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2011 June reviews/interviews

interview with cryptic throne,the wolves curse radio show done by patrick 6-23-11

here is our newest interview with abyssous wolfesblood. as you will read he is very busy with his band and radio-show and takes both very personal and seriously.please read and if this sounds like a band or show u would like to learn more about defintly check out his "links" at end of the interview. {SPECIAL Note: bands/labels abyssous is looking for black/ambient bands to play on his show!!! so drop him a email for more info!}

interview with abyssous wolfesblood music,and lyricst for cryptic throne and d.j for the radio show "the wolves curse".done by patrick

1.metal hails Abyssous ! how are things for you this evening? please introduce yourself to the readers.

I am very well thank you. I am Abyssous Wolfesblood. The founder and creative force behind the band Cryptic Throne.

2.when did you first become interested in playing music?what were the first instruments you learned to play?

I first became interested in music when I was 13 years old, I was really big into the Misfits and idolized Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. I pretty much wanted to be him. So I got my hands on an old Epiphone SG and learned how to play guitar on my own! you have a personal favorite instrument you enjoy playing over all the others? is their any instruments you have not learned that you would like to someday?

Definitely my guitar. My guitar will always be my favorite instrument. I really would love to learn how to play piano. I always come up with compositions in my mind, but am unable to perform them.

4.what gave you the idea to form cryptic throne? are you happy with how things are progressing with the band so far? for the readers who have never heard the band how would describe cryptic throne's music?

I formed the band back in 2005. I had just begun to really get into black metal and decided to form the band after my first "band" fell apart. So far I am very pleased with the direction the band is in. Cryptic Throne evolves on a constant basis. Musically, ideologically, and spiritually. The easiest way I could describe it is Ambient/Black Metal with more emphasis on the Black Metal. I love ambient music very much and I like to incorporate it into my music as much as possible without it losing its shine. I could go deeper into it, but I think that is the simplest way.

5cryptic throne is just yourself and akasha did the two of you meet?have you two thought of "adding" more members to the bands line-up or do you prefer to just keep it the two of you?

I met Akasha in 2007 through myspace. We are spiritually bonded and I hold her very close to my heart. The current we share is my main source of inspiration when composing the hymns for Cryptic Throne. It is way beyond just writing music and lyrics when it comes to this band. As of now it is just us two, but I do plan on recruiting members for live rituals.

6.if you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present.who would you like to work with?

Shamaatae of Arckanum, Erik Danielsson of Watain, and Vindkall of Domgård. These three bands are the main musical influences for Cryptic Throne. All three of these bands are very special to me and to work with any of them would be an absolute honor. handle the lyrics for cryptic throne so i was wondering where do you draw your inspiration for them?

All the lyrics are taken from personal interpretations and research/studies on Chaosophy. Any rituals, invocations, incantations or hymns I write for any spiritual reason usually become lyrics for my music as it is channeled through a current that Akasha and myself control.

8.everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what "black metal" stands for. so i was wondering in your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?

Black Metal is complete liberation. It was created as a rebellion against souless music and I think it should stay that way. Of course, there are a lot of fake bands in the scene and people who are in it for all the wrong reasons. I honestly feel there are very few true black metal bands nowadays.

9.talking with you the last few days i have learned you are heavily influenced and study the occult/black arts. so i was wondering would you consider yourself a satanist?

My main ideology is Chaosophy. I practice Chaos and Black magick through the spiritual aspect of Shamanism. I have discovered through much experience that when hen used through dark natural energy, the elements and the night side of the runes prove to be a great tool in ascension as a sorcerer looking to gain the infinite knowledge and wisdom. I have found my own path in Dark Germanic Heathenism, and the Thursatru Tradition. I have studied Satanism and Luciferianism very exclusively at one time in my life, but I do not feel it represents my current beliefs or the burning fire of my soul anymore.

Hailaz Þurisaz! Hailaz Þaimiz! Hailaz Abgrundjam!

10.when did you become interested in studying the occult? who are some occult figures/authors you respect and study the most?besides
occult what other subjects do you enjoy studying?

I became very interested in the occult in 2007. I was very into Asatru (belief in the Aesir) but I felt I was lying to myself. It didn't feel sincere and I knew in my heart I was not on the right path. I felt a darker pull and decided to research. I found myself dwell deep within this darkness that was begging to be set free and after much study I proudly pronounced myself a Satanist at the time. Aside from spiritual study, I am a very big history buff. From Ancient Egypt, to the Dark Ages I love it all. I could spend the rest of my life in a study by a fireplace reading books and be happy. do you feel the world would be if religion {christianity,satanism,paganism,etc..} were never introduced to humanity?

Probably a lot better haha. But I also find it very hard to live life without believing in something, regardless of what it is. You must have faith in something or else your living a meaningless existence.

12.coming back to music you have also recently started up a new ambient-dark metal band called "whispers of the black wulf."what gave you the idea to create this project?have you released any releases yet? if yes please tell the readers a little about each of them and where they can purchase them.

Whispers of The Black Wulf is a very personal project of mine formed along with Akasha and myself. The music crafted is an audio transcription of dark spiritual energy that we share through our current of black magick. Everything I do musically is connected to my workings as a sorcerer and a Chaos/Black Magick Shaman. The feelings, the emotions, the depths of the soundscape is birthed through deep trance induced meditations and rituals to compose the specific sound that I seek for the song. In August I have a split release coming out very soon with the depressive black metal band Divested thru Victory By Fire Records. You can go to for any and all updates. if working with two bands was not hard enough you now have your own radio-show on core of destruction station called "the wolves curse"when did you meet lizard messiah and grave {station-owners? are you happy with how the show is going so far? is this your
first show?

I have been friends with Grave for a long time now. She told me their station lost their black metal DJ and inquired if I would be interested and of course I was. It was my opportunity to spread real, authentic, and unique black metal to the masses instead of shoving Darkthrone and Burzum down everyone's throats like the usual radio shows do. This is my first show yes and I am very happy with how it is coming along and I look forward to a long road hosting "The Wolves Curse."

14.what would you say is the hardest and easiest thing about doing a internet-radio show is? if any label,bands are reading this what type of music do you support/play? where can they send they send their music for air-play?

