Wednesday, May 7, 2014

interview with blade of death done by patrick.

here is another new interview i recieved over the weekend.this time from the russian 1-man band blade of death. a main-songwriter lord spirit mixes a little of everything into his harsh,depressing,violent music. very original and dark so fans of all dark,depressing etc,etc. style of metal should look up blade of death today!!!!
best regards,and as always enjoy the music and keep the flames of metal burning eternally
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with Lord Spirit, all instruments,music for Blade Of Death. done by Patrick
1.hello my friend how is your week starting out? please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hi Patrick! I want to do Bathory cover this week, to tribute to Quorthon. "13 Candles" will be this song. What can I tell about myself? I hate most of people, hate fun, hate life... I hate most of things in this disgusting "world". I love to watch humans torments, humans sorrow... All they must suffer and then die, slowly and very painful... what age did you become interested in playing and writing music?what was the first instrument you learned to play?

I become interested to playing and writing music when i was 10. I wanted to play on bass guitar. But my first instrument was piano when I was 8. My family wanted to teach me to play on piano, and I really hated it.

3.when did you form your main band, Blade Of Death? for the readers who have never heard Blade Of Death how would you describe the music?

I formed Blade Of Death in the middle of March 2009. But I wanted to do it in the end of 2008. Blade Of Death sound is not typical black metal, or dark ambient, or noise, or drone, etc... Blade Of Death sounds like eternal torments of my dead soul... My negative and morbid emotions, my endless sorrow, depression, despair, hatred to all in this "world" and its "god"... Maybe, it sounds like my slowly becoming insane.

4.please tell the readers a little about each of your releases. if anyone is interested where can the fans buy your releases?

All my albums, demos, etc was written in deep depression. It is result of my self-destruction. I wrote at least 20 demos, but they never be released, because thay are not for all.

My released albums:

In Secula Seculorum (single, 2009, Desolation Prod.)
Remains Of Eternity (LP, 2009, Desolation Prod., limited to 33 copies)
Promo (2010, Desolation Prod.)
Eternal Darkness (LP, 2010, Pure Black Heart Productions, limited to 66 copies)
From The Freezing Veins Of Night... (LP, 2010, Salute Records, limited to 66 copies) - COMING SOON!
Depression, Desolation, Despair... Kill Yourself (LP, 2010, Salute Records, limited to 100 copies) - COMING SOON!

Iced Shore (LP, 2009, Desolation Prod., limited to 66 copies)
Inquisition Symphony (LP, 2009, Desolation Prod., limited to 66 copies)

The Call Of Death (EP, 2010, Desolation Prod.)

You can buy it on the websites of these labels. are the sole-member of the band when you started Blade Of Death, did you plan to work alone?

Yes, I planned to work alone because I want to do my own music, I love to record what I can and what I want.

6.what do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages to working alone? if you had the chance to work with any musicians past or present.who are some you would like to play/write with?

You want to write music and you do it. I don't want to do something with most of people (of course, if it is don't mean "to make them suffer") because we think about different things. There is one big disadvantage that I play alone: I want to give concerts, but I can’t. I have the chance to go to the tour in Brazil, and I really want it, but I can’t. I live in very small town when only I love such music. If I can to work with other musicians, I want to play with Vordb Dreagvor Uezreebv, Aakon Keetreh, Meyhna'ch... (Yes, i'm Les Legions Noires fan, i dedicate Blade Of Death album "Depression, Desolation, Despair... Kill Yourself" to LLN). Also I want to play with Quorthon, Dead... With Malefic. mentioned earlier you write all the songs/music for your projects. when you begin on a new song how long does it usually take to complete?

Sometimes I can do two songs for one night... Sometimes I write one song for two weeks. play all the instruments yourself. i was wondering which was the easiest for you to learn how to play? which was the hardest?

It is hard to me to play (and to learn too) on all instruments, because I have some problems with my left hand, I can play on guitar just like Lord Lokhraed, I can use two of my fingers, I can't use 4 fingers like other "normal people".

9.i know besides Blade Of Death you also play in some other bands/projects. please tell us a little about each of these would you say they are different from Blade Of Death.

Some time ago I played in Vermyapre (Raw Black Metal/Ambient), but now this 2-man project is closed because some people (as you know, now I tell about other member) can't do their work and prefer to use drugs than to write music. Also I play in Humandeath (Dark Ritual Ambient), Holocaust (Dark Ambient/Noise), Vermyapre (Raw Black Metal/Ambient), Naamah (Drone Doom/Minimalistic Dark Ambient), Mutilated Spirit (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal), Winter Despair (Raw/Depressive Suicidal Black Metal), I’m the session musician in Desolation... Some bands and projects are really underground and their albums or demos never will be released... Soon Kei (from Desolation) and I will create new project... come out of the great country of russia. it seems to me that russia has a good metal/ scene.would you agree? what is your opinion of russia's metal scene?

I hate this country and don't want to hear about this place!!! I hope that I will live in France! And I hate most of Russian music too, I can't listen this shit!

11.who are some of your all-time favorite russian bands? are their any new bands you think the readers should watch out for?

I haven't favorite Russian band... Also I hate Russian language. I listen mostly French and Iranian Black Metal.

12.are their any good/honest web/fanzines or labels/distros the readers should check out?

I said what I think about this.

13.everyone has their own ideas/opinion on what black metal means and stands in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?

Black Metal is my religion, my way of life, my favorite music, etc. Black Metal is all for me. I can die for Black Metal. Black Metal is very serious thing.

14.well my friend we have reached the end of the interview. thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. do you have any final comments for the readers?

I want to tell one thing: soon you all will know about me, but I will play only my own music, only what I want. All My life.

With Best Regards, Lord Spirit