Friday, January 11, 2019

Lividity--Perverseverance cd {Metal Age Productions} posted on 1-11-19

Lividity--Perverseverance  cd {Metal Age Productions}
Illinois legendary brutal death metal band Lividity return with their seventh full length release.Perverseverance is twelve tracks of intense and sick brutal death metal with some grinding influences mixed into the music.The vocals are low and guttural growls and some screams are used in a few of the songs.The guitars are played with a lot of skill and experience mainly played with insane fast and heavy guitar patterns.The guitarist does slow to a more calmer pace and range adding some well written and performed solo's mixed into the music.If you are a fan of Lividity's past releases then be sure to check out Perverseverance today as it is done in the same vein as the bands previous  releases.

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