Nothing is very hard about it. It is really easy to be honest. The "hardest" part would be constructing a playlist. My music library is massive so I do have a hard time picking bands for the night. I play strictly black metal bands. I like to focus on underground/unsigned bands as much as possible because I feel people have already listened to Mayhem enough and they need to listen to the bands that are up-and-coming in the scene! If any bands/labels feel they have music that fits my views you are welcome to email me at with a song or two and any information you would like to add. Stay underground! Fuck the mainstream!

15.well wolfesblood we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me, any and all interest is greatly appreciated!!

Next month (July 2011) the new album from Cryptic Throne "The Wolves Gather..." will be released on tape by Metal Throne Productions!! It will be a limited, hand-numbered release of only 50 copies!! Also, in late August (2011), Victory By Fire Records will be release the CD version! Hailaz! Heil Chaos!


New reviews 6-23-11

hope everyone is having a good day/week so far? here is a small batch of reviews i was able to pull together. for those who don't know i recently moved so unfortunatly alot of my time for zine work had to be put on hold. IF u are a band or label waiting for a review i PROMISE It will get done. please be patient and likewise with a interview i have quite a few new interviews either already out or getting ready to be sent out. so keep watching the zine for alot of updates very soon.
best regards,
patrick and winter torment web-zine

balance interruption--era11:deserts of ashes cd {vengeful attakk/hammer of hate rec.}
{reviewed by patrick}
if underground metal had any type of awards given out then the ukraine's balance interruption would defintly be in the running for one of 2011's most complex and dark releases catagory.the band have so much going on musically it is near impossible to keep up. the root of the bands music is defintly in mid-paced dark black metal,but to simply put them in the black metal catagory is a mistake. the duo also draw alot of influence from industrialiazed soundscapes and eerie ambient passages while keeping the darkness of black metal well in tact.this is a band that fans of the more primitive,old-school black metal style might not really like or understand.but if you are a "fan" of industrial blackend metal then balance interruption is a band you should defintly check out soon.
label contact.

dark_matter--_A drift_ e.p {self released}{reviewed by patrick}
dark matter are a trio from ireland and according to the bands bio their has been quite a few member changes over the last few years. well i hope the current band members can stay intact.the music on _A drift_ is very enjoyable but also nearly impossible to catagorize into a certain genre.the band has influences ranging from spacey progressive guitars,dark ambient and even some faster,atmospheric metal guitar riffs and solo's in a few tracks.the band also does not have a vocalist instead they let their musical talents do the talking which i personally think this type of music is better with instrumental songs as i am not sure very many vocalist could keep up with the range of variety musical styles. dark_matter are defintly not the most over the top dark or eerie band. but on this e.p the band has created some extremly enjoyable,and unique music that fans of instrumental metal,ambient,or spacey progressive will enjoy.
band contact

death before dying-creatures of opportunity cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
i have listened to creatures of opportunity a few times over the last few weeks and it is just not that good or impressive.the band play a mix of early 90's florida style death with alot of u.s thrash influence. the band has some decent riffs and musical ideas but unless they try to add more of their own original ideas the band is going to be lost in endless sea of death/thrash bands coming out. fans of die-hard early 90's death/thrash might enjoy this but as for the rest of us i would suggest just listen to your classic malevolent creation,obituary etc. cd's.
band contact

desolate shrine--tenebrous towers cd {hammer of hate rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
listening to tenebrous towers it's hard to believe this is desolate shrine's debut cd.the music created by desolate shrine is brutal,heavy blackend death metal at it's finest.everything flows together nicely from the brutal heavy guitars,the outbursts of insane drum beats the music while brutal and uncompromising has a dark aura within the brutality to keep the listeners attention.the vocals are a dual mix of heavy deep growls and demonic of uncomprimising death/black metal will worship desolate shrine.
label contact,

entrenched--preemptive strike cd {self-released}{reviewed by patrick}
new jersey's entrenched have launched their debut cd preemptive strike up on the underground. but listening to the cd it is hard to believe this is a "debut".the band play a mix of brutal old school death metal with a huge influence of violent war/thrash metal etertwined within the violent speeding guitars and machine gun like drum patterns.the vocals are shared by the duo and fit perfectly with a more deeper,angry growl,grunt and intense shrieks of hate. while the band takes no prisoners and refuses to comprimise it's sound.entrenched have alot of good musicial ideas and even some catchy memorable guitar patterns throughout. if you enjoy straight forward death/thrash with a touch of war metal insanity then entrenched is a band you must hear!
band contact

