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Interview with Wolf's Hunger done by Patrick posted on 1-6-17

Here  is  a   new  interview  with  Serbia;s  blackend  thrash  band  Wolf's Hunger  who  discuss  the  band  past  and  future  plans  along  with their  newest  cd  "Bez'te Zivi  Vracaju  Se  Mrtvi"  through  Symbol Of  Domination.  If you  are  a  fan  of  well executed black,thrash  metal  then  be sure to  check  out   Wolf's Hunger  today

Interview  with  Wolf's Hunger   done  by  Patrick

1.Hails  when  did  you  all first  meet each  other?Was it long before  you  all  decide  to  start  this  band?How  did  you  all  decide  on Wolf's Hunger  as  the  name  of the  band?

Hails Patrick. 
Well the story about Wolf’s Hunger started long time ago, in 2002. when we were 15-16 years old kids. It was some kind of “golden period” for Serbian metal scene, tons of great bands, fans were coming on every gig, many printed metal fanzines/magazines etc. In that time Caslav and Golub were playing in band Divinator, Veljko and Dusan were playing in band Balrog. After some time Caslav and Dovla are calling Veljko, Dusan and Djus and band Altair’s stone was born. Shortly after, we changed the name of the band into Wolf’s Hunger. I cannot precisely explain to you  the meaning of the name because our old member Dusan came up to that.

2.What  is  the  current  line-up  of  the  band? And  for  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Wolf's Hunger  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

Wolf’s Hunger play thrash black metal with lyrics inspired by Serbian history and mythology.  Uncompromised, aggressive without any technical/avantgarde bullshits, just pure thrash/black metal. Our main influences are bands like Slayer, Aura noir, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Mayhem… Members of the band are Knez Caslav(vocals/bass), Dovla(guitars), Igor(guitars) and Ivan(drums).

3.Wolf's Hunger   is  getting  ready to  release  their  second cd  "Bez'te  Zivi  Vracaju Se Mrtvi" through  Symbol Of  Domination Rec.  how  did the  band  come  in  contact   with this  label?

All studio work was done in period between September-December 2015. then we started searching for label. One of the first labels that got our record was Satanath and Alexey(main guy in Satanath/Symbol of Domination Records) responded us couple of days after he received copy. He liked it and gave us pretty fair conditions. Also we heard good things about Satanath/Symbol of domination, couple of Serbian bands worked with Satanath/Symbol of domination in the past, so we gladly accepted his offer. On September 9th “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi” was officially released and it’s available via the band and label Symbol of domination.

4.How  long  did  it  take  the  band  to  write the  music  for the  new  release?Does  the  whole  band  work  on  writing the  music  or  does  one  member   usually  write  everything?

It’s little bit hard to tell, because some of these songs are 4-5 years old. We had many difficulties during the last 10 years: we stopped all activities in period between 2007-2009,  then lineup changes, financial problems etc. Last year, after our appearance in our hometown  Novi Sad at United metal festival, we realised that there is no point sitting and waiting something to happen, we realised it’s finally time to go into the studio and make a new record. 
Each band member contributes with it’s ideas, but for this record some old members also contributed. For example, our former guitarist Milan played guitar in song “Rusija”, main riffs in song “Slava gromu” were written by our former guitarist/vocalist Veljko.

5.Who  usually  takes  care  of  writing the  lyrics I  know  the  band  has  some  songs  based  on  WW.1 and  Serbian  history  when  did you  all  become  interested  in  writing  about these  subjects?

Knez Caslav is responsible for lyrics and we become interested in such themes since the beginning. Our main idea was to play patriotic black metal with lyrics that cover Serbian history and Slavic mythology. You know, mainstream media in Serbia and lot of assholes are trying to convince us that we should be ashamed of our history, our culture and tradition. We are doing the opposite.  For us it’s natural that band sings about history of it’s country. Yes we can write lyrics about Vikings but we don’t have any connection with them, we are not born in Sweden, we don’t live there. If bands sings about culture and history of it’s own country then we are learning from each other, learning about different cultures and nations. And, that’s a great thing. 
WWI had big impact on our country and consequences of that war we feel even today. One third of Serbian population was killed in that war. Stories we read about those people, our brave soldiers, their bravery and their struggles... This is something really hard to describe with simple words. Today’s generations we cannot put in the same sentence with those GREAT people.  

6.Besides   Serbian  history   and  World War  one  do  you  all  enjoy  studying  any  other   subjects  or  times  in  history?

