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interview with undivine essence done by patrick

here is an interview i did with a new black/dark metal band from israel.the bands sound is defintly in the black metal realm but as you will read shay and the band wish to be diverse and give each song it's own idenity. as on the split cd with natures elements. the first track is 12 min. and the second is more old-school/straight forward in approach. defintly a band fans of the newer generation of black metalers will want to hear. keep watch as the band is preparing it's debut full-length.
regards and have a great 2011 everyone!!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with shay guitarist for undivine essence done by patrick

1.hails shay! how is 2011 starting out for you my friend? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Shay: Hi there Patrick, I’m doing quire good these days thanks for asking. What can I say about myself? I’m 30 years old (!!), I’ve been into (real) metal for about 16 years now, and playing guitar for about 15 years (no coincidence). I’m currently studying for my M.A. degree on Sociology and Anthropology in Tel Aviv university. Spending most of my free time with my stoner friends or just inhaling darkened arts, staring at the carpet and creating some stuff of my own.

2.when did you first discover metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of your "current" favorite bands?

Shay: Well, I guess I can say that my journey into this world started at the age of 15 or so, when a friend of mine gave me a tape of megadeth’s Rust In Peace. Also some videos I saw on headbangers ball sure gave me a direction (celtic frost and some black metal bands). If I’ll try to describe my “metal road” it’ll be something like this: Guns n’ Roses à Nirvana à Alice in chains à Megadeth à Slayer à Morbid Angel à Emperor à BATHORY. And from here all barriers were broken (everything from Black Sabbath through Ved Buens Ende up to Bestial Warlust , that is), but still in the bottom line, I’m a black metal addict. And I really feel comfortable with this genre as a song writer as well, since it allows me to combine a wide range of other styles and influences, may it be death thrash, doom or basic rock n’ roll. These days I listen a lot to The Meads of Asphodel, Lyrinx, Orcivus, Lifelover, Terrorama, De Silence et d’Ombre, Lost Life, Perversor, Hell Darkness and many more. I must note that beside all this guitar driven horror mentioned above I’m actually a very open minded person about music. My second favorite genre after all this rock and metal is dark 80’s.. bands like Joy Division or Minimal Compact can easily reach destructive melodies that are bound to fuck up your day.

3.when did you guys form undivine essence meet? what is the current line-up of the band? for the readers who have never heard undivine essence how would you describe the music?

Shay: The concept of Undivine Essence was born on 2008, by me and mike which I knew a couple of years prior to that. As for today the lineup consists of me, Shay – guitars, Mike – Vocals, Alex – drums and Ronnie on bass guitar. The music we create is compiled of a lot of influences, but still sticks to the basic black metal codes. I guess that you can say that the idea is to give each song a distinct identity by infusing black metal with death thrash, doom or whatever. So, like on the split with NE, one song can be an 11 minute midpaced doom black epic, and the other song is 4 minute black n’ roll thrashy piece. On the forthcoming debut album we get even more diverse and moreover, the album features 3 different drummers, which differentiates the songs even more.. Sometime I think about this as post black metal. Our soundman calls it “60’s black metal”… recently sent me a copy of the undivine essence/nature's elements split cd. how long did it take you guys to write the two songs for the split? are you happy with how everything turned out?

Shay: Actually, our 2 tracks that are featured on the split are some of our oldest material. I can easily say that I’ve worked on “crimson sky” for a couple of years, but it all finally came together when mike came up with the lyrics. Quite similar story with the second track- “new shape”. I must say that I’m (well, actually all of us are) very pleased with how the split with Nature’s Elements came out – musically and about the product itself. has response been from the press and fans?

Shay: We had some very positive reviews from webzines and magazines round the world. Also the fans I talk to are usually enthused about our sound and approach to black metal. Ironically, most of the people really like the track “crimson sky”, which was quite a surprise for me considering its length.

6.i believe you told me a few weeks back the band is currently working on new music for undivine essence's debut are things coming for the debut? how many songs do you all plan to have on the debut release? has a release date been set? will it be self-released or have you all searched for a label to help?

Shay: Yeah, as for today we are 90% done with the recording. I just have to add some more solos, and then we want to record an acoustic outro song and that’s it. We plan to have 8 tracks on the new album. The 2 tracks that appeared on the split, but remixed completely + 6 new songs. All that’ll spread on 50 minutes or so. The title for the album will be “drought upon consecrated soil”, we got the artwork in process, and I hope it’ll all be done in the following months. We are not looking for a label yet. We’ll finish recording the album independently, and proceed according to the reactions to follow. would you say the new songs are different than those on the split cd? when the band begins work on a new song how long does it usually take to complete? do all the members work on the music or does only 1-2 members handle everything?

