Friday, February 2, 2018

Blaspherion--Restus Corpus cd review done by Patrick posted on 2-2-18

Blaspherion--Restus  Corpus cd {Self Released}
Starting  the debut off with a short but very well performed intro it doesnt take long before the music goes to a mid paced raw old school death metal sound.The guitarist does a  good  job of writing and performing  both a mid paced style  but  does speed up to  a faster more intense guitar style.The guitarist even adds some  solo's mixed into  the music.The vocals are raw,old school death metal  growls also adds some deeper growls used in a few sections of  the songs.Brazil's Blaspherion have released a  great debut EP.  full of  old school hymns if you are a  fanatic off late 80's,early 90's death metal then be sure to  pick up  a  copy of  Restus  Corpus  today.
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