forgotten tomb--under saturn retrograde cd {agonia rec.}{reviewed by patrick}
italy's forgotten tomb is a band i respect a reviewer it makes my job harder trying to describe all the great music styles within the release.but as a fan it gives me hope that bands can still create heavy,dark and original metal without comprimising their metal roots.on under saturn retrograde {the bands 4th cd} the bands does an excellent job of mixing in evil,dark black metal,heavy death metal into a great sound that will both impress and keep the listeners attention. as if this wasnt enough i also hear some atmospheric metal and even hints of death/doom entertwined within the heavy guitars.vocals are defintly influenced by the black metal genre with screechs and screams but the band also has some really well done clean vocal patterns done in some of the more melodic sections.and the two different vocal styles while total opposite of each other really work well with each other.forgotten tomb is a band that fans of dark,black/death/doom will defintly not want to miss out on.
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mass murder frenzy--unleashed cd {victim music}{reviewed by patrick}
mass murder frenzy are fairly unknown band coming out of the great state of california. well i sincerly hope with the release of "unleashed" that more fans of brutal musick will take notice.Mmf. are a duo as you probably guessed play brutal,sick death. but instead of keeping it total old-school brutality or the newer range of pig sqeal type of gore-death/grind. the band mix in a nice blend from each era of brutal death.the guitars are thick,heavy mid-paced range with some outbursts of insane riffs,the vocals are just godly deep growls {but defintly not guttural} with some occasional screams. the drums {which are programmed} probably stand out the best for me. as the members of mass murder frenzy actually try to create "realistic" sounding drum patterns instead of the usual 200 beats a seconds. this is defintly a band everyone into death metal needs to hear highly recomended!
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spearhead--theomachia cd {agonia records}{reviewed by patrick}
the uk. based spearhead was a band that i had never heard before. so i had no idea what to expect when i hit the "play" button. well i was pretty much blown away by the sheer heaviness and brutal approach that spearhead delievers with their brutal death metal approach.theomachia is spearhead's third release and features nine tracks of brutal,uncompromising death metal brilliance.each member plays their respected instrument with flawless are heavy whirlwind of furious riffs and solo's,the drums are some of the best i have heard in quite awhile and are played extremly fast blasts but also slow down to let the drummer and the listener catch their breath before attacking again with another round of blasts.the vocals fit the music perfect with a vicious,angry growls.spearhead have released one of the best death metal releases of 2011 get this now!
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volksmerink/butchered beyond recognition---blood and white noise split cd {earzit rec./murder for weed}{reviewed by patrick}
i have been eager to hear this release for awhile now so i was excited when it arrived in my mailbox. volksmerink start things off i must admit i was a bit surprised {but in a good way} by how heavy and brutal the new volksmerink tracks are.for those of you who are familar with volksmerink's debut "the suffering of one" it was more in the early 90's death and thrash realm.but the 5 tracks presented here on the split are in your face,pure brutal death,slam metal. the influence of thrash can still be heard throughout a few tracks but not as much as,whirlwind guitars with some breaks and solo's throughout the chaos.chucks vocals are just as sick and intense deeper growls and some screams mixed in. this is defintly chuck and volksmerink's best work to date!!
butchered beyond recognition are a band i had heard of before but this was my actual first time to listening to them. bbr. is pure and simple violent grind!! to the max. guitars played at lightning,whirlwind speeds,blasting drums {compliments of a machine but honestly not horrible sounding like some bands} mixed well with the duo's sick screams and growls.another thing i liked about bbr's songs is they only used sample intro's on a few of their songs instead of every song like some do. {i've been listening to death and grind for nearly 16 yrs,and i hate to admit it but that gets fucking old! after a while} i enjoyed how the two bands with defintly different styles teamed-up on a split to spread out to their fans.hopefully more bands will do this in the future.this is defintly a release fans of brutal death or grind should check out soon.
band contact

Sunday, June 12, 2011

interview with mass murder frenzy done by patrick

mass murder frenzy is a u.s death metal band that recently sent me their 3rd release "unleashed".to be honest i have been out of the death metal loop for the last few yrs. but mass murder frenzy blew me away with their sick,intense style. the band mixes in heavy,fast guitars,sick vokills and some of the best used drum-machine beats.{probably some of the most realistic drum beats i've heard}
enjoy and be sure to support mass murder frenzy!!!
stay brutal,
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with tim guitars,vocals,bass,drum programming,and victor guitars,bass for mass murder frenzy

1.hi guys whats up with you? please introduce yourselves to the readers?

What’s up Patrick, doing great. We are Vic and Tim, hence the label name (VICTIM MUSIC) of Mass Murder Frenzy out of Orange County California.

2.when did you guys first meet? is mass murder frenzy the first band you played in together?

Tim: Vic came to be in MMF around 2008. He answered an ad I had placed for a bass player on craigslist. He came and tried out. He did a good job so I ended up picking him out of a few other candidates.
Yes. MMF is the first band Vic and I played in together.

3.tim i believe it was you who started/formed mass murder frenzy when did you start up the band?
for the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands music?

Tim I started the whole thing way back, About 95’ish with a couple buddies of mine. We were called Decubitus at that time. I played bass and vocals, the other two were guitar players. I played guitar just not for that project, know one wanted to play bass so I stepped up. We couldn’t find the right drummer. Death metal drummers in Orange County California at that time were very rare. Every one of them we tried out couldn’t do double bass the way we needed them to. That’s when I meet the “Alesis SR-16” drum muchine. We recorded a four song demo with the drum machine and it sounded killer. We set out to do some shows with it but left it at that, with every band you have musical differences. In 2003 I was sick and tired of joining bands that just ended up disbanding. So I started Decubitus back up but the other two weren’t interested. So I changed the name to MMF and wrote all new material and new members.
My intention for the music was a thrashy death metal sound. Very heavy sound. It has become more brutal sounding since the beginning I think. I can’t put a label or compare our sound to others though because I try to write it how MMF should sound. Slayer sounds like Slayer. Then and now. I wanted that for MMF. I’ve been told I have A European/Florida death metal sound. Vic brings something a bit different to the sound, but we just play heavy brutal death metal. Not to fancy, but not to rip off the listener.

4. MMF. has had both a full line-up and currently is just the two of you. have you guys searched for other members to join the band or are you happy as a two-piece?

Tim: Vic and I are happy with just the two of us. No hassles. We’ve searched for drummers in the past and decided with our lives the way they are, this is how it should be. The last drummer we had was a guy by the name of Brandon Trahan. He played in my cousin’s band “Mirror of dead faces” and currently plays for “Impending Doom”. He was perfect for MMF and we tried to get him to record on the album but didn’t work out. Nothing more to say. I still give him a shout out because he was such a cool guy and probably the best drummer we’ve jammed with. Just wasn’t in the cards. You can see him playing with us going over Entombed in flesh on our myspace videos.

5.please tell the readers a little about mass murder frenzy's past releases. are these still availble? what about any other merchandise like stickers,shirts,etc..

Tim: The first album is called “Below the surface” the original line-up recorded in 2006. This album was strictly promotional. You can still down load the 6 songs “for free!” from our web site click on albums.

The second release was self titled and the first time I recorded with a drum program in 2009. This was also the first attempt for me becoming a one man project. I recorded everything alone and released it alone. Very few copies were made. This cd had all six songs from “Below the surface” I rerecorded with the drum program, with five new songs. I am in the works of reprinting this CD under Vic and my label “VICTIM MUSIC” and will be selling them on our web site hopefully soon.

MMF has t shirts of the old logo for sale on our web site. We are in the works on getting “Unleashed” shirts printed up. haven’t found a good enough deal yet. We have stickers and hopefully more merch with the fans support.

6.the band recently released it's third masterpiece of sickness "unleashed" how long did it take you guys to write and record the songs for this release?

