Friday, May 16, 2014

New Reviews Done by Patrick on 5-16-14

Here  are  a bunch  of  Reviews  from  every genre  I love hopefully  you  will see and buy some  releases from  these  great  bands  and  Labels .

Arkona--Yav   (Napalm  Record} 
Russia's  Arkona    have  released  their new  cd  Yav through the mighty  Napalm Rec. Yav  is  defintly   their  best  work to  date mixing in metal and  folk  infuences together.Masha "scream" does the vocals for the band  and what  a great  vocalist  she is  she mixes  in clean  singing  with some  whispering type of  vocals  and  even some  growls and screams.The band  has never  sounded better mixing in some fast to mid paced metal  with a lot of  folk and pagan  instruments.If your  a fan of Arkona   then definitely pick this one up  as soon as  possible. 

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Cemetary  Lust-Orgies  Of  Abomination   cd/Lp   {Hells Headbangers  Rec.}
Portland Oregon's  Cemetary Lust release  their first release through Hell's headbangers  {their second  release all together} Cemetary Lust  play  old-school thrash with some punk influences as well.The guitars  are  played at  extremely  fast with some  wild and crazy riffs  in the mix..The drumming is top notch  with some extremely well  played  blast beats  and more mid-paced  pounding drums.The vocalist has some  really good  screams and  deeper vocals/screams.This is a great  thrashing punk  release  by Cemetary  Lust that anyone into  old school thrash or punk  should get this  soon.
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Dust Bolt--Awake The  Riot  cd  {Napalm Records}
Dust Bolt is a young  German band  that  has a lot  of  talent and creative  ideas  but ccan still play  a really vicious  thrash  tune.Dust Bolt seem to have influences  from both  Germany and the U.S  thrash scenes.Incredible fast  guitars with some  killer solo's  mixed in.The drumming is relentless,with a lot of vicious  beats.The vocals  are  done with a lot of  power  and force  fierce screams that are done  very good.If your a  fan  of early  german and  American thrash  then you should  defintly pick this one up.

