Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Infernal Legion--Under The Cloven Hoof cd {Moribund Records} posted on 2-6-18

Infernal  Legion--Under  The Cloven Hoof   cd {Moribund  Records}

After a seven year  slumber  Infernal  Legion  return  with their  fourth release.Under The Cloven Hoof  is  six songs  of  old school death metal  madness  mixed with the bands own  writing ability and  visions.The  vocals are old school death metal growls  similar to  the gods of mid 90's the vocalist does use  some  deeper growls used in a few of the songs.The drummer  can play  some very well  executed  mid paced drums mixed with  some extremely  fast  drums entertwined within  the music.If you are  familiar  with Infernal  Legions  previous  work you  know  what to expect  but if you  are new listener to the  band  then  expect  nothing but  solid and powerful  death metal.

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