Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Review of Genocide Pact-Order Of Torment done by Patrick posted on 1-23-18

Genocide Pact--Order  Of Torment cd {Relapse  Rec.}
Genocide Pact  will  release  their  second full length Order  Of Torment in early February.Order  Of Torment  is   eight songs of classic old school death metal.Musically the band plays in a mid paced realm  with  some  faster sections mixed into the music.The vocals  are old school death metal  growls similar to the early 90's vocalists  that fit perfectly with the  bands brand of death metal.The drummer does a  good job of writing and playing some mid paced drum patterns.The guitars  are played with a mix of mid paced  and some faster guitar patterns mixed into the music.The guitarist  even writes and performs  some well played  solo's and patterns.If you  are a  fan of well played old school  death metal with the bands ability to write  some memorable death metal  then defintly  pick up  a  copy  of Order  Of Torment  when it is  released.
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