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interview w/ transylvanian forest web-zine done by patrick

here is a new interview with daniel {or danny as he prefers ha,ha} editor of the metal e-zine "transylvanian forest e-zine" the zine covers/supports mainly black,death,thrash,industrial etc,etc. if you are band/label interested in a review or possible interview just shoot daniel a email and i am sure he will write back asap!!
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patrick and winter torment

Interview with Daniel R. editor of transylvanian forest web-zine. done by patrick

1.Hello Daniel how is your new year starting out? please tell the readers a little about yourself.
I am a nice guy I guess haha you can call me Danny, but yeah, I run Transylvanian Forest E-zine, and I am thy kreator ov thee notorious band in the world! Strings Of Distorted Doom. I also have side bands too. haha

2.When did you first get into metal? who were some of the first bands you listened to? who are some of
your "current" favorites?

My first metal album has got to have been Metallica's ...And Justice For All on cassette tape, when I was 12yrs of age. Then the world of metal came to my ears, and been involved with it ever since. Only if Metallica didnt get worse as I got older haha then came Slayer, and Death, and etc etc etc Bathory ov course. Um I have many favs right now, but I am on a vinyl rampage lately, Thin Lizzy, Sunn O))), Children Of Bodom, Grand Funk, um, Hawkwind, Motorhead, David Gilmours s/t LP is always on play, Electric Wizards new album sounds amazing, Ministry is a favorite of mine, many underground bands I hear today and associate with. They know who they are.

3.When did you get the idea to create "transylvanian forest web-zine"? how did you come up with the name of your web-zine?
are you happy with how things are going so far?

E-zine, web-zine, the same to me. Been online since last march I think. Necrowulf and I thought of making the e-zine, but Necrowulf is busy with life at the moment, so I am running it on my own right now. Its running great, just hard to manage right now, computer troubles, and such. Busy with my side bands right now, so their is a bit of a delay in new reviews/interviews right now. They will be settled as soon as I can. Seems like something new comes up everyday for me, so its hard to manage, might take a break eventually just so I can focus on music, but the e-zine is here, for now... haha

4.Do you work on the zine alone or do you some friends who help write for the zine? are you currently looking for new "writers" for the
zine or do you prefer to work alone?

I do it 110% all by myself right now, I post exclusives, do reviews, do SPECIAL INTERVIEW videos, I done one for Kris Tilbury, it worked! typed interviews, and it may be possible to do future bands as well this way by video. Well may it be hard copy, cds, tapes, or downloads which I prefer less, they usually get stored in my tf ezine folder on my music documents, and they stack up so they usually get done after hard copies. I would like some help, on the downloadable albums, its becoming a bit too much, so it would be nice if someone can review 50% of them, but I am very I should say picky right now, I have the mindset, if you want things done right, you must do them yourself like usual, but if someone asked me, we could. Plus bands dont want me to spread their music around which is another factor, so I would really have to trust the guy. I mean what if he owns a label, and starts releasing the album to make profit? People can be scumbags.

5.Who are some of your favorite fan/web-zines? in your eyes what makes a good web/fanzine? would you have any advice for someone who is thinking of
starting up their own web-zine?

AEA zine is a great zine for starts, I just had a interview with Dave, that will be in issue 18# of his zine, and my other advertisements. Funeral Rain Zine, Dustin Wade does alot for that zine, and has a printed issue I think? Wish I had his work ethnic for a zine like he does, but I try my best. Ble of CTD zine thailand, he runs a great zine too, lots of respect to him. Your zine is pretty well developed too by the way :) their is so many out there on this big ball we call Earth.

6.What styles of metal do you mainly support/cover within transylvanian forest web-zine? is their any certain styles you refuse to review/cover?
if any bands or labels are reading this how can they contact you for possible reviews,interviews etc.?

