Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tomb Mold--Manor Of Infinite Forms cd {20 BuckSpin} done by Patrick posted on 6-24-18

Tomb Mold--Manor Of Infinite  Forms  cd {20 BuckSpin}
Tomb Mold are a death metal  band that comes out of Canada's mighty death metal scene.Manor Of Infinite is Tomb Mold's second full length that features  seven tracks of crushing,heavy death metal madness.Tomb Mold create some very outstanding and creative death metal music.The music is a nice mixture of old school heavy death metal and Tomb Mold's own writing ability to write some memorable guitar and drum patterns and passages.If you are a fan of Tomb Mold's previous  releases  then do yourself a favor and pick up a  copy of  Manor Of Infinite Form and if you are a new listener to the band and like  solid,heavy death death metal then do yourself a favor  and buy a  copy of the new release today.

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