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Eskhaton--Worship  Death   {Chaos  Rec.}
Australian metal  has never  let me  down before  and it  doesn't  now  with Eskhaton .Eskhaton  release  their second  cd  "Worship Death" through Chaos  records.Eskhaton  play old-school  death metal the way its  supposed to be  played heavy and loud.The guitarist  does a great  job keeping  a balance between  heavy  mid-paced riffs and the faster riffs with some solo's mixed in.The drummer is violent and pounding  on his kit  with  some great  drumming and pounding  the drum kit into  oblivion.The vocalist does a great job of  brutal death growls and some deeper grwls mixed in a few of the songs.This is a must  have for  anyone  into vicious  and violent Australian  death metal.                                                
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Erebus  Enthroned---Temple Under  Hell   {W.T.C/Séance  Rec.}
 This  is  Erebus Enthroned  second  release  Temple Under Hell  the band comes  out of the  mighty  Australian scene.Erebus Enthroned  play black metal  violent and fast  drumming is done great  with a lot  of  talent  and experience.The guitarist  is brutal and insane  with some really great  riffs.The vocals are kinda  drowned out but you can still hear  them  with black metal  screams  and some   shrieks.If your  a fan of extreme and brutal black metal  then pick this  up soon
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Funest--Desecrating Obscurity  Cd {Memento Mori}
This  is the debut  cd from Italy's Funest .Funest  play  heavy,old-school  death metal.Funest do speed  up with fast raging guitars and drums but do know  how to  slow it down to a more mid-paced range.Crushing  fast guitars  with some  really good drumming  that goes  from  mid-paced to  fast blasting beats.The vocalist does a great job  with the  death growls  similar to  Autopsy  and early  nineties  bands. A great  release if your  a  fanatic   for  old-school death metal.
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Horrid--Sacrilegious Fornication  cd  {dunkelheit  Produktion}
Formed in 1989  Italy's  Horrid  have stood  the  test of time  Horrid play  death metal in  the  old-school vein.Semi fast guitars with some really cool  memorable and catchy riffs.The  drummer  is  also excellent with  the  drums  playing fast  with a lot  of  heavy mid-paced drumming.The vocals  are  heavy death metal growls with some  rawer death growls.This is a great  release  and anyone  into  old-school death metal  needs this  now.
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Hrizg--Individualism  cd   {Moribund  Records}
 Hrizg  come out  of  the  U.S black metal scene  and  have released one of the best  cd's of the  year.Individualism is  the second cd  released by the one man band  which was written very well grim,mid-paced  blackness  with touches  of atmosphere  in some of the  songs.Their are a few tracks  that speed up and go for  blood but  mainly  Hrizg is a mid-paced black metal band.If you  heard the  band's  debut cd  and  didn't care  for it  give this one a shot and see if your mind changes.
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 Infest--Cold Blood War   cd  {Xtreem  Music}
Infest  are  from Serbia  and have  released  their  fourth  cd  "Cold Blood War" If you have never  heard  Infest you are missing  some great  thrash metal  with some early 90's death metal influences.Fierce and vicious  guitars  that really  hit  the mark  with their speed and aggression.The drumming is  some of the  fastest and  greatest  drumming I've heard  the  vocals are done  with a lot of  great  screams and  gruff vocals.This  is a  must hear  if your a fan  of early to mid 80's  thrash and early death metal
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The  Lustmord--Trapped  In  Purgatory  Mcd (Lustmord Entertainment}
This  is The Lustmord  from Phoenix,AZ  return with a brand new e.p  six songs of  blackend death metal.The vocals are done with sheer force  growls with some  really wicked sounding  black metal screams.The  guitars are done extremely  well with some  really well thought out riffs and few solo's.The drums  are  crazy and wild  but  also  a lot of talent  and speed.The Lustmord  plays a really good  mix of black and  death metal  defintly  worth a listen  if your a fan of blackend death metal
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Mass  Infection--For I Am Genocide   {Comatose  Rec.}
 Greece  has had a lot of  great  metal bands over  the  years in  most  metal genre's.Mass Infection is  no  different playing brutal,death metal .The guitars  are  done extremely tight  with some  mid-paced riffs  when they need it but mostly  playing at insane  speeds.Vocals  are vicious death growls with some  deeper vocals.The drumming is non stop blast beats with  some  very well played  mid paced  drumming.This is a good release  if your a fan  of the extreme and brutal  death metal.
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Morbo--Addicted To Musicial  Dissection  cd  {Memento Mori}
Morbo  has  released  their debut  cd  "Addicted To Musical Dissection".Morbo  are defintly  old-school  fanatics  but play a little faster  then  most of the early bands who stayed within  the  mid-paced range .The  guitars are  played  with a lot of  intense and furious  riffs.drumming is also done  with a lot of speed and aggression  but the  band is  not all speed and aggression their are some really great  guitar  riffs and drum patterns.The vocals are screams with the gruff styled vocals  and their are some death growls  mixed in  as well.Morbo  have created a good  death metal  release totally worth  the money.
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Sacrocurse--Unholier  Master   LP   {Iron Bonehead Rec}
Sacrocurse  play  violent and crazed  old-school brutal death.Ultra fast  drumming  that  is  top notch  with thunderous  beats.The guitars are  chaotic but done very well with a lot  of creative  and talent.The vocals are  deep growls  with some  raspy  vocals entertwined in.Iron Bonehead is  releasing the  LP version  and Hells Headbangers  is doing  the  cd/Lp but  not sure  when  the  Hells Headbanger's is  going  to  release  the  cd  so if you  can't  wait  then  get your copy today  from  Iron Bonehead  Rec.
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Septuagint---Negative  Void  Trinity  Mcd  {Forever  Plagued Rec}

 This    is  the  debut  Mcd  from  Greece's  Septuagint   very heavy black metal with some faster tempo's  but never goes to chaotic.The drumming is done  with some  great  drum patterns and  beats  the  guitarist  plays with a lot  of talent and  creativity.The vocalist  is just as good with  blackend shrieks  and screams this is a  great Greek  black metal band. defintly worth checking out  if your a fan  of   Greek black metal
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Verberis---Vastitas    cassette  {Iron Bonehead Rec}
Verbis  are a new  band  to  my  ears  from  New Zealand   and what  a great  release.Verberis  play  heavy  old-school  type of death metal.Fast blasting drums  the guitarist is extremely fast.The guitarist does know  how to slow it down  on a few tracks  with some great riffs and solo's.Drumming is  chaotic  but at the same time done extremely  well played.Verberis is a really  good band  can't  wait to hear their  next offering. 
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 War Master--Blood Dawn  Mcd (self-released}
War Master have  released  their  new Mcd  Blood Dawn E.P  four  songs  of  brutal,old-school  death metal  at  it's best.heavy,fast  guitars  that  are  done really good.The guitarist  has a lot  of talent and great  riffs with some excellent solo's.Drumming is top notch  as well with mid-paced to  all out fast drumming .This  is a great  release  of  tight death metal.
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