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Interview  with MKM vocalist  of  Aosoth   done  by  Patrick posted on 10-22-17

Interview  with MKM vocalist  of  Aosoth   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails  MKM  please introduce  yourself to  the  readers? When  did you  first  start listening  to  black  metal?

42 – Male – French – Used to be a die hard “closed minded” active individual in the scene. First time I heard black metal? Outside venom which I hated & still dislike, I guess it was in 91 or so… I don’t recall, back then I was doing a fanzine & tape trading – mostly death metal and from time to time there were recordings sent to me that were “different” & going away from what went mainstream some years after (with the major death metal tours & all that US scene…)   I do remember not being too keen on the second darkthrone album when it came out, since I was really into the first one for instance…. I was young – now I consider this album among the faves of those years.

2.Who   were  some  of  the  first  bands you listened to  and  who  are  some of your  current  favorites?

First bands : usual heavy metal bands from the 80s, garage bands from high school trying to copy them, having also myself a band of that vein then – out of those teenage years, I guess only the drummer & I are still involved in the musical scene, he went into violent hxc & well… here I am now.           Among bands I did listen to when young : I guess there is none I still listen to. Apart from the 1st g’n’r maybe?!     Nowadays : hexen holocaust, impure ziggurat, saqra’s cult, possession are among the ug bands I do listen to lately & non metal : Emma Ruth Rundle latest album.

3.MKM you  formed  Aosoth  in 2002  when  did you first  get  the idea to  start this band?And how  did you  choose  Aosoth as the name of the band does  it  have a  special  meaning?

We used to rent a reh’ room in Paris for some hours per week with Antaeus, those places are expensive as you can guess & since we were all dispatched around the area, it was the only way for us to get a place with all the equipment already present. Our drummer back then kept on missing reh’ and we would end up having a place for two hours – after a while : working on Antaeus riff was enough and we were anyway performing the same setlist at least 3 to 4 times per week. We decided to switch places & our then second guitar player (thorgon) would go behind the drumkit and we would work on more improvised minimalist mid tempo black metal with lyrics taken from chants of the O9A. This is where the name cames from, a poem linked to that order I did read when I was 16 or so and the image did stick to me for years, up to now.

4.What  is the  current line up of  the band?And  who  are  some of  Aosoth's  biggest  influences?

Line up for this recording : Bst for all music & myself for lyrics/visuals.    Influences? Could be anything experienced, to life, from mundane anger to Divine wrath.     Abuse, trust, traitors, deception, all of those could be inspiration.    Music wise : I have no idea, we kept on being compared to Antaeus on the first two releases while I was just the singer on both – it made no sense especially since those reviews were done for the 3rd era of Aosoth : thus with NO other Antaeus member.      When we just had the split mlp & demo : indeed it was a full ANTAEUS line up (minus the drummer) and could have displayed similarities. But when BST came in (after the ambient noise demo time) – I did not feel much of Antaeus. There were even “solos” or thrash elements or speed even at times, which are NOTHING I was or would be into.

5.V:The Inside Scriptures  is  Aosoth's newest  release  how long  did  it  take the band to  write the music for the new release?

More or less 3 years to compose & record & master the whole album + that split track we did on TERRATUR POSSESSION with Norway’s RITUAL DEATH.

6.MKM you  handle the  vocals  for the band so I figure you  write the lyrics for the music? What are  some of  the topics you  wrote  about  on  V:The Inside Scriptures?

Lyrics will be enclosed this time. Each recording is a personal expression of events occurring in my life, engraved with “sounds” & music around it. We are closer to “spoken words” than the “sing along the chorus” type of band.

7.Besides  the new release  are  any of the bands previous  releases  or other merchandise still  available?If  yes  what is  available and where  can the readers buy it?

I think they are… Most are available through Agonia webstore (merch & cd & some vinyls), the latest album will be repressed (IV Arrow in Heart) on vinyl for this November.     Apart from this, all the split release we did are mostly sold out, maybe WTC has some leftovers from the split lp with Order of Orias. And am confident that there  are still copies of the split with RITUAL DEATH there :

8.MKM I  know you  have  been  a part of  the black metal  scene  for  many years  how do you  feel  the black metal scene  has  evolved  over the  years?

Without considering it to be dead, it’s obviously not matching my vision & what I experienced back in the early 90s. No nostalgic though, it did happen that way, it died somehow & there is something new going on. It has its interesting points but also way too many bullshits I don’t relate to.   Black Metal : SATAN.    All those crust/anarcho/Antifa/Emo/pagan

9.Besides  working in  Aosoth I  know you  have  been  active with many other bands over the years. Are you  currently  working  with any other bands or projects  at  this  time?

Antaeus has had Condemnation out on CD/LP last year. 
Martröð just had its tape version out of the mlp we released a while back, it seems like a new recording might happen in the near future.
No time for anything else for now (nor the cash either tbh)

10.Aosoth  comes  out  of  France's black metal  scene  what is your  opinion  of  France's  black metal  scene?

No opinion about any scene in general. I only take in consideration bands in which individuals I respect are involved. Your music can be as impressive as it is, if I consider the individual as lame : I wont pay attention.   We are not in contact with much bands from around here anyway.

11.Who  are your all-time  favorite  bands coming out of  France?And  are  their  any  new bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check out?

DEATHSPELL OMEGA / MASSACRA / MUTILATED – then : Hell Militia, Blacklodge, Temple of Baal, Belektre - Satanicum Tenebrae…. New bands : NECROBLOOD obviously & Impure Ziggurat / Hexen Holocaust.  Ritualization also has had quite its impact lately in their genre.

12.Thank you  MKM  for  taking the  time to fill this  interview out  do you  have  any  final  words  for the  readers?


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