Sunday, August 26, 2018

Interview with Murdered done by Patrick posted on 8-26-18

Interview with Justin vocalist,all instruments of Murdered done by Patrick

1. Hello Justin how are things in Portland this week? Pleaseintroduce
yourself to the readers?

Things are shitty. There's always fuckin forest fires here. Fuck this smoggy bullshit. Hi I'm Justin and I play in an ultra guttural demonic slam band.

2. You started Murdered in 2015 what gave you the idea to start this band? And who would you say are the bands biggest influences?

It basically started as a joke. Me and my friend Corey Shelton were listening to slam while he was delivering organs or whatever medical shit to some hospital
for his job. We started making jokes about starting a slam band that exploits the genre in a satirical way. So we came up with the name 'Murdered' and the album title 'Killed To Death' and laughed hysterically for like an hour. The only thing I take seriously
is the song writing. And our influences are all the classics of course like dying fetus, suffocation, morbid angel, and bands like Carnal Disfigurement, Necrambulant, Dragging Entrails, etc. I also take influences from other metal genres besides slam and death metal.

3. I believe when you first started Murdered it was a two man band. What made you decide to keep the band going as a one man band?

I was pretty dead set on starting a slam project after Corey Shelton(ex-vocalist) first introduced me to slam in 2013. I decided to keep it going after Corey
quit because I was good at gutturals and my ambition to make a slam record was still there.

4. Would you like to find more musicians to work with to have a full line up or do you prefer to work alone?

I would probably hire a vocalist to play live as a 2 piece. But Murdered will always be a one man project.

5. If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians who are some musicians you would like to work with?

I've already had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented musicians in my other projects. I'm happy with where I'm at now.

6. What do you feel is the easiest and hardest part of being the only member in the band?

The easiest part is the song writing, having no creative limitations and being able to play whatever I want. And the hardest part is recording every single
instrument myself and writing all the lyrics.

7. Killed To Death is being released through CDN Records. How did
you first come in contact with this label?

In 2016 when I joined Necroexophilia.

8. How long did it take you to write the music for the debut release?

I wrote all the music some time between 2014-2015. There are also 4 additional songs I wrote within that time span that will be on the next album. Satanic Slam
Dancing Ritual and Rotting Retard were written in 2017.

9. Besides the upcoming debut release does the band have any other releases or merchandise available for the readers to buy? If yes what is available and where
can the readers buy it?

The Possessed Corpse promo 2017 and Deathcrush Mayhem cover are both available for free digital download on bandcamp. There are also t-shirts available on

10. Besides playing in Murdered do you currently have any other projects or bands you
are currently working with? If yes please tell the readers a little about them?
My other main project is Necroexophilia. I also do studio drums for Incestuous Impregnation, Existential Dissipation, Laparotomy, Jesus Wept, and a new upcoming
beatdown project tba.

11. Justin, when you need to take a break from working on new music or band business what
do you like to do in your free time?

I like to draw, watch movies, listen to music, go to concerts, hangout with my family and friends.

12. Besides brutal slam death metal do you listen to any other underground genres of music?

Yes I also like progressive metal like Caligula’s Horse and Devin Townsend, djent, deathcore, metalcore, thrash, black metal, goregrind and pornogrind. I like
a little bit of everything when it comes to metal.

13. Thank you Justin for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

If you like the new Murdered record, be sure to also check out the latest Necroexophilia record titled 'Intergalactic Armageddon'There's
also a self titled Laparotomy EP available for free digital download on bandcamp. There will also be new releases from Incestuous Impregnation, Existential Dissipation, Jesus Wept and my new beatdown project very very soon. Also fun fact: the Possessed Corpse
creature displayed on the album and 2017 promo is based off a design drew a long ass time ago. These satanic creatures run rampant and murder and kill people to death.

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