Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Grim Fate--Emerging From The Crypt cd {Chaos Records} review posted on 2-6-18

Grim Fate--Emerging  From The Crypt  cd  {Chaos  Records}

Starting  off  with a  short intro the music doesn't take long to for the music to pick up to  a faster pace.Wim  handles  the guitar  duties mainly playing in the heavy mid paced  but does speed up to  a faster pace in  a  few of the songs.Wim also writes and performs  some  well written and played  solo's and guitar patterns.Pier handles the vocals  which are  heavy deep death growls and some  screams are used throughout  the recording.If you are  a  fan  of Demigod,early Incantation  then  do yourself a  favor  and pick up  a  copy of  Emerging  From The Crypt today.

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