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Interview with Thy Feeble Saviour done by Patrick posted on 2-16-18

Interview with Thy Feeble Saviour done by Patrick

1.Hails how are things going in Texas this week?

Sitting here answering this interview on a cold Monday afternoon in Southeast Texas. Clute, TX to be exact.

2.Thy Feeble Saviour was first started in 2004 but only lasted a couple of years why did you decide to stop the band?

I initially started THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR alone after a project I had called SACRELIGIOUS TORMENT died off. Got the urge to write more raw blasphemous black death metal. I wasn't planning on it being any sort of long term project at all so I recorded trax for a demo and a split 7 inch and that was it. I was busy with other things at that time so THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR just got pushed to the side. Since I was doing everything myself it wasn't a problem at all.

3.You reformed the band in 2014 what gave you the idea to resurrect the band? And for the readers who have never heard Thy Feeble Saviour's music how would you best describe it?

I had known Matt for years now and we had talked about writing some new THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR for a few years but it just never happened. We were both at an Uli Roth concert in 2014 and talked about it again and decided to give it a try since we both had time. Our songs are fast , evil black/death metal inspired the late 80's/early 90's raw evil black and death metal bands. No wimpy shit!!

4.I believe Thy Feeble Saviour is a two man band would you like to find more musicians to make a full line up or do you prefer to work as a two man band?

You are correct. It's myself(Francisco) and Matt. We work very well together and don't see a need to invite anyone else into the band as we have no plans of ever playing live shows.

5.And Darkness Fell is the bands debut release how long did it take to write the music for this release? Do you both work on writing the music or does one member write everything?

It might have taken a few months. I don't really remember. We rarely get together to "practice". So how it works is I write all the riffs and take them to Matt and we rather quickly get the basic ideas down for each song. We both have similar ideas of how we want the songs to sound so they come together usually very quickly. This is why we don't want or need anyone else in the band.

6.Besides the upcoming debut are the previous demo's and split's still availible for the readers to buy? Besides physical releases does the band have any other merchandise availible if yes what is availible and where can the readers buy it?

Currently our 2015 demo is available through Nero One Records. They reissued it for us and did a great job with it. I believe Jim from Desacration of God Productions may have some of the old split 7 inches from 2006. All other releases are sold out and unavailable at the time. Hell's Headbangers printed some shirts with the AND DARKNESS FELL cover art and you can get them directly from them as well as the tape and CD version of the album. LP version coming soon as well. Support Hells Headbangers!!

7.In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground metal scene today? And what does underground metal mean to you?

I don't really concern myself with any scenes. I've been into this underground for 30 years and will continue to do what i do till the day i die. I've seen many people come and go over the years and here i still am into the same shit as i was when i was a kid. FUCK TRENDS!! THIS IS TILL DEATH!!

8. Thy Feeble Saviour comes out of the Texas black metal scene what are your thoughts on the scene in Texas?

Only thing i will say is here in the Houston area where we live we currently have some bands that deserve some attention. Bands like REMNANTS, SACROCURSE and OATH OF CRUELTY. Also, BLASPHERIAN who have been around for a while now and there's also IMPRECATION who have been going since 92. Touring bands that come to Houston have to really kill because each of these bands will make you look like wimps!!

9.Who are your all-time favorite Texas band and are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?

Lots of great Texas bands I like from punk, hardcore, grindcore, death metal, black metal, etc. SPLATTERREAH, ROTTING CORPSE, NECROVORE, S.N.O.T., STARK RAVING MAD, DRESDEN 45, FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL, ABSU, and many many more. As far as new band, I mentioned REMNANTS earlier.

10.Are their a lot of shows in your town or area that you live in?What have been some of the most memorable shows that you have witnessed?

Yes, plenty of shows here. I've seen so many shows over the years. Probably my favorite show ever was seeing THE ACCUSED when i was 16 years old. Totally insane!! IMMOLATION/GOREAPHOBIA in 92 was a great one also.

11.Besides working in Thy Feeble Saviour do either of you work with any other bands or solo projects?

Matt and I both have a lot of other bands we are involved in but don't really feel the need to mention them.

12.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final words for the readers?

Cheers for the interview. This is the very first interview for THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR I have ever done.

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