Friday, February 2, 2018

Blood And Brutality--Decor Macabre EP. reviewed by Patrick posted on 2-2-18

Blood And Brutality--Decor Macabre  EP. {Blood And Brutality Rec.}
Coming out  of  Alabama's death thrash scene is  Blood And Brutality  who  have  unleashing  music  since 2009.Their newest EP. Decor Macabre is five  tracks of  solid death metal with a healthy dose of thrash metal influences.The guitars  are played with alot of experience and range  going from  an all out assult of  thrashing  fast guitars to a more calmer and slower pace.The guitarist even writes and performs  some well written guitar patterns and solo's mixed into the music.The vocals are a mix of gruff old school death growls  and some  thrashy gruff screams  are used throughout  the  songs.Anyone into  old school thrash and death metal mixed together  should defintly  give  this  band a  listen today.
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