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Interview with Archangel A.D done by Patrick posted on 1-12-19

Interview with Archangel A.D done by Patrick

1.Hello how are things going in Texas this week?Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hello everyone! this is Justin Lopez, bassist and vocalist for thrash metal band, Archangel A.D. Things are quite warm in Texas this week. Well it may just be in the region I live, which is the south-most point of Texas.

2.When did you first start listening to metal music and who were some of the first bands you listened to?Who are some of your current favorite bands out of today's metal scene?

I started listening to metal when I was about 9 or 10 years old. I found Metallica at that age and just absolutely fell in love with them, in fact, I became obsessed with them. I had always craved heavy and dark music and my parents 70's rock and jazz never filled that need. Some of my favorite modern bands at the moment are Evile, Opeth, Crypt Sermon, and local doom metallers Lore.

3.When did you first meet the other members of the band and was it long before you all formed Archangel A.D?

I actually met Edward and our ex-guitarist Matt through a Craigslist ad looking for a vocalist and bassist. At the time, I couldn't really play bass all that well, but I could sing and fake my way on bass. We essentially formed Archangel A.D. my first day of meeting them, but the name came a couple of months later.

4.What is the current line up of the band?And for the readers who have never heard Archangel A.D's music how would you best describe the bands sound and style?

The current line up is Justin Lopez - bass/vocals, Edward Vera Jr. - drums, Jake Garcia - lead guitar, and our new rhythm guitarist Roman Torres. We are a thrash metal band in the vein of Evile, Testament, Exodus, and Warbringer.

5.Warband is the bands debut EP. how long did it take the band to write the music for the debut release?Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member usually write everything?

It was basically just a couple of years of writing songs and seeing which ones the crowd enjoyed. In all reality it was maybe about a year and a half of writing and scrapping songs till we kept the ones we liked. The majority of the music was unfortunately written by me, with some assistance from Jake on some songs. If it was written by anyone else in the band it probably would be much better! For the next record, I definitely want everyone to write songs or atleast have the whole band collaborate on the writing process for the next record

6.Who usually handles writing the lyrics for the music and what are some topics written about on the debut EP.?Which usually comes first the lyrics or the music?
I am the sole lyric writer in the band and I usually just like to write little stories. A lot of the themes I use are fantasy or medieval, or pretty much anything dark. I'm not averse to lighthearted or happy things, but that just isn't very metal. For me, I always come up with the song title first, just so I have a theme to write the music and the lyrics/story to.

7.I believe the Warband a digital release are their any plans to do a physical release in 2019? If yes any idea when it might be available to purchase?

Yes! We are actually releasing a physical CD on the 11th of January, 2019! You will be able to purchase it through our bandcamp.

8.Does Archangel A.D play live very often or do you prefer working in the studio?What have been some of the bands most memorable shows so far?

We do play quite a bit live as we feel it helps us grow as musicians and we are trying to spread our brand as much as we can, considering how big Texas is. Some of the most memorable have been all our shows on our Texas tour and also when we opened for EYEHATEGOD and D.R.I.

9.Are their any shows or tours planned for early 2019 in support of the Warband release if yes where will the band be playing?Who are some bands you have had the chance to share the stage with?

Yes! We have a CD release show planned on the 11th in Harlingen Texas to support our release. Speaking of tours? Probably not this year, as we are trying to focus on writing for our new album. We have been graced to share the stage with the aforementioned EYEHATEGOD and D.R.I as well as Adrenaline Mob with John Moyer and many many great local and statewide bands.

10.Archangel A.D comes out of the thrash metal scene in Texas what is your opinion of the Texas metal scene over the years?

I'm honestly a late bloomer to the metal scene as I didn't realize we had one 'till I joined Archangel A.D. Since I've joined though, I'd have to say that it isn't the strongest. Here in the RGV, the biggest scene is Tejano music and going clubbing. People don't really care about metal or local music, and it's honestly a shame. The farther north you go, the stronger it gets, but unless it's a national touring act, a metal show won't get much attention.

11.Who are your all-time favorite metal bands coming out of Texas?Are their any new upcoming bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

Defintely D.R.I, The Sword, and Power Trip. Check out our buddies Lore from Laredo, they're a super rad doom band.

12.Besides playing in Archangel A.D do you or any of the members currently play in any other bands or solo projects? If yes please tell the readers a little about them?

Sometimes Archangel A.D. also doubles as a Megadeth cover band, when people ask nicely. Jake and I play in a Metallica cover band called No Remorse. Roman plays in a cover band but I don't recall their name at the moment.

13.When you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what do you like to do in your free time?

I usually will play video games or watch movies with my friends and girlfriend to relax. I actually really enjoy playing board games with my friends. Things like "donner dinner party" and "king of tokyo". A personal favorite of mine is Magic the Gathering which I got introduced to by my brother. When I can convince enough people to play, I REALLY enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. That's about it.

15.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

I appreciate you having me, and I appreciate anyone who takes the time out of their day to read this or check out my bands music. We worked very hard on it and just having one person listen to it is such an honor! Thanks!

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