Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New black,dark metal reviews

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aherusia-and the tides shall reveal the traces cd
reviewed by patrick
this is the debut release from greece's aherusia.the band produces some very original and dark sounding music.playing atmospheric black metal influenced by greek black metal gods rotting christ and early septic flesh.the band also mixes in some moments of folk influence and instruments.the band also has some early 80's metal guitar solo's/chords {maiden/priest etc} entertwined within the blackend folk music.each musician knows how to play their individual instrument.and the band as a whole has created some very interesting and original style black of early greek black metal or more atmospheric black metal will enjoy aherusia.
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archgoat-the light devouring darkness cd {moribund rec.}reviewed by patrick}
this is not what i expected archgoat to sound like at all.i have read/heard some stuff on this finnish band and i had more of a {early} beherit style of black metal.archgoat does have a somewhat simiar sound and raw approach similar to earlier finnish black metal bands.but their is also a brutal old-school grind feel and approach with intense blasts of blasphemous insanity and shredding style guitars that are all over the place racing between brutal grinding riffs and thin,raw black metal riffs.the vocals are growls.mix the raw black metal of early beherit,the blackend grinding insanity of impaled nazarene and late 80's/early 90's grindcore into a blender and you have the insane sounds of finland's archgoat.

A transylvanian funeral-self-titled demo cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}

now this is my kind of black metal!! harsh,cold and full of pure hatred.A transylvanian funeral are a new u.s band playing fast,brutal black metal.the guitars are raw/thin and sound razorsharp,the vocals are scratchy/shrieks.with the exception of a few tracks where sojourner contributed some lyrics and a few additional vocals.everything was created and played by the sleepwalker.and i will be the first to admit the underground has more than it's share of 1 and 2 men band.but don't make a mistake and look past A transylvanian funeral for a debut the 13 tracks on here show some real talent and blasphemous i see this band only getting better and more deadly with each new of {old} demoncy,beherit,or {old} black funeral will defintly want to look for this release!! {special note to the readers i believe this is a "limited" quanity of 100 copies so if you want one i would contact sleepwalker for ordering info a.s.a.p!!!}
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black market ministry-voices of the coming plague cd {leaflust records} {reviewed by patrick}
sludge/doom is not a genre i have listened to alot or am real familar with but listening to this band and release might change that! black market ministry mix in some heavier traditonal doom with some faster more rockin/influenced doom style.mixed together with some darker metal influences the vocals are intense shrieks and fit perfectly with the bands dark/creepy sound. fans of black sabath,eyehategod will enjoy this band.
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hammer horde-under the mighty oath cd {storm surge records}{reviewed by patrick}
hamerhorde are a new epic viking/pagan black metal band.and usually when you think of this genre you think of the european scene first.but hammer horde are a new and very impressive force from the u.s scene.the band mixes straight-forward black metal with some technical guitar solo's mixed into the straigh-forward sound is also some equally impressive melodic and somber approach with acoustic guitar,clean male vocals and chants.the drumming is played to pure perfection whether playing the more intense side of the black metal or more controlled somber interludes.keyboards are brought in on some tracks and really help add another layer to the bands already epic of epic viking/pagan metal should defintly look for hammer horde.and if you are new to this genre well no better place to start than with hammer horde.

