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Interview  with  Terror  Empire  done  by  Patrick posted on 10-8-17

Interview  with  Terror  Empire  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  please introduce yourself to the  readers? And how  are  things  in  Portugal  these  days? 

Hi, my name is Rui Alexandre, and I’m the guitarist for Terror Empire. I’m also a designer and the founder of Mosher Clothing, a brand metalheads should get to know! Portugal is a wonderful country with a rich History. However, we f-ed up good time and eventually reality took its toll on our economy. As PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain), we’re slaves to debt and to bank. If you think about money has an effect on people’s happiness, things aren’t looking so bright. People are fighting to see who gets the biggest crumble - nobody’s thinking about the whole cake, anymore.

2.When  did you  first  start listening to  metal music and  who  were the first  bands you  listened to? 

I started listening to metal back in the early nineties, influenced by an older cousin who had access to all the cool records by Metallica, Megadeth and Sepultura. Sepultura was definitely the trigger that got me into this lifestyle. As soon as I heard “Inner Self”, I was hooked for life.

3.Terror  Empire  formed in  2009  when  did you  first get the idea  to  start this  band?And how did you  all choose  Terror  Empire  as the name of the  band? 

The core of the band used to play together for a few years, but we eventually stopped, which sucks. Kids, don’t stop playing in your early 20’s. There is no better period in life to be rocking. We picked up the name “Terror Empire” by the depth of it’s meaning, instead of using yet another generic word ending in “-ion”, we actually gave it a thought. If you think of the media and the governments around the globe (eastern and western), we’re subjects to a permanent state of fear and terror. Is the threat real? I don’t know, but there’s this whole terror empire among us. After we started the band, I started paying attention for its use in the news, and I’ve seen it being used in articles, so that’s that for validation, I guess.

4.What  is the current  line up  of the  band?And  who  would you  say  are Terror  Empire's biggest  influences? 

Apart from me and Nuno Oliveira on guitars, Rui Puga handles bass duties, João Dourado plays the drums and Ricardo Martins is the band’s throat. Our influences range from old-school thrash to 90’s death metal, but we’re not afraid to experiment with groove. We don’t do melodic stuff, much; we try to go as corrosive as possible.

5.Obscurity  Rising is the bands second  full length release which  was released  through Mosher Rec.How did the  band come  in contact  with this  label?

Well… I run Mosher Records. The label started after our second full-length and it’d seem a waste of resources (aka “stupid”) not to make the most out of it. The whole band agreed to it, and there have been zero conflict of interests, so far. We’re all rowing to the same side.

6.How  long  did  it  take  the  band to write the music for this  release?Does the whole band work on  writing the music or does one member write  everything? 

It’s random, the writing process. We either come up with a killer riff on the rehearsal place (Burn the Flags, for example), or we write new stuff on purpose. Inspiration means transpiration, you know? If you put your mind into the the riff-craft, something cool should come up. Then, there’s the old songs we had never used, but still fit like a glove, like Death Wish or Lust. Since our previous guitar player left the band in between albums, I had to write it all, mostly with the help of the amazing drummer this band has. A great riff without great percussion is wasted music.

7.Who  usually  handles  writing the lyrics  for the band  and  what  are some  topics  you  all wrote  about  on  Obscurity  Rising ? 

There isn’t a specific rule for who writes lyrics, but Ricardo is the main author. I also help out here and there. His topics revolve mostly around society’s problems of current times, like wars and corruption. It seems like a cliché, but it’s how you express your disscontempt that makes or breaks the message, you know? I think we pull it off rather nicely.

8.Besides  the  new  release  are their  any  copies  of the debut  release still  available?What  about  other merchandise  if yes what  is  available  and where can the readers  buy it? 

“Face the Terror” (EP, 2009) is sold out, and there’s just a few copies left of “The Empire Strikes Black”. We always have plenty of merch available, just send us a message on facebook/twitter or email us. Check out our website

9.Does  Terror  Empire   play  live  very  often if yes  what  have  been some of the  bands most  memorable  shows? 

We’re lucky enough to be invited to play shows very often, and we promote our own gigs if needed. I’m the type of guy who thinks the glass is half-empty, so I remember the worse gigs the most - not many, though! We played at one of the biggest metal fests in Portugal, this summer, and we had a blast. I remember playing the Moita Metal Fest shows and they’re always so good, we feel like home every time we go there. I remember the third time we went to Spain, and we were reluctant to go there (the first couple of shows sucked), but it was completely awesome. I hope Grovios Fest makes a comeback.

10.Are  their  any shows or tours  coming up  in  support  of  Obscurity  Rising if  yes  where  will the  band  be  playing?And  who  are some  bands you  will be  playing with? 

We’ll be playing as much as we can, because we only make records to have an excuse to play live. We’ve played with thrash bands, black metal bands, death metal bands, hardcore, punk… we’ll play with anyone and try to make new friends every time. Please visit our website for tour dates!

11.When  not  working  on  new  music or band business what  do  you  like to do in your  free time? 

I live for Mosher Clothing. Everything else feels like a a timeout from my true passion and I always feel like I’m wasting time when I’m doing something else. I play the occasional FIFA, but that’s it.

12.Terror  Empire  comes  out  of  Portugal's thrash metal  scene what  is your  opinion  of  the  metal scene  in Portugal? 

Portugal has great bands, and it surprises me when people are surprised by this. We have plenty of venues and shows, and the country if small enough to play a gig and return home in less than 24 hours driving, but big and diverse enough to play to different crowds throughout the year. Our festivals are also quite nice. SWR Barroselas has got to be one of the coolest festivals in the world, period.  We also have the oldest metal festival in the Iberian peninsula, that’s always cool. In terms of media, there’s plenty of weblogs and we have two different metal magazines, which is great. Luckily, we have promoters who are crazy enough to keep bringing great bands here (we’re the doors to Europe, when flying from the West).

13.Who  are your  all-time favorite  Portugese  bands?And  are their any  new  bands you  feel  the readers  should  check  out soon? 

I’ll probably forget about someone and that isn’t fair. I wish Pitch Black would make a triumphant return, they’re no-nonsense oldschool thrash. Switchtense (thrash/groove) are portuguese underground icons, and I have much respect for them. As for new bands, or rather unknown bands, everybody should check out Analepsy (slam) and Destroyers of All, who are on Mosher Records. Search for these on Spotify/YouTube and keep checking the related artists, it’s easier!

14.Besides  playing  in  Terror  Empire  do  any  of the  members  currently  play  in  any other  bands?If  yes  please tell the  readers  a  little  about  them? 

Only Nuno Oliveira has another band, which is Tales for the Unspoken. I can’t label their style, but it’s definitely metal, check them out.

15.Thank you  for  taking the  time  to  fill this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers? 

Metal is a way of life. It can help you throughout your best and your worst moments, and you can always rely on it (and I can’t say that about most people), so help out your local scene. Go to shows and share stuff on social media. Reach and engagement are like a modern day currency, use it with those who need it the most!

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