Sunday, May 13, 2018

Posthuman Abomination--Transcending Embodiment cd {Comatose Music} posted on 5-13-18

Posthuman Abomination--Transcending Embodiment  cd {Comatose Music}
Transcending Embodiment  is the debut release from Italy's Posthuman Abomination.The debut is nine songs of bone crushing slam death metal at it  finest.The drumming is extremely tight with fast  blasting drum patterns.For the most part the drums are blasting but the drummer does slow to a mid paced and fast drumming sections.The vocals  are low,deep death metal growls.The guitarist writes some extremely fast patterns and even adds  some well written and played  solo's throughout the songs.If you are a fan of brutal slamming death metal  then defintly  pick up a  copy of  Transcending Embodiment  when it  is  released.
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