Yes of course, we are interested in all historical periods. It’s always interesting to read about life in old days, problems people had in the past, battles, beliefs etc.

7.Does  Wolf's Hunger    get  to  play  "live"  very  often  or  do you  prefer  working in  the  studio? What  have  been  some  of the  bands  most  memorable  shows  over  the  years?

Playing live is our favourite activity. So far, we were playing only in our country, but now when we finally have the new record, we are more than ready to play abroad. Currently we are working on that.
One of our most memorable shows was our reunion gig on United Slavic Swords festival in 2009. We were playing with mighty Infernal War, Bleeding fist and Kozeljnik. Killer bands, lots of maniaks in the audience and tons of alcohol. That’s all what we remember from that night he he. Also we would like to mention our gigs with Vital remains(USA) in 2007. and Arkona(Russia) in 2010., on those shows we played as a supporting act.

8.Are  there any  upcoming  shows  or  tours the  readers  should  watch  out  for and  if yes  where will the  band  be  playing?

By the end of this year we will have promotional show in capital city, Belgrade, with our friends from Putrid blood and Blanquito cojones. Then we will focus on next year and try organize some tour in European countries. Playing abroad will be our main task in 2017.

9.In  your  opinion   what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene  today? And  what  does  underground  metal  mean  to  you  all?

Maybe we’ll sound like some hard-core band but for us underground scene is Friendship, Unity and Respect. All underground bands have same problems, no matter where are they from. We all spend our time, sacrifice part of our lives for metal music, we share the same passion for this music...It seems to us that these modern generations don’t have that passion, that would be probably the worst thing about underground scene today…

10.Wolf's Hunger    comes  out  of  the  Serbian  black,thrash  metal  scene  what  is  your  opinion  of  Serbia's  metal  scene?

Serbian scene is not so much known in the rest of the world but there are some killer acts worth of your attention. Bands like The stone(black metal) and Infest(death/thrash metal) are the best known and respected bands from our country. We would like to mention also Kolac(old school black metal), Redenik(necro/crossover/thrash metal), Putrid blood(thrash/hardcore metal), Sacramental blood(old school brutal death metal), Bombarder(speed metal gods since 1986.), Zloslut(black metal), Svartgren(black metal) etc. We probably forgot to mention some great acts, but it’s up to you check out bands from our scene.

11..Besides  bands  are their  any  good  labels  or  distro's  you  can recommend  to  the  readers?

First of all we would recommend our label Symbol of domination/Satanath. We easily settled all the things with them, we didn’t have any particular problem. Also we would like to recommend Serbian label Grom records which carries spirit of true UG metal. They have some killer bands  on their label. Our first album and split with Posmrtna liturgija were published on Grom records. 

12.Other  then  the  newest  cd   "Bez'te  Zivi  Vracaju Se Mrtvi"  does  the  band  have   any  past  releases   or  merchandise  available? If  yes  what  is  available  and  where  can the  readers  buy  it?

Beside “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi” we have 2 demos, 1 split release and 1 album. Our first demo “Thunders of Perun are back” was released in 2004. and we spread that demo to the media. Next demo titled “Zemlja moja u plamenu je” we released in 2005. Songs from that demo appeared on split with Posmrtna liturgija, released in 2005.via Grom records. First full length album “Osveta u krvi(Retaliation in blood)” was released in 2007., again via Grom records. Only couple of months after release date, that album was sold out. A lot of people are asking us about our old stuff but unfortunately we don’t have anything. Even we, members of the band don’t have physical copy of “Osveta u krvi” hehe. But we definitively have to do something about that. 
Currently we are promoting our second full length album “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi”, we have CD’s, T-Shirts, patches and badges. Anyone interested to get our new record or merch should contact us at: wolfshungerserbia [at]

13.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what do  you  all  enjoy  doing  in your  free time?

Drinking with our friends, visiting metal gigs and working regular jobs, those are our main activities. Knez Caslav is working railroad company, Dovla is working in construction company, Ivan is currently looking for a new job and Igor is on faculty of nuclear medicine. 

14.Thank  you  for  taking the  time  to  fill  this   interview  out  do  you  all have  any  final  words  for the  readers?

First of all we would like to thank you for giving us support. We appreciate this and wish you all the best with Primitive ways zine. We invite all readers out there to check out our new record “Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi”. You won’t regret.
For all info write us at wolfshungerserbia [at] gmail . com. 
Metal up brothers \m/ 
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