immortal angelica-reminiscent demo cd {self-released)
{reviewed by patrick}
wow!! how this band has not gotten signed yet i do not know.immortal angelica play atmospheric music.starting with a atmsopheric slow intro the music picks up to a more mid-paced atmospheric metal range with some well-played guitar/bass chords and some of the best female vocals i have heard in a long,long time.mixing a nice range of more slower/depressive style vocals but also pick up the pace just a bit to keep the listeners attention throughout the cd.the band roller-coasters on the first 6 tracks between slow/midpaced atmospheric metal.but on the 6th track "fragile" the band takes it down a notch swithing to only the female vocals,violn and you will guess with only the 3 mentioned instruments in play the tempo and sound is much bleaker,and dark but the band still has enough ideas and creativity to keep the tracks from becoming boring and will be interesting to hear and see which road this band takes on future releases.going the more softer route or keeping the metal guitars and instruments intact.either way i look for immortal angelica to be a force within the atmospheric music genre
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in memorium-lost to antiquity cd {moribund records}
{reviewed by patrick}
after a few years of silence dark black/death metal in ruins return with a brutal and haunting release.7 tracks of brutal and barbaric black/death metal.the band also shows a more darker and menacing approach with a few slower/somber parts mixed into the darkend brutality.the guitars speed and shred through the songs with sheer intensity and power.and the drummer who plays his kit like a maniac with brutal beats and controlled intense brutality throughout each song.the harsh vocals fit perfectly into the mix with cold/harsh screams and more brutal of {early} marduk,dark funeral,or just fast,brutal black/death metal won't want to miss out on in memorium's latest release!!
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old wainds-death nord cult cd {moribund rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
i have seen/read alot of band's claim to play "cold" or "hateful" black metal.but old wainds don't just talk they deliever on their moribund debut.{overall the band's 4th release} the band is heavily influenced by the traditional early norwegian sounds.but you can also undoubtly hear some early swedish black metal influence in the bands more chaotic/intense black metal moments.i must admit the band is not really doing anything groundbreaking or innovative on death nord cult.but the band has enough talent and cold hatred to pay homage to the elder norse gods without totally being a rip-off copy of early nordic black metal will bow down to old wainds.

ruins-cauldron cd {moribund rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
australia's ruins have created some of the most savage and intense black/dath metal to be played or heard in quite sometime.the band has some old moribid angel {blessed are the sick era.mixed with the more brutal black/death mid era of behemoth.along with the intense australian sound of mixing and creating violent brutal black/death metal ever to be recorded.if your tired of all the modern day bands mixing in "atmosphere" or "harmony" and just want some brutal music australia's ruins is just what you have been looking for.
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serpent's cult--demo 2008 cdr {self-released}
{reviewed by patrick}
i have been told by various friends/contacts that the italian scene is kind of small and decent but not great scene.i disagree!! i have been hearing/meeting a few bands on myspace from the italian scene and all have been really good and shown metal heart and attitude.this is serpent cult's debut demo and good debut it is! influenced by norwegian black metal of the early 90's and some modern black metal as well.the guitars are mid-paced and raw but not extremly harsh sounding.the drumming is really good and the drummer seems to know the kit very nicely placing some impressive drum patterns within the 4 songs.the vocals are black metal screams/shrieks.the band also uses keyboards but the keyboards are only used a few parts to add atmosphere to the bands already dark and morbid many bands within the black metal scene use keyboards nowadays it usually doesnt fit the bands sound or style but with serpent cult i think if the band added a little more keyboards within the music it could really help instead of mentioned this is a debut but i am looking forward to hearing more from this young band a good debut indeed.
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sons of seasons-gods of vermin cd {napalm rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
this is the debut from germany's sons of seasons.sons of seasons make it very clear to the listeners they are not satisfied playing just one genre of metal.the band starts things off with some melodic style heavy/power metal guitar riffs and music.but soon the band as a whole pick up the tempo playing some very well produced and thought out atmospheric metal.the band is not afraid to play some aggressive style epic metal chords along with atmosphere already in place.the vocal duties are shared with the majority being handled by henning basse who has a really good range and can work his vocals to both the bands more fast/aggressive moments or the bands more somber/epic sounds.and occasional female vocals handled by simmone simmons who has a really good range as well and both compliment and blend nicely is hard to believe this is the debut release.if this band keeps creating metal to this caliber sons of seasons should have a very bright future!!
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towards global holocaust-ever onwards..... cd {scattered to the winds prod.}{reviewed by patrick}

towards global holocaust is a band you will either love and listen to non-stop or totally hate it with a passion.towards global holocaust are a band that defies anyone who tries to put them into one set-catagory of music or metal.the band begins with some very violent experimental sounds and indusrial influences.but it is not long until the bands runs over the listener like a tank with some brutal intense black/death metal guitars and equally heavy drumming.the vocals are also hard to guess and keep the listener guessing as to which will be heard next.the vocals range from very disturbing screams of pain and suffering to a more demonic death metal growls.combined with occasional black metal shrieks of insanity and depravity.i really do not want to label or use the word "noise" within this review for the simple fact the band is not a noise band.the band at first listen might appear to have alot of this style influenced into their sound but you will also hear most other metal genre's as of dark,creative and just pure insane music will love this.all others should give it a try just to see if it suits them.but remeber we warned you this is not a band creating pretty metal music.