I can review anything really, black metal, death metal, metal, grind, industrial, nosie, doom metal, drone, atmospheric, punk, crust hardcore, progressive, lots more. I just do not want to review bands or interview them if they come off as assholes, or theyre egos are big, or they think mainstream music is where its at, 90% of the bands on Roadrunner now maybe haha but yeah I like alot of styles of music, and would like to try and play them all. It depends on my mood too really. I also do interviews for alt models, and do exclusives for labels, shops, and anything I find interesting. Just nice people really, and if their music isnt as dark or heavy as most, I can help them out and give them a promo still. If I like you too, and you come off as a good person, thats a plus. I just dont do many core bands really, that are taking over right now, they need to realize where music comes from, like the old edge style is back, and thats what should be accepted, sick of watching Mtv2 or fuse and seeing these bands. What happened to originality? I like some new bands today, but most of them I can live with out, or rooted out of my liking just because they dont appeal to me anymore. Everyone knows what I mean. They could contact me by email, or message me on one of the sites, I dont want to give out my email, unless they message me and ask. The main site now is at and the other sites are and the facebook and twitter are at!/Forestezine &!/profile.php?id=100001639820751 and they can hit me up there. I get mail from all over the world, so feel free to mailbox me a tape,demo, album, cd, vinyl, anything, I can play them. They can ask me for my home address to send me a hard copy if they like.

7.You live in the great city of new york i know over the years new york has had a great black and death scenes. so i was curious what is your
opinion of new york's metal scene?

Well depends on which part of New York you are from. I live in Catskill, NY right now, the area sucks, and my band basically rules over any band around here really hahaha and yeah I am originally from Lagrange NY, just 10 mins from Poughkeepsie, they got more of a core/hardcore/death metal scene right now. Nothing Black or Death really now. Maybe 10 years ago, or maybe underground, but nothing much really. The city has good shows, just I would have to take a train, and see them. It can be costly too. I havent been to a show in 2 years, so I am not a show goer really right now. Rather try to save my money towards other things, like new equipment or shirts/vinyl. If someone cool came by, like Dark Tranquility, or someone I like, I try to go, but not one of my missions right now like it use to be. I seen my share of many great live acts, including Celtic Frost. But so far this area sucks, and I want to move back to my hometown. No opportunity here. Random Person says : "Hey the mountains are marvelous in Catskill!" 2nd Random Person says " but do you have a job living here?" Random Person says " No..." haha it sucks here.

8.Who are some of your all-time favorite metal bands from new york? are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Demolition Hammer, Brutal Truth, Carnivore (R.I.P. Mr.Steele) Blue Oyster Cult hehe, um... Vanilla Fudge hahaha! I got a few of their vinyls, they suck haha, Suffocation rules, God Forbid hahahaha! fuck those guys, they are from Jersey, and you know what people think of Jersey that are from New York haha not alot of good bands unfortunatley from NY man except the few I did not make fun of. Thats mostly the reason why I want to move to the bay area so badly, they love Strings Of Distorted Doom there! or the South Pole so my band can just completely rule the whole continent. Their is a lot of good underground bands now, from all over, you can spot them all on my main site at Sweden kicks New Yorks ass times 1000.

9.Besides bands are their any good/honest labels you could recommend?

Satanica Productions, underground label, they are great. Xan is a smart guy, and knows his shit. Um alot of label are rip offs so I m not sure. I can name a few more, October Mist Records, Depressive Illusion Records seems cool, hmmmm, not too many bud.

10.In your opinion what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?
It means nobody likes you hahaha I m just kidding. It means you are not as recognized, or accepted as the bands of today and I believe soon the undergound will take over. Labels are corrupt, and many bands will die out eventually, except Slayer! they will be in wheelchairs and still kick ass hahaha but on a serious note, I think the underground has alot to offer, but most prefer to stay underground because they are just like you and me. They arent sell outs either. They are hard working, honest people, with many hopes and dreams. I think they all deserve to be raised up high on my shoulders! if I can pick them up haha they are just great, really, really great. Underground Metal is great, but their is some bigger bands I do like and respect.

11.Besides transylvanian forest web-zine. i know you are also working on some side-projects and bands. could you please tell the
readers a little about them. Where can interested fans find your bands releases and merch?

