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Interview with In Shadows And Dust done by Patrick posted on 1-11-18

Interview with  Stephane  vocals and all  instruments  of  In Shadows And  Dust  done by  Patrick

1.Hello  Stephane   how is life in France these days?Please introduce yourself to  the readers?

Hi Patrick, nice to meet you. Life is as sweet as bitter, I bet this is the same for almost everyone in life everywhere in the world. In France ? Life is alright for me, nothing to complain about really. So here I am, Stephane from In Shadows and Dust, a band where I am the only permanent member in. I had some friend who helped me in the band for the previous album but for the last one, “A Fleur de Peau” I did everything all by myself. I’m a Metalhead, I love music and I love to write it as it flows along the days. In the end of the 90’ I was playing in a band called The Evil One (Drums and Bass / Vocals) for few years then I stopped playing music until 2014. I me a friend who show me that we could record everything at home in exchange of learning how to use all the stuff that are needed to do so. Since then I play and I record, un mix and master everything by myself.

2.When did you first start listening  to  metal music and who were the first bands you listened to?Who  are some of your  current favorite  bands?

My first Metal contact with a Black Crowes, a friend told me to buy that to begin with but I got bored very quickly with that tape and I went for Slayer Decade of Aggression double tape live in 1991 when it came out.

3. Stephane  you started  In Shadows And  Dust  in 2014 when did you first get the idea  to  start this band?

As I mentioned a bit earlier, a friend (Sangli from Witches ) put me back into it and I took my old BCRick Warlock Widow again to record some ideas. After having stop almost 15 years playing I had a lot of idea but the execution was not there yet. So I played, again and again almost everyday since then. The name of the band comes from on of my favorite band , Kataklysm from Canada like you !

4.Have you always  been the  sole member of the band or  have you  searched for more members to join the band or do you prefer to  work alone?

When it’s about creation, I need to be alone. By doing so I can afford to get an album every year (21st of December) and that wouldn’t be possible if someone else was involve. Some friend comes to make a solo, play some drum fills or sing a bit but I’m mainly all by myself. I haven’t try to find anyone yet, time will tell but that’s how it is for now.

5.What  do you  feel is  the easiest and hardest part about being  the sole member of the band?

The easiest is I don’t have any conflict about music creation and direction the music should take, this is also the hardest because having moire people involved would allow maybe a brader influence and evolution but that’s not what I’m looking for now. The other hard part is that I can’t play live shows, I have refuse several local gigs because I’m always missing musician to play live with.

6.If you  had  the opportunity to  work with any musicians who would you like to  work to  work with?

I would love to work with Kataklysm dudes because I’m a fan of this band. I would like to work with Jesper Stromblad because this guy is one of the reason I love music, he wrote some of the finest Melodic Death Metal album of all time with In Flames and despite all his issue, he remains a genius to me and I would be more than honoured to have him somehow. 

7.A Fleur De Peau is the bands third full length  how  long did it take to write the music for the new release?Which  usually comes first the music or the lyrics?And what are some topics you  wrote about on the new cd?

That’s a good question ! I never stop writing music, in fact “A Fleur de Peau” was ready since the end of September 2017 and I already have some stuff written for the next album. Music always come first and this is a process that last until the end of June each year. Once I have all the song recorded in demo I record everything again during July - August. Then I put ambiances, keyboard and other fx to the songs, then I write all the lyrics. I record vocals during September and master everything in October to have everything ready for the 21st of December.
Lyrical topics are about solitude, relationship, humanity, and some event that occurred during the recording and inspired me along the way.

8..A Fleur De Peau is being  released  by yourself  would you  like to  find  a label to  work with  or do you  prefer to  release your  own music?

For now, I don’t think I need a label, I mean I do all by myself and I think it’s better this way on the music side. I know the Label would bring help on the promotion / public relation side of the music but today with internet and few good contact you can easily find the right person company for promotion only. I don’t say no for a label proposal, but as far as I saw until now, I refused some offer, that’s not in my plans.

9.Besides  the upcoming release  are the previous two full-lengths  still available to buy?Besides physical releases  do you have any other merchandise currently available for the readers to buy?If yes what is available  and where can the readers  buy it?

Few “Soul Crusher” digipack are remaining, a bit less of “Messe Noire” digipack are still there. We do have new t-shirt available now, with few symbol of what In Shadows and Dust is : France, HM-2 and Metal :) you can see for yourself here :  or on Bandcamp.

10.Besides   In Shadows And  Dust  do you  currently  have any other projects or bands you work with?

There are some ongoing project one Black Metal and another one Thrash Metal, I also do have collaboration that are being discussed on some friend’s project.

 11.When you  need to take a break from working on new music or band  business what do you  like to do in your  free  time?

I don’t take a break, In Shadows and Dust is just part of my every day’s life. I can’t create every day because some day nothing good gets out from the guitar… So I just play a bit less, some other day, I can write a full song in few hours. I’m always recording ideas, in the train, the bus, walking in the streets, my phone is full of recorded Humhum, whistle etc.. Then I work so it takes a lot of my time during a day, then family life takes the rest. I have find a good balance between all of this and it allow me to create music almost every night. Beside all of that, I go to shows a lot in Paris and in countries where my work bring me several time per year.

12.Thank you   Stephane   for taking  the  time to  fill  this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?

Thank you having me here, my last words will go to all the Metalhead that supported me along this journey :Thank you ! Underground Metal is very grateful and feedback have always been valuable, good and bad, I take everything.

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