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Interview  with  Vitreoous   done  by  Patrick posted on 10-8-17

Interview  with  Vitreoous   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails please introduce yourself to  the  readers  and  how  are  things  going in  Spain  these  days?

Hi, here M. from Vitreoous, guitars, vocals and concept of the band, glad to share some words. Well Spain is growing in terms of quality, death, black and grind are the three
main standars that are getting a notorious lurk abroad. Also glad of take the right steps towards sonic malformations.

2.When  did you  first  get the idea  to  start this band  and how did you  choose  Vitreoous as the name of the band?

Well, it was fortuitous yet unexpected, the project was in my head for ages and frozen. Just got in touch with NHT, the other potential member of Vitreoous and both thought that
could be quite interesting to deform the old school BM  canon. The band name is merely the multilayered perspective of music and its human feelings behind it. We are observers, we mistake, we deform
and malform whatever on our hands.

3.I  believe  Vitreoous  is a  two man  band  are you  currently looking for  new members to join the band or do you  prefer to work  as a two man band?

Yes you are right, we are just two. I think we are not close to welcome a third entity but by now we are working pretty well like this. If someone understands the message and target
just drop some lines of interest via facebook or bandcamp and we will see.

4.Chants Of  Deprecation is the bands  debut EP. how long  did it  take  you two to  write  the music  for the debut EP.?Do  you  both  work on  the music or does one member  usually  write everything?

The Ep as I pointed out above, was written long time ago, the writing of it was really intense and made the most of the momentum. Both of us write the music, my layer is guitars, noises, vocals and art, while NHT is the master
who plays drums, bass, noises, synths. This dual atoli assembly gathers tightly. We are working on the coming full length and will take a different dimension....expectant.

5.Who usually  takes  care of writing  the lyrics  and  what  are some topics written  about  on  Chants Of  Deprecation ?

I do usually take care of this, NHT has other beautiful skills behind tools I am not well doctrinated of. So my duty is to write and choose topics such as
malformed deities, obsolete creed, nothingness, despise and sorrow.

6.Where  can  the  readers buy  the debut EP. and  does  the band have  any other  merchandise  available or coming  soon?

Do please take a look to these to websites. Digital version would be great if any labels offer a good deal, by now the Ep will be only released on tape by Flesh Vessel (Usa) and Vertebrae (Europe).

7.Have  you  started  working on  new music for the next EP. or  would you  like to  work towards a  full-length?

The next logical step is to release a full length, it will contain different ingredients, harsh harmonies, darker vibes yet disgusting and
intense riffing without respecting certain roots.

8.Will you  look  for  a label  to  work  with  or do you  prefer  to  self-release your own music?

Well the Ep will be released by two labels but we would like to push it, no boundaries, no enemies.

9.Vitreoous   comes out  of  Spain's black,death metal scene what  is your  opinion  of  Spain's blackend death scene?

Well the so called word scene is quite tricky here. Worst: bands and most of them do not normally care about others, probably selfishness, who knows and who cares.
Best: good potential in few of them, serious and determined. Besides getting ideas and message clear. Through years we both hae seen that if you trust your
project and you work seriously you will be rewarded sooner or later. We destroy than construct, pitiful, but we dont care. Past years do not matter.

10.Who  are your  all-time  favorite  bands coming out of  Spain?And  are  their  any new bands  you  feel the readers  should  check  out  soon?

Hard to say, many to mention and many to forget, just kidding.From past to future:  Foscor are great even they took other path (to me a better one), Necroven, Atrexial, Aversio Humanitatis, Osmosis,
Finally the future bands, who knows, Balmog, Mathryrium, these two are good bands who follow the standard and refresh the genre. Graveyard is quite dense too and vivid. So many.... I am addicted to

11.Besides bands  are their  any  honest,reliable label's or distro's you  could recommend to  the readers?

Damnatio ad Bestias, Krucyator, Fistbang, Vertebrae, Flesh Vessel, are the latest ones that come to my mind. I do normally like to know their protocol and principles as labels, they are
the other side of the mirror to see what works out or not.

12.What  does  black  metal  mean  to you?

My perspective comes from a more death metal subgenre but I do respect the oldies as portrayed in the Ep. Nowadays BM turned into a void of excess, Bm is undesrstood in
many ways, thats the beauty or the ogre of it. I do like to express it from depressive, violent, intense, dark, cosmic, ritualistic layers, just mixing those feelings we get what we want.
I think that BM has many ways to say we are here as generic death metal turned into slam hyper brutal bands and just a few like dead congregation, cruciamentum, energunem, sabbatic goat,
portal, impetuous ritual, diocletian and so learnt to evolve and dissolve the words of death metal and black into a new fresh chemical potion. Grimbergen speaks for me.

13.Besides  working  in  Vitreoous   do  either  of you  work  with other bands or  solo projects?

Yes, NHT is working on his solo project called Dee Em Tee, do keep an eye to avantgarde lovers of death metal and myself I left Osmosis dormant but working on a duo of dirty death metal blending
European and American sounds of the old school pattern.

14.Thank  you  for  taking the  time to  fill  this  interview out  do you  have  any  final  comments for  the readers?

You are welcome for sharing these words and showing your interest. Readers out there do please visit, listen and buy if you enjoy Vitreoous. The Continuum of Malformed Dual Entities
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