Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview with Pact done by Patrick on 5-20-14

Here is another  interview  with the mighty U.S Black metal band  'Pact'  their second cd  is out on the mighty Moribund Records 
Patrick and Ode To War  web-zine

1.Hails Hag  When did you  all form  Pact? What is the  current line-up?  For  the  readers who have never heard Pact  how do you  describe your music?
.Pact was formed in early 2006,our current lineup is T on drums,Wretch and Dirge on guitars and myself,our music is sonic black magick,very intense and extreme,symbolic of pushing beyond ones self imposed limitations.

2.Pact recently  released  their second  cd  "The Infernal Hierachies Penetrating The Threshold Of Night" how long did it take for  the band to write the songs for the release? 

Somewhere between 6 to 8 months.  We had recruited a bass player during the writing process, so we spent time rehearsing with him, which in retrospect sucks because he exited before his first show.

3.Who usually  writes the lyrics for the band? Where do you  all draw inspiration?
I write the lyrics with inspiration derived from ritual black magick,spiritual alchemy and the life which I choose to immerse myself into,a world of occult experience and heightened consciousness,nature,solitude and darkness.

4.How has the  response been from  the  fans and  the press?

 .Everything has been positive,the fans really seem to appreciate what we are doing,everybody is extremely supportive.

5.Does Pact  play very many shows/tours?  Who are some bands you  all have shared the  stage with? 

5/6As far as shows,yes,we will be playing some venues and festivals as well,just beginning to emerge,we have played with Demonic Christ,Krieg,Ptahil,Church Burn,Bestial Mockery and a lot of great underground bands as well,July 26th we will headline Grimscape 2014 in Baltimore Md and also Wrath of The Goat III on September 19th and 20th,alongside Kult of Azazel and labelmates Wormreich.
7Are you or any member of pact working with side projects or bands? If yes  please tell the readers about them  
.Right now our main point of focus is Pact,though there are other projects we take part in as well.

8.what does black metal mean to you

Black metal is the genre of music that stands in defiance of herd mentality and in particular,of American pop culture,the aim,to destroy the sheeple and their false vision of Christos as the Jewish redeemer,crushing the religious moralist's ideal and usurping the individualist!!! He whom stands on his own,and by his own will shall it be done!!!

9.what is your opinon of  the U.S.B.M Scene   ?Who are your all-time favorite  U.S bands?

 There are no doubt some great bands in the US scene like Inquisition,Kult of Azazel and Nachtmystium,however,material such as older Deicide and Morbid Angel appeal to me more,though they are said to be death metal bands,their ideals once stood for something more,they are definitely among my favorites.

10.Are    their any new bands or projects you think the readers should watch out for?
We mainly listen to a lot of older stuff!!!!

11.Hag     you are thevocalist for the band.When did you become interested  in  singing? Who are some of your favorite vocalists? Do you  play any other instruments?
I became interested in singing at a rather young age,maybe 8 or so,my brother is also a heavy metal musician,he is 11 years my elder,I always looked up to him and would watch his band practice at rehearsal,that was in the days of Maiden and Priest,early Megadeth and,Metallica and Belladonna era Anthrax,if I had to pick some of my favorite vocalists,I would have to say Dickenson,Halford,Dio and Robert Plant,I also play drums and guitar as well.

12.Well thank you  for taking  the time to do this  interview  do you have any final comments for  the readers?

The world is your Will to Power,Hail!!!!!!!