Shay: Well, as I mentioned above, the 6 new tracks on the album will differ from the tracks on the split because on this album we really try to give each song an individual identity and build on that. You’ll get all the things we like in music: songs that are at times more based on heavy metal or some thrashed black metal, some songs feature more oldschool death metal elements (mainly vocals and some riffs), sometimes sections can be slow or psychedelic sometimes very fast brutal and raw, sometimes constructed and epic.. and we’ll even do an acoustic song. But, all that done using the tools of the black metal genre. Also, the lineup differ from song to song. On some songs I play guitar and bass, and on some Ronnie played bass, also we used 3 different drummers and that’s noticeable but gives an interesting diversity.

So far I have written all the music for UE, and also some of the lyrics. For future songs I guess that me and mike will continue to be the main lyric contributors, although now that we are 4 people band the whole working process will have to readjust – actually I’m looking forward to that.

8.the band comes out of israel's black metal underground. i know a few bands from your country. but not many so i was curious what is your opinion of israel's metal scene?

Shay: The Israeli metal scene is actually very much alive. It’s not a very big scene like Germany or whatever, but still we got our fare share of various bands, local shows and shows from abroad. We even hosted the Ozzfest a couple of months ago here. And it seems more and more bands add us to their European regular tours.

On a more personal note I can say that most of the metal-heads here like modern death metal, symphonic black, or shit-core of some sorts, and for people who enjoy the more underground metal sound there is not very much to look for. But still some bands like Tangorodrim / Hell Darkness, Tsorer, Infernal Nature, Animus, and Mucous Scrotum, still produce good ol’ anti-human black metal.

9.all-time favorite israel black/dark metal bands? are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Shay: Hmmm.. you can’t really talk about the Israeli scene without mentioning SALEM, a great band that is considered the originator of the Israeli extreme scene way back in ‘86. The material up to “Kaddish” (including) is mandatory, for every collector. After that they went more modern sound, which is still cool, but it’s not the classics. Tangorodrim is also a wonderful band from Israel that plays a type of black metal in the vein of nowadays Darkthrone. Very good stuff, check ‘em out, for some drunk and rusty black n’ roll. The follow up project Hell Darkness also kicks ass. I know that Orphaned Land are doing pretty good these days but It’s not my taste. The ex-Israeli band Melechesh plays that style properly.

10. Are there many places for black/dark metal bands to play concerts in israel or do you and the band prefer to work in the studio only?

Shay: Yeah, in central Israel there are a lot of clubs where you can arrange for metal shows, it’s a matter of budget really. It wasn’t a matter of choice for us if to become a studio project or a complete band. We were acting as a studio project only because we had no permanent drummer and bassist. Now that has changed and we’re getting ready to do a live show sometime soon.

Alex: well, been denied our basic rights as particles of sub existence. And it's all nothing but a huge mess. Cross eyed loveable drift sightings are nothing to seek for. We pay extra to the sound guy from the studio, coz we don't want him to tell the authorities about our dark sounding experience, because the peripheral people don't lie about their curses. you or any of the other members of undivine essence play in side-bands or projects? if yes please tell us a little about them.

Shay: yeah, Mike and Alex are also members of the band Nature’s Elements. Ronnie, our bassist was active in various bands in the past, and as for me, I was always too busy forging and forming my own band so I never had other bands.

Alex: yes we're into jam sessions and sometimes the amphetamine dreamboat annie collides itself to oblivion and creates a, and we took part in the "naturenoise society" it means we meet in the forest down to Jerusalem and playing among the trees with fucked up bands like a "Zeevim Arazthanim" and “Mataim Hameshim ve 6 K". We never recorded that stuff coz its illegal in the state of IsraHell. play guitars for the band. at what age did you start playing guitars? are you self-taught or have you had lessons before?

Shay: I got my first guitar at age 16. Actually that was my dad’s old electric guitar, an authentic piece from the 60’s (till this day I have no idea what kind of guitar it is!).. It was so heavy my leg would hurt for days after playing on it… Anyways, I did take some lessons but that didn’t last much (he wanted to play Beatles, I wanted to play Slayer), and as soon as I was skilled enough to read notes and tablatures I quitted the lessons and went on studying the songs I love, using tablatures I found on the net, or just figuring them out myself.

13.who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? do you play any other instruments?

Shay: My “guitar heroes” are, of course Quorthon, Tony Iommi, Ivar Bjorenson, Trey Azagthoth, Sakis (of Rotting Christ), Nocturno Culto and P.K of Abigor. About other instruments, I try to play the keys sometimes but I still need to practice a lot.

14.well my friend thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Shay: Some people want to change their lives, some want to end them.. guess this kind of feeling is once in a lifetime. Now it’s you who is lost, towards the inside.. dwell.

to contact undivine essence check out bands "official" myspace here.