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Interview with Italy's Fornace done by Patrick done 5-16-14

Interview  with  Possessed  bassist  for   Fornace  done  by Patrick

1.Metal Hails  Possessed !!  When did you all get  the idea to form  Fornace?  What is  the  current line up?

Hails Patrick and thanks for your interview!  I formed Fornace in 2000 with Gnoll (drums and vocals). During all these years musicians went and go, now I'm the only original member. After the departure of Gnoll (2008) I found a complete line up with which we recorded Fornace's first full lenght album "Pregnant is the night". Actually from that line up only me and Mastiff members are Sadomaster on the guitar and Sorg Krieg on drums.

2.For the  readers who have never heard  Fornace  how would you  describe  the  music?
Fornace have Always played black metal...during the years my influences and the contribution of new members have led to sound more dark and evil. Our 3 demo tape (Highest Towers in 2002, The man who wanted change the world in 2004, The awakening in 2007) were more hellenic black metal (old Rotting Christ, Varathron..) with some Death metal influences. With Pregnant is the night is added a new approach more evil, melanchonic and epic.(inspired by Denial of god, Horna, Sargeist...); this new approach will be emphasized on the next album.

3.Fornace  recently  released their cd  "Pregnant Is The  Night"   through  the mighty Paragon  Rec.How long  did it  take you all to write the songs  for this release?
Originally the album was released for the russian Autodafe productions in digipack with other artwork (2012). Paragon records wanted to re-release in 2013 and did a great work!!!
About the release we spent more time in studio during the mixing rather than create songs because it' s natural writing studio we had different visions about the final result and it was not easy to find the final sounds. I have to say that I'm not so satisfied about it because it's not so evil enought, but it's sure that for the up coming new album things will be better!
4.Does the whole band work  on the music or does one or two of you usually write  everything?  Who usually writes  the  lyrics for the band?  What are some subjects/topics you all write about?

)Generally I write riffs and prepare the songwriting alone, I also know how it will be the drums. Even Mastiff has great riffs, his contribution is growing, he also dedicate to harmonizations, it's really a great musician!
For the demo tapes lyrics were written by me, on Pregnant is the night" were written by Morrigan our ex vocalist (except for the title track written by me) and on the next album are written by me and Sirol (the vocalist after Morrigan).
My lyrics deal with individualism, evilness, desperation, Morrigan were more inspirated by Paganism.

5.Does Fornace play  live  very often?Are their  any tours in support of "Pregnant Is The  Night" coming up?
After the release of "Pregnant is the night" half of the members Leaves Fornace for which no tour was possible. In previous years we played about 20 live gigs. It's a great experience to do concerts, but I realized that playing in front of people who don't understand anything about black metal is inconvenient. Also in Italy the concerts are organized by organizations that prefer their friendships or worse bands who pay money to play and we do not want to have anything to do with it...I believe in meritocracy, not in the right knowledges of mafious systems.

6.Who are some bands you all have   shared the stage with? If you  could set up a dream show/tour  who are some bands you would love to  play with?
The most famous bands with which we played are Taake (Nor) and Azaghal (Fin). I also had the pleasure of playing with Imago mortis and the true endless, historic italian bands that I like and support. If I could choose a band to make a tour surely would choose Denial of god, no doubt!!!


7.Are you  or any of the members  of  Fornace  currently  working with  side-projects or  other bands? If yes  please tell the  readers about them?

No, I haven't side projects. I played long with the mighty Movimento d'avanguardia ermetico and I recorded with them Ignis, Stelle senza luce and the split " i sentieri della tradizione". Now I will back to play with them for the next album.
Mastiff help many bands to do concerts, it's a kind of session member, and our new drummer Sorg krieg play also in Schwarz pest and Herjan, two underground black metal bands in the city of Torino.
8.What does Black Metal mean to you? 

Black metal means to be a Wolf among the sheeps, is to follow your instincts, believe in our own strenght, means individualism. Musically I want to believe in a form of art where darkness ,melanchony, hate, despair, pride, epicity blend together.
9.You and the band come out of the  mighty   Italian  scene  what is your  opinion  on Italy's  metal scene? 

I do not know what you mean for "mighty italian scene"...I do not follow the scene for the reasons I told you before about the possibility of emergence of a band compared to other only by by the knowledge of the "right people" or because they pay an agency...anyway there are still great bands that are not involved in this corrupt system and who will be remembered for their music; some are split up, some active and I hope that in the future there will be still bands who believe in the true spirit underground black metal.

10.Who are  some of your  all-time  favorite  Italian bands? Are their any new bands you  feel  the readers  should check out?

In the past we had great bands like Death ss, Bulldozer, Mortuary drape, Necrodeath, Negazione, Handful of hate,, Necromass...most of them are still active but (some of them) now are different from their early years...The mighty bands I recommend are: Movimento d' avanguardia ermetico, Sarghnagel, Vacuum, Enthroning silence, Tenebrae in perpetum, Beatrik, Near, Altar of perversion, Imago mortis, The true endless, Khephra, Malakhor, Kult. Surely I forgot Others great italian bands...

11.Thank you  Possessed  for taking  the time to do  this  interview  do you  have any final comments for  the  readers?
Thank you Patrick for this interview! soon our new album "My journey is ending but the torment will be eternal" will be finish, and believe me it will be the best release ever done from Fornace. I want to say to the Readers to support the underground, do not download mp3, buy records, cds, tapes and go to concerts!
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