Tim: total? About a year and a half. I started writing before Vic came back into the picture again. Vic was off doing other projects at the time. He came to me with some good material and a different attitude about the music so we started collaborating with all the songs we had together. Recorded them about the end of 2010 witch took about two months off and on. Mixing and mastering took about 1 month to where we were happy with it.

7.are you both happy with how everything turned out? How has the response been from the press and fans?

Tim We are very happy with the way “Unleashed” came out. For our accomplishment and hard work we put into this release. We set out for a brutal sounding album and we succeeded very well in our opinions. For a band that dos not tour, the response from the fans has proven that to us so far. The album is selling very well for us, about ready for a second pressing. Promotion from press has been very positive. Webzines, online retailers, local California retailers and online radio play has helped immensely spread the sickness that is MMF.

8.who usually handles the lyrics what are some topics/subjects you all write about?

Tim: I have always handled the lyric writing in the past, but Vic wrote Black sun (about the end of everything) on this album and will have more for the next release. I’ve always been interested in human behavior of all kinds. Religion, murder and such, more towards religious beliefs, but psychotic behavior as well. People are fucked up! And there’s a lot to write about. “Unleashed” is more about the failure and lie of Jesus Christ. God unleashes the fury upon man because his so called son failed to save us from our sins. Not in a satanistic way though. We are not a satanic band, More an agnostic way of thinking. The artwork on the album in my vision is God releasing his army upon us all. It was done by Brutal Disorder Logos.

9.what does the term "underground metal" mean to the both of you?

Underground metal is a society. Human beings that thrive on extreme emotion, adrenalin and life ending moments. Metal is the catalyst to this society that brings it all together and bonds it. It is that bond that fans show the bands they love and support that we all need to survive and thrive in this society (underground metal). Sometimes it’s all we have.

10.i know you both have been a part of the death metal underground for quite a few years. so i was curious how do you feel it has changed over the years? also i know over the last few years i have heard/read some people say the u/g is dead or dying. would either of you agree or disagree with that statement?

Tim: we’ve seen the only thing that’s really changed is the styles of metal. There are so many different types of metal now and there all at different levels in the industry, but the heart in the music is still there in each of these bands know matter what style they play. They all want to record an album and play there music in front of the biggest crowds. There was a time when death metal was in the mainstream for a short period, but things change with time and people’s interests move with the fads. That’s why bands like us depend on the underground. These are devoted human beings that thrive for this music and to be honest we can’t really say if the scene is dead or dying. Only because we haven't been out touring in so long. Seeing the crowds and who’s coming to the shows. We can say here in OC, LA, SD etc… at some of the shows we've gone to it’s not even close to what it was, say 10 years ago. Now we see 5/6 bands on one bill to fill a club. even with the bigger iconic bands. I don’t think its dead nor do I think its dying ether. It’s underground that’s what it is.

11.tim you handle the vocals for the band. at what age did you start singing? who are some of your favorite vocalist? do you do anything special to keep your throat/vocals healthy?

Tim: I started about 17 years old. Know one could sing the way I wanted so I just started doing it. (If you cant tell already I’m pretty picky) I sucked, but kept going and finally got the hang of it. I didn’t start death vocals though till about 2003 when I started Decubitus. My voice was more a James Hetfield (old Metallica)/Chuck Billy style so it wasn’t such a drastic change when I started singing death metal. In fact it was easier for me. I was really into David Vincent, Glen Benton at first. Then Hate Eternal cam out and Eric Rutan is the shit for me. The anger in his voice is the ultimate. I love these types of vocals though because they are so natural and aggressive.
I don’t really do anything special for my voice. When I am recording I tend to drink a lot of Dr Pepper. LOL. It has to be room temperature though. It makes my voice feel raw. Ha, I don’t know. Weird I guess. also do the drum programming for the songs. i was curious what programs do you use to get the drums to sound so real? {trust me if you havent heard "unleashed" the drums do sound pretty realistic} how long does it usually take you to complete a song?

We used Native Instruments Battery 2 drum program. The drums sounded the realest to us on it and I wanted a more triggered drum set sound verses a recorded drum set with added trigger sounds, if that makes sense? Some if not most indie metal bands with drummers who have trashcan sounding drums or can’t get the double bass hits on time will use a program to replace the bad sounding drums or off hits. I didn’t want that. I like (because it's old school sounding) triggered drums into the mixing board sound. That's how it used to be in live situations. I just liked that sound.
It sometimes comes pretty fast writing drum patterns. We record everything first with a click on my recording software “Cubase”. We run Battery 2 as a midi VST instrument. Open the drum editor in Cubase when everything is recorded and start writing patterns. It’s pretty simple when you get the hang of it.

13.tim you handle the guitars for the band. When did you start playing the guitars? who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? do you play any other instruments besides the guitars?

Tim: Vic also is on guitar and writes riffs. I’ll usually arrange them more for him.
I started really playing when I was 16. My first guitar I got when I was 14 but frustration of not being able to play it took care of that. I found someone to give me lessons so I gave it a try again and kept with it. My biggest influence was my guitar teacher Rick Scott Crocco of the 80’s metal band Eden. That guy was so good and so cool to me when I was a kid. He was a GIT graduate along side of Paul Gilbert. He past away in 2006, RIP Rick.
Favorite players were Randy Rhoads, Jack E Lee and Vivian Campbell hands down. Know one could touch them. For me now though, I like anyone who plays guitar for them selves. It’s the attitude and passion one puts into it, not the person.
I do play Bass and keys a bit.

Vic: Well i started playing guitar at thirteen, my dad bought me my first guitar in Tj mexico a cheap nylon acoustic but i can say thanks to my dad is the reason i got started playing the guitar rip julian silva. My influences include Richie blackmore, Adrian smith , Stevie Ray Vaughn Toney Ioming Chuck
Schulinder , patty obrien terrance hobbs and trey from morbid angel. either of you play in any other side-bands our projects besides mass murder frenzy?

Tim: Vic and I were doing a side project called Terracide a couple years back. Vic recorded and played live with them before I stepped in as second guitar for live stuff, never got to that point though for me. I have a solo project that’s been in the works for what seems forever called Severe Carnage. Vic Just finished with a band called Unsanctified. He recorded guitars for there new album. (Not yet released) he also played some shows with the band.

