Sunday, September 10, 2017

Reviews done on 9-10-17

Just  a  quick  note  to  let  you  the  readers  know  that  Anders from  the band Declared  Dead  has  done  a  review   for this  update!!.
I'm  not  sure  yet  how  his  time  will  be  but  hopefully  he  will  be  doing  more  reviews  soon.

Bloodstrike--Execution Of  Violence  cd  {Redefining Darkness}
Coming  out  of  Denver's old-school  death metal  scene is  Bloodstrike with their  second full length  cd.Execution Of  Violence  is  ten  tracks  of  solid old school death metal.The vocals  are  gruff death metal  growls  mixed  with  some raw screams used in  a  few  of the  songs.The drums  are  played with  alot  of  precison and skill  going from  a heavy mid paced  drum  style to  a  more faster and chaotic  drumming  style.The  guitarist  knows how to  write and  play  some  solid guitar  parts that range  from fast paced  guitars  to  a  more controlled mid paced  style.If  you  are  a  fan  of  Bloodstrike  debut  or  demo  then  you know what  to  expect and  if you  are new to  the band  then  expect   old school  death metal  with  both  U.S and Europe influences with their own influencs.
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Fyrecross--Burn Them To The Ground  Mcd  {Witches  Brew Rec.}
Coming  out  of  the  Greek  speed,heavy metal  scene  is  Fyrecross with  their  debut Mcd  Burn Them To The Ground.Featuring  four  tracks  of  well  composed  speed metal  with  some  heavy metal entertwined  within the  music.The  lead singer  is  really  good who  can  sing  really  good heavy metal type of  vocals  and  some  screams  used  in  a  few  of the songs.The  band  also  does some  group  chorus style sing alongs.The  guitars  range  from  a  raging,fast  guitar tone to  a more  mature mid paced  guitar patterns.The  guitarist  can  write  and  play  some  well  written  solo's  and  patterns.If  you  are  a  fan  of  well played  speed metal mixed  with some  traditional  heavy metal  influences  then  be  sure to  pick  this  up today.
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Inverted Serenity - "As Spectres Wither" - 2017 (Review by Anders Butchered At Birth)

So, this is the third full length release from this band, I gather. The first I've heard of them - so, I can't relate/compare the changes/progressions this band has made from release to release, etc. They do have a mixture of say: slightly Prog-ish Tech-Death with elements of doomy Black Metal and Old School Death Metal to them. Maybe, a little "Metal-core" type stylings once in a while? I am interested to know what the lyrics are. I couldn't access the .docx file (which might've had them within?). The drums have nothing fancy about them. A couple interesting spots here and there (like the opening of the track called "Paragon"). Some of the songs seem a little "overwrought" (not in a sophisticated way, however) or "contrived" (in a lazy fashion). Kind of boring like extended areas in Iron Maiden songs. I'm not so sure about the "clean vocal" attempts, either. With headphones on - they don't seem as "cringe worthy" as when listening loudly through external speakers. However, my rear end sphincter tends to clench tighter as a cold shudder goes up my back, either way. The more I "study" this release/music - the less impressed I am, actually. It's got "tight playing" but nothing all that "captivating", to my mind/body/soul. Nothing "innovative" or "inspired", here, folks. Sorry to say. The production is quite nice, however. Whoever did it, did an adequate to high quality job. One track that DOES stand out to me, in a "positive way", is "Cornerstones". There's a fun little groove thing happening in that one that perks me up. I like the whole song quite a lot (except the cliche type forced ending)! I could listen to it a few more times and wish the entire album was this well crafted. But there's, also, that "clean vocal" attempt that sours it for me, later in the song. To use the "newer vernacular" of the so called "millennials" - this release is a solid "Meh", overall. I sure don't have the urge to "fap", either. I just noticed the irony of the band name and the music of this release, as well. Inverted Serenity should mean "utter chaos" and/or "dark laden venomous iniquity/soul raping melancholy", shouldn't it? Something like Hate Eternal? This music is quite mid-paced, mild, hardly evocatively emotive, and - almost yawn inducing, at times. Seems like the only thing "harsh" about it is this review, itself.

Under Assault--Possed By Steel  7inch {Witches  Brew Rec.}
 Under Assault  who  come  out  of  Paraguay's   heavy metal  scene with  their  newest 7inch.Possed By Steel  is the first  song on the release which  is  a  heavy metal  anthem filled with memorable music.The  guitars  are  fast  yet  catchy and  memorable the guitarist even  mixes  in some well written and performed  solo's.The  vocals  are  traditionl heavy metal screams.The second  song  is  Necrobutcher which  is  a  more  thrashy yet still has enough heavy metal influences mixed in.The  guitars are played at a  whirlwind pace with some  exceptional guitar work throughout the song.The  vocals  are  higher screams on this song.If you  are  a fan of  Under Assault's  previous  releases  then  be  sure to  pick  this  new  7inch  up today.
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Vitreoous--Chant Of  Deprecation E.P{Flesh Vessel{U.S.A}/Arkham House {Europe}
Vitreoous  are a  new band  coming out  of  Spain's black metal  scen.The four  songs  on the debut E.P are  played with  both violent fast black metal  and some slower,mid paced passages.The  vocals  are  raw blackend  screams  that  fit the  music perfectly.The  guitars are played with a mid paced  guitar  style and tone but  do  speed up to a faster and crazed guitar pace.If you  are a  fan  of  heavy,chaotic  blackend death metal  then  be sure  to  pick  this  up  
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