Sunday, May 20, 2018

Skinless--Savagery cd {Relapse Records} posted on 5-20-18

Skinless--Savagery  cd  {Relapse Records}
New York's brutal death metal kings  Skinless  are  back with  their sixth  full length  release to date.Savagery is ten tracks  of  complex and brutal death metal  that is both played with  fast and some mid paced music.The vocaals are a mix of  low death metal growls and some of heavier  gruff  growls that are used throughout the songs.The drumming is  tight and precise with  both blasting,fast drum patterns and some slower mid paced patterns entertwined within the music.The guitars are played with a high level of skill  and ability.The guitarist knows how to write and play  both a more calm mid paced  guitar style but will also  cut loose  for the  faster and more furious patterns.
If you  are a fan of Skinless's previous  releases   then  do yourself a favor  and pick up  a  copy of  Savagery  today.

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