15.when you guys are not working on music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Vic: dirt bike riding, sex, sports events, family, writing fans on line, checking out new bands Writing new riffs for mmf music drinking and playing basketball softball and hitting the gym .

Tim; I spend time with my family. they support my music and keep me going with it. I love working around the house. there's always something to fix. It’s what I do! Listen to music, PS3 and try to find new stuff. guys live in the great state of california so i was curious what is your opinion of the scene in california? who are some of your all-time favorite californian bands? are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Man that's tuff, um... Infamy, sadistic intent, rise, pathology, severed savior, decrepit birth, off the tops of our heads, there are so many from Cal. They are all really good. What’s even cooler is we have seen most of these bands when they were just starting out. As far as new bands we haven’t seen or heard anything new here to watch out for. We look, but there are just so many good bands here. That’s why we can’t say the underground it dead.

17.what about the overall u.s death metal scene? who are some of your all-time favorite bands? any new ones the readers should check out?

Tim: Cannibal, Deicide, (old deicide) bring back the Hoffman bros. The leads in the new shit are to fancy for Deicide. Morbid of cores, Disincarnate (James Murphy kicks ass), Pestilence, man there’s so many all time, but very all time favorite for me is Hate Eternal. Every thing that is death metal to me is Hate Eternal. My opinion! From Morbid to Hate Eternal Eric Rutan is the shit.

Vic: I really dig the florida deathmetal bands Monstrosity Cannibal Corpse melevleant creation Morbid angel and i cant forget suffocation great band from the bronx nile from north carolina. inconclusion would like to take the time to give props for a band that is not a us band but from Greece Mass Infection great undrground brutal deathmetal patrick check these guys out you and the readers will not be dissapointed.

18.well guys thanks a million for taking the time to fill out this interview. all the final words are yours!

Pat, you kick ass. Thanks so much for this interview. We want to thank you and the fans of Mass Murder Frenzy for all the support you’ve shown us. You’ve helped us reveal our life’s passion through are music. Anyone new to MMF please check us out at
you can pick up the our latest cd “Unleashed” on VICTIM MUSIC at.
support brutal death metal!!!

interview with entrenched done by patrick

entrenched are a new band coming from new jersey. this duo defintly got my attention with their debut demo "preemptive strike".9 tracks of violent war/death metal mixed with a huge thrash sound within the guitars.thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read winter torment and keep supporting the old-school underground and entrenched!!
patrick and winter torment web-zine

interview with charles snyder drums and screams for entrenched done by patrick.

1.metal hails charles and sean. please introduce yourselves to the readers.

Charles: Greetings readers, I'm Charles Snyder responsible for battery and screams in Entrenched.

2.when did you guys first meet? is entrenched the first band you guys played in
together? when did you both get the idea to form entrenched?

Charles: We met a while back, around 2004, and formed a technical death metal band called Onset Apraxia. We had another thrash band probably somewhere around 2007 by the name of Intoxikator. Neither band ever really materialized into anything; so this isn't our first band, it's actually our third. We took a break, and two years later I decided to form a band again, I called up Sean to see if he was interested and he actually had the idea for Entrenched already planned out. I loved the concept and right there Entrenched was born.

3.the band is just the two of you guys.when you got the idea to form entrenched did you plan
to keep it a two-piece or have you searched for other members?

Charles: We didn't really plan for a two piece, it more or less happened that way. We wanted to do the recording first and foremost and knew we could handle that ourselves. We started looking for other members after we finished but it's been a year and we still haven't found any suitable candidates. Ideally we could play as a 5 piece, two guitars, drums, bass, and vocals, but that's proving to be extremely difficult. At this point we're focused on looking for a bassist and take it from there.

4.the band recently released it's debut CD "preemptive strike" how long did it take you guys to write and
record the songs for this release? are you both happy with how everything turned out?

Charles: The writing of the songs went pretty fast, maybe 3 months time. The recording though took about nine months due to many many unexpected complications, from my computer's operating system crashing, to the bass we were using churning out an incessant buzzing sound, it seemed every time we moved onto another instrument there was a problem. With that being said though we persevered and I'm actually extremely happy with the way it came out, I think I'm gonna have a hard time topping the mix for the next release we have. has the response been from the press and the fans? for the readers who have not heard entrenched yet.
how would you best describe the bands music?

Charles: The response has been great we couldn't have asked for much better. It seems people are really digging it which is sick. I'd say it sounds like old school death metal with elements of thrash and punk mixed in, like an artillery barrage on crack. often do you guys get to practice? when you begin working on new music how long does it usually take to write a new song? do both of you work on the music together or does one of you handle the music and the other the lyrics?

Charles: We practice together a few times a month, keep everything tight for when we're able to play live. When we write songs it doesn't take too long at all, usually 2-3 days. We have a great chemistry and the music just seems to flow. We work on everything together, riffs, beats, song structures, and lyrics, it's a joint effort.

7.the bands main theme is definitely centered around war and the effects of it. when did you become interested in war and history in general? are the lyrics based around a certain war or time in history?

Charles: I've been interested in war and the history of it for as long as I can remember in all honesty. I think it's extremely fascinating shit. The lyrics don't focus on any specific event or time period; well certain songs do, like "Anesthetic Death" is about Vietnam, but overall we jump around, they're about war in general.

8.this might sound like a stupid joke question but i was curious do either of you ever see "world peace" as a reality? it seems like it gets close at times then some country or person fucks it up.

Charles: I'm going to say no, there's so many cultures, ethnicities, and different ways of life, it's just so difficult to convince every human being to be understanding, and as long as you have people preaching to children that my way is the right way and everyone else can fuck off then yeah you're going to have a problem. There's always going to be someone somewhere who resorts to violence and war. I feel like peace on a global scale is and probably always will be just an ideal. Hopefully I'm wrong but I'm a cynic, I just don't see it.

9.what does the term "underground metal" mean to you? and also i have heard some people say the last few years the underground is dead or either of you guys agree with this statement?

