, so I can only offer what I know. That would be Judeo-Christianity. Evil is a common enemy of good. But when you claim you are good. How do you know if you are truly good, or are you doing what's good for you. So you might be evil to someone else. It is all a matter of opinion. And how those opinions and actions affect you. So in one culture you could be a saint, and in another a devil.

4. What forms of art, ideas, or actions inspired the inception of your artwork?

A: Violence. Intelligence. The Unknown. To challenge failure.

5. Do you consider your music a form of "art" (the academic definition, not the trendy one)?

A: Again that would be a matter of opinion. But we do.

6. Do you blaspheme on a regular basis for dentological, aka done for the intensity of the action itself, reasons?

A: I don't know if I blaspheme on a regular basis. It's not something i plan in doing. It just happens.

7. Are you moral? Do you believe in morality?

A:I have certain codes I will not break. I do not like to act like a piece of shit.

8. Do you think ethics are separate from morals?

A:Yes they are. You can be immoral and still have your ethics.

9. What is the most important factor for you in creating music that satisfies you at the deepest level?

A: To be personally satisfied with my work. Until I am, I will not stop.

10. What bands inspired you when you were starting out, pre- and post-convicted?

A: Slayer, Mayhem, Watain, Mercyful Fate, Blasphemy, Celtic Frost, Deicide, Bathory, Sarcofago, Funeral Mist.

11. Do you think the metal genre has been obsolete?

A: No

12. What is your perspective on the metal underground today? Houston scene?

A:I do not live in Houston, so I cannot make a proper judgement. The people that we have met and played with their seemed cool.

13. Anything else to add?

A: The Serpent Slithers Forth

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