Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Interview with Katari done by Patrick posted on 5-23-18

1.Hails how are things going in Peru this week?
Dany I : Greetings comrade, at this point bit or nothing I'm interested what happens in this country, I almost do not see TV and if I turn-on it at will is to see the Simpsons or programs of my interest, I do not read magazines or newspapers because I know the kind of trash they sell us, just look at the headlines to yawn and scratch my head. Always the same strategy of misinforming and anesthetizing with mediocre shows and morbid. All psychologically and surgically designed by the government to continue drugging the repressed indignation of the people.
Much of this whole topics has always fueled the wrath of the serpent (KATARI).

2.When did you first start listening to metal and black metal in general?Who were the first bands you listened to?
Dany I : I started listening to metal thanks to my brothers and a cousin, who were moving inside the small scene of Huánuco and could get material and bring them home, even in diapers I only listened and analyzed them.The first bands I heard were the commercial type of heavy rock and punk like Kiss, Black Sabbath, Leuzemia (Peru), Metallica among many others (I have a somewhat fragile memory).
After a time and with a better trained ear, came the most grotesque and bestial bands like Sepultura, Death, Venom, Possessed, Mayhem, Blasphemy, Rotting Christ among others. They were all key pieces and in some way influenced my way of writing and structuring the music.

3.When did you first get the idea to start this band? And how did you choose Katari as the name of the band?
Dany I : After leaving a previous band, my brother (Assassin) and I decided to follow the path of Black Metal and create a more serious band, own themes and with their own essence to demonstrate the pure and gloomy art of Huánuco.
The name was an easy task, because we always wanted an atypical name, and using the language of our ancestors was the best idea, it was just a matter of finding the exact word that represents our sickly ideology and music, and in truth, KATARI has become synonymous of evil and bestiality.

4.I believe Katari is a two man band have you always worked as a duo or would you like to find new musicians to make Katari a full line up?
Dany I : At the beginning we had 2 support members in different short times. Zadek (bass) and Drácul (drums) with whom they were able to play live and make some rehearsal recordings, then in 2010 we had the support of "Miserable Jehovah" in the drums to show our art in other cities.
Normally we are a duo, but later we will be forced to recruit 2 or 3 members for future shows, something that is already being discussed.

5.If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians past or present who would you like to work with?
Dany I : I would like very much to have the support of those comrades again but I see it easier for the Pope to sign us a permission to play inside St. Peter's Basilica. We have lost contact with the first comrades and "Miserable Jehovah" is fully involved in his own band (Wisa Awqa).

6.Ave,Rex Ivdaeorvm! is Katari's debut release is now available how long did it take you two to write the music for the new release?
Dany I : This album brings themes of rehearsals and demos with the exception of : "Impaled On A Phallic Cross" , "Acid Venom" and the instrumental "Inclemency".
These themes that came from a valuable notebook where I record ideas and riffs for themes future, it was only a matter of taking them and finished during the trial and recording period, more or less between 2015 - 2017.

7.Who usually writes the lyrics for the music and what are some subjects written about on Ave,Rex Ivdaeorvm!?
Dany I : Mostly I write them, in some cases with the help of Assassin.
"Ave, Rex Ivdaeorvm!" It is the materialized blasphemy with its own life, look at the cover and in a few minutes you will begin to hear the laments of Christ (I assure you).
The lyrics deal with all this, total death and total rejection of the church. Each theme is a kick in the ass to "civilization" and the religious ego.

8.Besides the debut full length does the band have any past releases or other merchandise available for the readers to buy?
Dany I : Of course, we have more rehearsals and demos but for sale or trade ; "Darkening All" (reissue on cassette) and the EP "At Peace" (cassette) and of course the new album are still available, Any query for sale or trade just write to our emails.

9.Katari comes out of Peru's black metal scene what is your opinion of the black metal scene in peru?
Dany I : My opinion about Peruvian black metal scene, is that there is not one, but several independent micro scenes, which in my opinion is good, necessary and very respectable. I believe that Black Metal should continue to be characterized as such, proud, antagonistic and dangerous, this is what must be maintained because this position differs from other normal styles and normal people.

10.Who are your all-time favorite bands coming out of Peru and are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?
Dany I : The rock scene of the 60's and 70's are a delicacy (I recommend it to you) bands like: Los Saicos, Tarkus or Pax. As for metal, always delighting the noise of the masters Mortem, Kranium, Illapa, Mortuary, Anal Vomit, Ayahuaira, Contumacy among many others.
And with respect to current bands, I recommend them to Obscure Evil, Nekromantik, Iniquitatem, Arcada etc.

11.Besides bands are their any honest,reliable labels and distro's you could recommend to the readers?
Dany I : I know very honest and engaged people in the topic , I'll name you there: Enrique Luna (Necro Altar Prods) Ricardo Lucas (Crypts of Eternity), Cinthia Marina (Into the Abyss Domains), Julio Crisostomo (Necronausea) Andrés Vargas ( Death Dealer) among others

12.What does black metal mean to you?
Dany I : Delicious question, but the answer will be reflected in a future theme entitled "Black Metal is the Cusp" I think it was enough with the title to say it all, but there is more, it is an apology to the true cult of Black Metal.

13.Besides working in Katari do either of you work with other bands or solo projects? If yes please tell the readers a little about them?
Dany I : Yes, I currently have 2 separate projects, one called HAYLLI and the other has no name, only represented by the mathematical infinity symbol "∞".
Both are experimental projects that have nothing to do with Black metal.
At the moment only with HAYLLI I have a rustic demo released last year, and with "∞" I have prepared a single for August of this year.

14.Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?
Dany I .: Do not let down your guard , the war continues ... hails and thanks comrade.