Charles: Man that's a tough question, underground metal is almost exactly what it says it is, it's underground. I mean most of this music is never heard by the general populace. It's music you have to seek out, its a genre and culture that's extremely fan driven. You don't get into this for fame or money, it's all about a love for all things metal. Everyone involved, whether the fans, the media, the bands, they all share that passion for the scene. To say it's dead, I don't think that's true, I mean we're coming from the underground so there are definitely still people out there who do this purely because they fucking love metal. With that being said though it's taken a hit, the whole industry has taken a hit. Money doesn't grow on trees and it's becoming harder and harder for a band or label to make any money these days and this shit isn't cheap to do. That makes things more difficult for sure, but we aren't going away anytime soon and I'm sure there are many other bands around the world who feel the same way. New music and bands will come along to perpetuate things, along with that comes new fans, and with blogs and new media outlets exposure can only get better. So no I don't think the underground is dying.

10.charles you handle the drums for the band. when did you start playing the drums? are you self-taught or have you taken lessons in the past?

Charles: I started playing when I was 14 but probably didn't get serious until about 2 years later. That's when I started getting some lessons for a few months. That kind of cleaned up my act a bit, but I'm mainly self-taught. I usually just play along to my favorite albums, that's pretty much how I learned most of what I know up to this point.

11.who are some of your influences/favorite drummers? do you play any other instruments?

Charles: Favorite drummers.....Gene Hoglan, Richard Christy, John Longstreth, Derek Roddy, Tony Laureano, Flo Mounier, Tim Yeung, I would say these are the guys that really got me into drumming in the first place. My first instrument was guitar but I gave that up pretty quick, after hearing metal drumming I was blown away and decided that's what I wanted to do. also do vocals in the band.when did you start singing? who are some of your favorite vocalist? do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy?

Charles: I've been doing vocals for around seven years in various bands. My main influences are Jeff Walker and Glen Benton, I definitely strive for that kind of sound. I've never really had any problems with my throat, I think mainly because when I do the vocals I use my lungs and chest. I still use the throat to some extent but usually just drinking some water keeps it alright.

13.well guys we have reached the interview. thank you for taking the time to fill this out. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Charles: No problem man thanks for doing the interview. We just want to tell anyone reading to go check out our sites at and, and also check out our album Preemptive Strike!! We'll hopefully have some shirts and stickers coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. Thanks again we appreciate the support!

interview with spearhead done by patrick

spearhead is a uk.based death metal band mixing in a little old-school brutal death,and some newer aggressive sounds.this is a band i had never heard until i recieved their 3rd full-length "theomachia" which was recently relased on the mighty agonia records. if you have never heard this band and enjoy death metal in all it's purest forms do yourself a favor and buy "theomachia" today!!
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interview with invictus rhythm guitarist for spearhead. done by patrick

1.metal hails! how are things going with you and the rest of the band? please introduce yourself to the readers.

Invictus, Spearhead guitarist here. Everything is fine thanks.

2.when did you and the other members of spearhead meet?what is the "current" line-up for the band? for the readers who have never heard spearhead how would you describe the bands music?

Spearhead came into existence towards the end of 2005. The current line-up consists of myself on rhythm guitar, Barghest on bass/vocals and Nephilim on lead guitar. We are currently searching for a new drummer.

3.the band recently released it's third cd "theomachia"through agonia records. how long did it take the band to write/record the songs for this release? who usually handles the lyrics for the band? what are some topics/subjects you all write about?

We started writing ‘Theomachia’ back in 2007, after we had recorded our last album. The album was recorded over a period of around 3 weeks in July 2010 at Orgone Studios in London. Barghest writes all lyrics for Spearhead. ‘Theomachia’ deals with the cyclical nature of time, rise and fall, ebb and flow, as opposed to the modern Western conception of ever upwards progression, the blind vanity of degeneration. It deals with the idea of civilisation as an organic entity, prey to disease and old age as much as every other organic entity - an idea found in countless mythologies and philosophies in the world of Tradition. One either has the choice to perish in the flames of decay, or become an autocrat of one’s own existence. For a more in-depth description you’ll need to consult the album foreword.

4.are you and the rest of the band happy with how everything turned out? how has the response been from the press and the fans?

Yes, we are all completely satisfied with ‘Theomachia’. In fact it has probably exceeded our expectations. This is reflected in the response from press and fans, which has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

5.does the band have any upcoming shows/tours in support of theomachia? if yes where are some countries you will be touring in?

We are currently considering a number of tour options, but nothing is confirmed at present. There are also some other possible gigs we may do later in the year, although too early to say just yet. Any promoters interested in booking Spearhead should contact us directly (

6.who are some bands you have shared the stage with in the past? if you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands you would love to play with?

We have shared the stage with many bands. Examples would include Absu, Origin, Impiety, Urgehal, Destroyer 666, Marduk, Revenge, Belphegor, Candlemass, Mayhem, Vomitory, Entombed, Sabbat, Napalm Death, Infernal War, Desaster, Necros Christos, Primordial, Razor of Occam, and countless others. I don’t think we have a ‘dream show’ or tour package to be honest. you or any of the other members of spearhead have side-projects or bands you are currently working with?


8.the band comes out of england's underground scene. what is your opinion of the metal scene in the u.k?

Over the past few years there has been a notable improvement in the calibre of bands coming from the UK, although we generally pay little attention to the UK ‘scene’.

9.who are some of your all-time favorite metal bands from the u.k? are their any new ones coming out you think the readers should watch out for?

I can only speak for myself, but as far as British bands go I tend to listen mostly to Bolt Thrower, Necrosanct, Esoteric, and Sabbat. There are quite a few good UK bands emerging, such as Scythian.

10.when not working on music for the band or interviews,etc.. what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Travelling and drinking proper beer/whiskey. your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground? and what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

The term underground is meaningless – nothing is really underground any more.

14.well Invictus we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to fill this out looking for to more great spearhead releases in the future. do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for the interview. Svpero Omnia!

to order the new cd go to agonia rec. official site.
spearhead contact

interview with gravespawn done by patrick

here is a new interview i have done with one of the BEST u.s black metal bands around. if you have not had the chance to check this band out. then defintly take the time to check out gravespawn. you will not be disapointed!!!

interview with atrum lead guitarist for gravespawn.done by patrick

1.hails atrum! how is your week been going so far? please tell the readers a little
about yourself.