My side bands... my first side band is called Frozen Cadaver, started around the same time I started S.O.D.D. and I got some other projects. Close To Perfection, Grim Funeral Techno, and soon a 2 new projects yet to be revealed. I work with people online mostly for these side bands. Frozen Cadaver just might become my only side band that will become a gigging band. Strings Of Dsitorted Doom is my main thing, and will become the one that hit the top! So these side bands are just my outlet for other styles of music I want to dwell in, and have fun with. They are all be worked on slowly day in, day out, while I am doing the e-zine, so their goes my stress to the roof. Frozen Cadaver is me and Steve Casiano ( we use to live by each other in Lagrange) and session drummers, Neil Schneider on our cover track of Soulfly NO HOPE = NO FEAR, and Lucas Happensack will be doing the rest of the 2nd ep on drums since Neils drum kit is put away for the winter. Frozen Cadaver is Gore/Death/Grind metal, and my 2nd one is Close To Perfection. It is Necrosadik (mexico) and I. We are working on finishing up our 1st full length Purity Lost and had Lord Azordon contribute to a track on acoustic guitar, all by email. I may ask a special lady to contribute vocals to a track, and we have a 1st ep and split cd we done with Ablaze Eternal called Traces Of Pain Became Rivers Of Fire & Blood (cds are 7$ from me, 5 are left, and Necrosadik has copies too). CTP is ambient/acoustic/drone/experimental, very dark stuff. Grim Funeral Techno was started on Halloween by me a few months ago, a industrial/techno/noise project. Still working on finishing up the 1st demo for it by the way. Working on 3 side bands, and 2 yet to be revealed for this year. Grim Funeral Techno also has 2 members I work with, Dracolord of ex-Ssunfuck and Ryan Wrigley of Dark Theory. A split cd for Grim Funeral Techno with Ablaze Eternal should be coming out shortly called Techno Noise Apocalypse. I am always busy hahah Here is the links for my side bands...

FROZEN CADAVER!/pages/Frozen-Cadaver/124465064276034!/profile.php?id=100001703738140
CLOSE TO PERFECTION!/profile.php?id=100001729573315!/pages/Close-to-Perfection/166103843402033
GRIM FUNERAL TECHNO!/pages/Grim-Funeral-Techno/148194825227687

and STRINGS OF DISTORTED DOOM links can be found here :

12.When not working on music or doing work on your web-zine. what do you enjoy doing in your spare-time? I help my family at home, my parents are good people, should be on my own soon, as soon as I can maintain a living on my own, this world is tough, but I do what I can every day. I like video games, tv, music, collecting vinyl, cds, tapes, seeing my best friends, smoke, um, many things. I like the Ufc and anything MMA related, or fighting really. Horror/Sci-Fi, stuff like that. Depends on what goes on through out the day or what I planned out. Go online, see how everyone is doing. Glad people respect what I do, and I respect them as well. Great people out there. Just the norm of everyday life. I am just like everybody else really. I like comics, and graphic novels. I love the movies, and spaceing out looking at the stars wondering what my purpose is in life... I am nobody special, just a laid back, sometimes fast talking, beer drinking, limousine driving! jet flying! just kidding, just a cool dude I think hahaha I enjoy life, and make the best of it. Family, friends, music, fellow bands, and living is the most important things to me. That pretty much sums up me. I hope to meet all my fellow bands soon, and do what I love to do, make music, and support bands, and just live it.

13.Well Daniel we have reached the end of the interview. thanks alot for taking time to fill this out. good luck with transylvanian forest.
do you have any final comments?

Do you really have to call me Daniel, Patrick? hahahaha just kidding, your the man. I thank you very much for this interview, it is only my 2nd interview, and I like your work. I want people to buy my cds, support the underground, spread the word of the transylvanian forest e-zine, and stay true to who you are, and dont let the powers that be control you. Just be you. Thank you very much, I hope we can do a interview soon with my side bands, or on S.O.D.D. or on anything else soon. Its been fun. Stay True Patrick, I got more things to do, and I will be in touch. Anything is possible, as long as you put your mind to it, or something like that... hahaha! :) Thanks to everyone! Later -D

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