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Nethermancy  interview done by Patrick posted on 9-29-17

Interview  with  Nethermancy   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails  how  are  things  going in  Portugal  these  days? Please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

JA- Greetings Patrick and anyone reading these lines. Same old shit in Portugal. I am J. A. in this interview of NETHERMANCY. I play the rhythm guitars plus some keyboards. And I am Aion doing the vocals and writing the lyrics.

2. Nethermancy   was  formed  back  in 1996   when  did you  first  get the idea  to  start this  band?And  how  did you  choose  the  name   Nethermancy   as the  band name does it  have  a  special  meaning?

JA- Well, when I got the idea I immediately started working on some songs for a demo. The name came partially from a book I was reading at the time. It means: magick from the underworld.

3.How   would  you  say   Nethermancy's music  has  changed  over  the  years  and  who  do you  feel  are  the  bands  biggest  influences?

JA- Our music has changed a lot over the years and since we only did 3 albums in 23 years it's only natural that we embraced those changes. We don't have any major influences in our music, basically, everything we hear.

4.Magic Halls  Of Ascension  is  the  bands  newest  release  how  long  did It  take  the  band to  write  the  music for this  release? Does  the  whole  band  take  part  in  the  writing  process  or  does  one  member  usually  take  care  of  everything?

JA- The music was written by me in a few weeks, but it took 3 years to have all the parts from all the musicians involved in the project. Everyone involved has other bands plus their regular jobs, families, so it took a long time to finally finish the album. Like I said, I write all the music then each member does his part the way they want it. 

5.Who  usually  takes care of  writing  the  lyrics  for the  band  and  what  are  some  subjects  you  all  wrote  about  on  the new  release?

Aion – I write all the lyrics in the band and in this new album I approach some enigmas and mysteries of the Human history based upon religion, universe, ancient civilizations and alchemy.

6.Besides the  new release  Magic Halls  Of Ascension  are  the  previous  releases  still available  to  buy? Besides  physical  cd's  does  the  band  have  any  other  merchandise  available for the readers  if  yes what  is  available  and  where can the readers  buy  it?

JA- All the previous CDs are sold out. The only available merchandise is the new CD.

7.What  have  been  some  of  Nethermancy's  most  memorable  shows over the years? And  who  are  some  bands you  have  shared  the  stage  with?

JA- We never played together in our lifes. Everything is done thanks to the internet. But, it's possible that next year (2018) we'll do our first show ever! Right here in good old Portugal.

8.Are  there  any upcoming  shows  or tours  in  support  of  the  Magic Halls  Of Ascension  release? If  yes where  will  the  band  be  playing?

JA- No tours, we're a small portuguese band my friend.

9.When  not  working on  new  music  or  band business  what  do you  like to  do  in your free  time?

Aion – The usual that normal people do. We work, take care of our families and create new music.

10.  Nethermancy   comes  out  of  Portugal's  black  metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of  the  scene in Portugal  over  the  years?

Aion – We do the music we like. The scene isn’t important for us.

11.Who  are your  all-time  favorite  Portuguese  bands? And  are  there  any  new  bands you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

Aion – If you want to check out the Portuguese bands I advise you to search for them in the metal archives.

12.Besides  bands  are  there  any honest and reliable  distro's and  labels  you  could  recommend  to the  readers?

Aion – We are working with Helldprod Records and that’s about it. We don’t talk about the others.

13.What  does  black  metal  mean  to  you  and  how  do you  feel  the black metal  scene  has  changed over  the  years?

Aion – We have it all in Black Metal, the good and the bad ones. It’s up to you to decide which ones you prefer the most. Black Metal stands for dark and mystical knowledge ultimately expressed in music, nothing more nothing less. 

14.Thank you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out do  you  have  any  final  words for  the readers?

Aion – If you wanna contact us search in FB at or write to Thanks for your support and hail the ancient ones!
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