Atrum Abbas: I am a member of the Los Angeles Black Metal Horde Gravespawn. I am the lead guitarist...

2.when did you form gravespawn? what is the "current" line-up? for the readers who have never heard gravespawn how would you describe the bands music?

Atrum: I did not form Gravespawn...Gravespawn was formed in 2004 by our rhythm guitarist Rellik Sephiroth. I joined the ranks in Feb of 2008. Shortly after that we completed our line-up by finding a drummer and a bass player.

3.i got a copy of the bands "praetorian maleficus" cd awhile long did it take the band to write/record the songs on this release?are you and the rest of the members happy with how everything turned out? how has the response been from the press and fans?

Atrum: The songs on that album are considerably old. They were written when the band consisted only of Rellik and one other person. We did record the songs that you have as a full band though. As for being happy with the release, we are only happy to have gotten it done and out of the way. Our new material is light years beyond the "Praetorian..." material. Support for our horde is very strong.

4.has the band started writing songs for the next gravespawn release? how many songs do you all plan to have on the next release? is their a "release-date" set or is it still to early? will it be a self-release or have you all searched for a new label to work with?

Atrum: In September we will be accompanying Dodsferd along their California tour dates and it will be during these rituals that we shall also celebrate the release of our newest Opus entitled "Woe to the Conquered." As for labels, We are in no rush at all to sign to any label, but if a label worthy of Gravespawn approached us we would consider our options.

5.speaking of new songs when you all begin working on new songs.does the whole band take part in the writing process or does 1-2 members handle everything? which usually comes first the music or the lyrics? who handles the lyrics? what are some topics/subjects you all write about?

Atrum: There are five members of Gravespawn and all of us take part in the creative synthesis that is our craft. The soon to be released opus "Woe to the Conquered," was written primarily by Rellik and Myself, but we all work and contribute to the omnipotence that is Gravespawn. As for lyrics, I usually write the lyrics for the songs I create and Rellik writes them for the songs he creates...Lord Malkuth also contributes lyrics where he sees fit. Everyone in our band has creative freedom, and that is important. Our lyrical content revolves around Blasphemy and WAR, as well as all the emptiness and loss of hope for mankind...

6.does gravespawn play live very often or do you prefer to work only in the studio? what is the craziest thing that has ever happened at a gravespawn show?

Atrum: Gravespawn occasionally perform live Rituals, however, we are very particular as to what shows we choose to perform. We do not care to pay to play or any of that nonsence. Im not saying there is anything wrong with bands doing that, it is just not what we consider part of our modus operandi. Whos to say what the future holds though, there may come a time when there is a show that would be foolish to turn down because we chose not to sell would have to be a hell of a show though!

7.who are some bands you have shared the stage with? if you could set up a "dream" show who are some bands you would love to play/tour with?

Atrum: We have shared the stage with many great hordes such as Horna, Blood Stained Dusk, and Nightbringer to name a few...But we have shared the stage with many great underground hordes...many that are good friends of ours.

8.the band comes from the great state of seems like california has a small but growing and strong black metal scene. would you agree or disagree? who are some of your all-time favorite californian bands? are their any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?

Atrum: Indeed their are many up and coming bands from here is LA that are very talented. Our good friends in Nekcrium are a force to reckoned with, as well as our comrades in Ritual Combat who are absolute destroyers. There are far too many bands to mention actually because the scene is a bit larger than many realize...a lot of shit bands and few really good ones like any other scene.

9.what is your opinion of the u.s.b.m as a whole? i remember back in the mid 90's seemed like alot of people looked down on the black metal scene in the u.s but over the years it seems to have grown and gotten the respect it deserves.

Atrum: The USBM scene has improved drastically over the last decade I would say. Maybe too much as there has been a major influx of bands flooding the local scenes. It is not difficult to predict who will stay for a while and who will call it day once they lose interest.

10.who are some of your all-time favorite u.s black metal bands?

Atrum: A few bands that I personally have been listening to lately are Ceremonial Castings, Blood Stained Dusk, and Tenebrous...I was a big fan of the old US band Thy Infernal as well.

11.everyone has their own opinion/ideas on what black metal i was curious in yours.what does black metal mean to you?

Atrum: In my opinion, True Black Metal comes from the soul of its creator. One cannot just sit down and write a song off the top of their head and call it a sincere interpretation of their darkest feelings and desires. Anyone can sit there and triple pick a thousand notes for three minutes and call it a song, but for me, every particle of my being is invested within every note I compose. My music is very personal to me and I take it very seriously.

12.the band seems to be based around occult/satanism i was interested when did you start questioning christianity/religion? would you consider yourself a satanist?

Atrum: I have never believed in any formal doctrine personally, as these beliefs are age old in my particular case. I cannot speak for the others in Gravespawn. Organised religion is for mentally and spiritually weak individuals who cannot adhere to the natural laws and instincts of man. The Vatican is the one of the most wealthy economies in the world for a reason. Does anyone think that the church actually gives a fuck? Only Death is Absolute. do you feel the world would be if religion {both christianity,satanism,etc..} were never thought up or practiced?

Atrum: That is pretty tough question to answer. In my opinion, any proposed doctrine is oppressive to the natural instincts of man. Man, like all beasts, is subject to the chaotic laws of the universe. Evolution needs no assistance, life shall evolve according the order of the physical plane or Hyperplane. Survival and adaptation is key. you or any of the members of gravespawn currently play in any other side-bands or projects? if yes please tell the readers a little about them.

Atrum: Our Bass player Verigo fronts a chaotic Black Metal band called Vesterian. Our drummer Father Mattias was in a few projects of his own, most recently asymphonic band called Wolfgate. Mattias has since departed said band and started another band called Aysmal Chaos which, I too, have recently joined on guitars. I have a project on ice at the moment since the vocalist I had been working with has been fullfilling millitary duties in Japan. Once he's back, we shall start composing once again.

