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p.g of new reviews for 9-6-2010

metal hails!!!
well here i am again with a new blog of even more extreme metal reviews for you all to check out.
i hope you find some stuff to your liking.
keep the flames of metal burning bright!!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

abwehrschlacht-kaiser schlacht advanced promo {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
abwehrschlacht are a new 2-man band coming from the ever-growing u.k black metal scene.the duo are heavily influenced by early days of primitive and somewhat harsh black metal,thrash and even the more violent brutal sounds from the war metal genre.the guitars are as mentioned played fast and thrashing which gives the band a classic black/thrash sound from the early 80's.harsh,scratchy vocals of war scream out the orders for attack while the band blasts the listener with blasting drums only to slow to a mid-paced range but then speed back up again. this is a band and release that fans of old-school black/thrash and intense war metal will not want to miss out on!! {special note:i read on the bands site it is planning to release "kaiser schlacht" in the next month or so on cassete form so if interested check the bands site for more info.}
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blooddawn-black hymns from the house of god cd {panzerfaust prod.}{reviewed by patrick}
damn time flys when u get to be an old bastard like myself. blooddawn has released it's 5th cd release "black hymns from the house of god" .bloodawn have defintly outdone themselves once again by releasing their most mature and also blapshemous,unrelenting release to date.8 songs of intense pure no holds barred black metal.the production and sound seems to be done a little better on this release then on the bands previous few releases that i have heard.which is good because you can hear every thunderous drum beat and the guitars and bass have a thicker sound but still maintain the classic razor-sharp guitar sound and feel.donn {of the mighty teutoburg forest} returns to the vocal and lyric duty.donn's vocals are equally up to par with the rest of bands impressive showing.with his dark gruff growl and demonic blasphemous screechs.if you are a fan of blooddawn's past releases then defintly don't hesitate to buy this release today!! if you are someone who was not that impressed with their previous releases give this one a might be pleasantly surprised.
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brigantia-the chronic argonants mcd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
well i am gonna take a break from the more violent side of metal and shine some light some quality Doom!! this is a band i have heard about alot through myspace and various friends.well finally thanks to the band i can now put a sound to the name.this is brigantia's new 3 song e.p the music is traditonal,heavy memorable is hard to be totally original when writing/playing traditional doom {actually that could be said for ANY genre today} but brigiantia are able to pull it off rather nicely you hear some st.vitus influence in the songs but overall brigantia have crafted a rather original release while keeping true to the traditional old-school doom sound of the elder are slow,heavy thunderous riff one after another but their are moments of mid-paced catchy guitar riffs.the third song "eyes of lugosi" is defintly a stand out track for me and singer/guitarist dave has some of the best doom vocals i have ever heard sund on this song.overall brigantia is a doom band not to be missed!!
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elimi-asylum cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
elimi come out of the legendary swedish black metal scene.and have brought a very impressive 6 song release asylum with them.the band seems to draw influence from both the early days of swedish black metal and more modern black metal.the guitars are a little thicker and heavier sounding then most black metal bands but still played extremly well and has some interesting guitar chords and riffs.the drummer keeps up with the mid-tempo charge of the band with some moments of aggressive blast beating but mainly stay within the mid-tempo range.overall elimi are a good band with alot of potential and recomended to fans who enjoy quality european black metal.
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rest eternal-rest eternal demo cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is proably one of the most original and impressive debuts to be released in a long time.the band describes their sound as "crypt metal" which is precisely what it is! a dark mix of somber,atmospheric doom,with a haunting black metal feel and presence throughout the songs.the main thing that will seperate rest eternal from most{if not all} the bands in the current scene is the band does not use or play any electric gutiars or synths to create the dark music that is rest eternal.instead relying more on piano,violin,acoustic and classical guitars among eternal is highly recomended to fans who enjoy dark,atmospheric blackend doom metal.
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thy legion-venerato diaboli cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
i have only heard a few bands from malta's underground metal scene so i was excited when i recieved this cd.thy legion play brutal blackend death metal.thy legion remind me alot of the early 90's brutal black/death bands of the past with their aggressive,straight-forward approach when the music was more on keeping the metal brutal and not so worried about all the elements to make it atmospheric or over-produced.the guitars are thick with some powerful riffs and solo's,the drums are played with alot of skill and ability and usually attack with hyper-speed blasting attacks.the vocals are just as brutal as the music with demonic growls,and disturbing,insane shrieks.this is another band i would highly recomend but for the fans straight-forward brutal black/death metal fans.
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undivine essence/nature's elements-split cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
this is a split cd of two of israel's newest and more underrated dark,black metal bands. undivine essence start things off with "crimson sky" which is over 10 minutes long but the band has enough musical changes it keeps the listener's attention.starting off with a somber guitar riff and mid-paced drums then picks up a little more speed while keeping it to a minum.their are some slower times when the band has sort of a depressive black and maybe even a slight black/doomish feel to this song.the guitarist is not afraid to mix in some solo's and different styled riffs within the dark atmosphere of the song.the second track "newshape" is almost a complete opposite to the opening song with a much more grim and primitive both the guitars and drums are more aggressive and faster on this track but still played extremly well.the vocals have a mix of a deeper growl/gruff vocal to the more screechy black metal vocals that fit well with this style of metal. undivine essence have defintly gotten my attention with these 2 songs i am looking forward to hearing more from them as it will be interesting to see and hear what they release next. up next is "nature's elements" starting off with a intro which is very pagan/folkish sounding which is not bad at all but kind of misleads the listener cause the second track "l.p.o.s" is raw old-school black metal all the way in both their production and sound quality.not a bad band at all but needs some more work in future releases. this is defintly a good split cd and worth your money if you enjoy dark,depressive black metal and minimalist,primitve black metal.
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wunjo-eye of the wolf demo cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
wunjo are a new pagan,black metal band from the mighty italian scene.wunjo are a 2 man band and draw influence from both the early 90's euro black metal sound but also add in some well played folk instruments and sounds to the songs.the band keeps it in the mid-paced range but the band surprise the listener with outburst of fast and furious black metal attacks.the vocals are shared and are a mix of deeper growling and raw scratchy vocals.the production is perfect for this style of metal and not too raw/harsh but it is also not over-produced and too clean sounding. so if you are a fan of pagan black metal with some folk influences then this is a band you will love to hear!!!
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