Monday, January 22, 2018

Review of Boethiah--Invocation Of The Xenolith done by Patrick posted on 1-22-18

Boethiah--Invocation Of  The Xenolith   cd{Self Released}

 Boethiah  are  a  new two man band  coming out of the Californinan death metal scene.Their  debut full length is now  available  featuring nine songs  of primitive,old school death metal.Sean takes  care of the vocals which  are similar to the early 90's death metal vocalists.Sean does a great job with the death metal vocals mixed with  some deeper death metal growls and some  screams are mixed into  some of the  songs.Sean  also  handles  the  guitar duties which range  from a mid paced guitar sound the guitars do speed up to a much faster pace in some of the  songs.Derek takes care of  the drums which are played in the same vein as the guitars with  both outbursts of fast drumming patterns but the drums are mainly played in the mid paced drum style.If you are a fan of mid 90's death metal and want to  hear  a band paying tribute to this era with  their own musical  ability then  check  out  Boethiah's  debut  today.

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