Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pact--Enigmata cd {Moribund Records}

Pact--Enigmata  cd {Moribund Records}
Occult U,S blackend death metal band Pact  return with their  third full length release.Enigmata  contains eleven powerful well written and performed blackend death metal.The guitars are done with a lot of  skill and writing ability going from a fast and frenzied guitar pattern.The guitarist  does write  some excellent guitar structures and adds some  well played  solo's throughout  the  songs.The drumming is equally as good with a mix of blasting,fast drums to a more heavier mid paced  drumming style.The vocals are a mix of deep,gruff death metal growls and some raspy black metal scrreechy screams.If you  are a fan of Pact's previous  releases  then do yourself a favor  and pick up  a  copy of the new release  once it is  released.

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