15.we have reached the end of the interview.thank you for taking the time to fill out this you have any final comments for the

Atrum: Look for us in LA, San Francisco, and Sacramento with Dodsferd and Nekcrium...Fuck God, Hail Death!

interview with arum done by lady dany..

here is a new interview with brazil's arum.a huge thank you goes to my friend and winter torment supporter lady dany's black metal support site.if you are a band,label and fan of all-things underground black metal. do yourself a favor and check out her web-site and bands or labels interested in working with her drop daniella a line soon!!!

interview with marcello of arum done by lady dany

Marcelo, first thanks for your time and for the interview!

1. You are the singer and band-leader of ARUM. How long did ARUM now exist?

Marcelo: Hails! Thanks for the opportunity to talk about Arum. The band exist since 2000. Between 2007 and 2009 we stopped, and later in 2010 we back to rehearsal.

2. Which idea/inspiration stand behind ARUM? And what did you want to tell the fans with your music?

Marcelo: The main idea and inspiration is the same that I had when I begun to play long time ago, is just to do Metal music. We had lot of influences and like lot of kinds of metal styles, but we are always looking to do an unique music, with our own identity. We like occultism, ancient history, fantasy, ufos, darkness and lot of stuff that we wrote on our lyrics, but Arum music is in first level for me, later the lyrics. So just want that people listen and feel what they want to feel, I just to the song.

3. How many albums did ARUM release? And a new EP will be out soon! What could the fans expect from the new EP?

Marcelo: Arum released 3 albums: Fierce Everlasting Tempest (Demise Records/2001), Inhuman Echoes from the Shadows (KillZone Records/2004), Occult Cataclysm (Negativity and KillZone Records/2008) and 1 Ep Prelude to Cataclysm (Killzone Records/2006). Now we are recording a new EP, you can expect brutal and honest music. Our essence still there, the same feeling of previous albums, but the songs are more powerful and stronger than all the songs that I did till now.

4. Arum were on a Europe/Germany-Tour in 2006! With Devilish Impressions, Darkshine and Aeternus. Was it your first trip to Europe/Germany? How was your impression from the country and the fans?

Marcelo: It was our first time in Europe/Germany. I really like it, although we had some problems, we had great times and good gigs. In Germany we had good audience and it seems that people like our music, some talk with us after the gig and always we had great party after the gig, drinking and talk a lot. About the country it´s really a beautiful country and with a good structure to live and do Metal concerts. The fans The relationship that we had with the bands was very great, we enjoyed a lot to be on tour. Some day ago Ares from Aeternus wrote to me, and he also still remember the good days that we had together.

5.How did the tour come about?

Marcelo: The tour was organized by Icon music agency from Portugal and at that time we were at Kill Zone Records, and the label gave support for us to be on tour. We are proud of them although we didn´t still in this label, they really believe in us and did the best for promote Arum. Without them it should be very difficult for us to tour in Europe.

6.You also were the “Opener” of Rotting Christ on their brasilian Tour in 2006. How did you feel on that evening? And how was the show?

Marcelo: We opened their gig at Arena Club, a place that doesn´t exist nowadays. It was a good day, we were the first band, but the club was full when we started to play and we had great support from our Brazilians fans. We had good structure so my wife could play acoustic guitar at some songs with us, I really liked that concert. Unfortunately we didn´t had contact with Rotting Christ just saw their show.

7.About the lyrics: Do you write the lyrics all alone? And from where do you get your inspiration?

Marcelo: I am the main composer of the music, almost all songs from Arum , I do. Sometimes others mates gave some idea but I use to do and organize all music structure and later we do the arrangements together. About lyrics is second plan for me, when everything is done we thought about lyrics. I wrote some lyrics and the main inspirations is my life, my thoughts and my beliefs. For the new EP I and Khaos are thinking to wrote the lyrics together, we never did it and I think that will be great.

8.Do you write a song “spontaneously” or do you take a note of several words or phrases (or ideas) and “connect” all notes to a completely song later?

Marcelo: I wrote spontaneously in general. Sometimes I am studying or playing a music, and I got an idea to create other songs, other times I like to do composition exercises and later it become a music, or like you told sometimes just a small idea comes so I wrote it and wait the time to expand. There are no rules to compose for me. Just try to create what I want to listen.

9.Do you listen to other music in your free time very often? Do you collect cd´s/dvd´s? Which bands are your favourite ones?

Marcelo: Every day I am listening and playing, it´s my work, my passion, my hobby, music is my life. Of course I do other things but music is what choose to do so I am always doing it. My main band Olam Ein Sof, that is an ethereal folk band and are formed by me and my wife, are playing a lot we have many gigs, and also I have others music projects. Of course I still collect cd´s and dvd´s, really love to buy or do trades, get a new stuff and appreciate it is really cool. I listening to different kinds of music, like ancient music (medieval, renaissance, baroque), contemporary music from sec XX, folkloric and ethinic music (which I most search nowadays) and of course Metal ( black, death, thrash, 80 heavy), and there others that I listen not very often like progressive rock, jazz, blues, but I like. About a favorite band it´s depend on the week and what I need to listen.

10.Do you and your band-mates have any special rituals before a gig?

Marcelo: Nothing special, just concentrate at the gig and check if everything is well done to play and to do a good show. The gig is the ritual.

11.What did the fans await of a ARUM Gig? Do you have a special show? Maybe Pyros, fire or something?

Marcelo: People can await a show that music is at first place, played with energy, honestly and we really believe in what we are doing. Where people can bang their heads or just listen, but was trying to cause some impact and that something could change for them.

12.What are your plans for 2011? Where the fans can see your bands live?

Marcelo: We are going to release and EP with 4 songs in 2011. We want to distribute this release to labels, magazines and metal site, and looking for someone that had interest to release our next album or do a tour for Arum. Now we having not planned talking about gigs, we are just 2 and need to find a bassist and other guitarist, of course we want to back to do shows and tour again in Germany.

Well, that’s the end of our interview! Thank you once again! I hope you like it and any last words to all the readers?

Marcelo: Also I thank you all from Winter Torment Zine for the opportunity and sorry for delay. I hope that readers could get in touch with us and wish to back soon to stage to meet with all of you. Want to thanks also my dear Dany for all support that she is giving to us and help us to keep the band alive. Hails from Brazil!