Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Jungle Rot--What Horrors Await reissue {Victory Records} posted on 4-4-18

Jungle  Rot--What Horrors Await  reissue {Victory  Records}

Wisconson's legendary  Jungle Rot will  be  re-releasing  their  fifth cd  What Horrors Await through Victory Rec.Originally  released in 2009 What Horrors Await  is fourteen songs of  old school death metal greatness.The  guitars are played  with a lot of  skill  and  well written and performed patterns.Mainly played in the mid paced range  but the  guitarist does  speed up to faster pace in some of  the  songs.The drums are done  with heavy mid paced drum patterns,The drummer does play  some well written  and performed drum patterns and some faster drums throughout  the songs.The vocals are old school death metal growls with some gruff growls and screams are used in some of the  songs.If you  are a  fan of Jungle Rot I  highly  recommend  getting a  copy of What Horrors Await today and if you are new to Jungle Rot  and you  enjoy high quality  old school death metal  then  be sure to buy this today and find the  bands past  releases  excellent death metal.

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