Monday, January 9, 2017

Interview with Nekro Drunkz done by Patrick on 1-9-17

Here  is  a   interview  with  the  sleaze  metal-heads  who  play  in  the  death,grind  with  thrash  elements  Nekro  Drunkz   who  are  getting ready to  release  their  newest  cd  "Lavatory Carnage" through  the  mighty  Moribund  Rec.  So  if you  are  a  fan  of this  band  or  enjoy  sick,disturbing  death with  elements  of  old-school  grind  and  thrash  then  be  sure to  buy the  new release  today.

Interview  with     Nekro  Drunkz   done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  please  introduce  yourself  to  the  readers? When  did you first  get  into  metal  music  and who  were  some  of the  first
bands you  listened  to?

 Hello all perverts out there, Disgustor666 reporting to you live from the farthest depths of septic hell!!! Metal music gives me the Hershey squirts, I'll tell you about that instead. First time I got diarrhea was when I was just a young lad, very smelly! Shot out at 666 mph I reckon, but you can follow up with Guinness book of world records about that!  Slayer, Mentors, Impetigo, Anal Cunt, D.R.I., Nunslaughter Were some of the first bands that shaped my young warped mind. 

 2.Nekro  Drunkz  was  formed  in  2007  what  gave you  two  the
idea  to  start this  band?And  how  did you  come  up  with  the
name  Nekro  Drunkz?

Disgustor: Crystal Seth (guitars/vocal puking) and I were underage drinking even before the band was formed. Only death, metal, and booze is real!!! The idea to start the band came from alcohol and weed altering our young minds, we were total deliquents!  Originally we were thinking of calling the band "Menstruating Zombie", which is a great name I still think. But, somehow settled on Nekro Drunkz. It's a fukked up and dumb name, but still better than most names that newer bands choose! The real question is why the Piss did we spell the band with a Z at the end?!?! Fukk you!!!! That's why!!!! Drink a glass of pizz!!!!

3.What  is  the  current  line-up  of  the  band? For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Nekro  Drunkz's  music  how  would  you  describe  the band's  music?

Disgustor: My dumb self of course and the man you should all fear(hell, I'm scared of this cunt myself, I saw him eat a bowl of metal shavings and shredded maxi-pad bits just last week), Crystal Seth. Two piece only, no bass Bologna!!! Coming to a town near you to decimate your waste water treatment plant, and cause utter septic terror for your community!!! Eat a frozen turd in the meantime!! So... you wanna know about the music huh? In our fukked up world only the strong and the sleazy survive! Nekro Drunkz exclusively play perverted death thrashing grind! Stick your head in a Fukkin airplane toilet and hit flush, we sound kinda like that!

4.The  band  seems to  draw  influences  from  brutal death,grind and
even  some  thrash  elements  who  are  some  of  Nekro  Drunkz
biggest  influences?

Disgustor: Pornographic scenarios and Toilet activities first and foremost. Quite important! Music wise: Anal Cunt, Schnauzer , Nunslaughter , Impetigo, Autopsy, Macabre, Dead Infection, DRI , Mentors, Slayer, Meat Shits, Fornicator, Repulsion, Conqueror, Razor, Anal Blast, Pungent Stench, Gut, Inhume, Twisted Sister, Impaled Nazarene, Mortician. 

We listen to tons of other shit frequently, Lately for me: Saint Vitus(Reagers albums), Blizzard- "Pure Filth and Mayhem" , Vulcano(Live and Bloody Vengeance), Funebre demos, Unbounded Terror - "Nest of Affliction" , Splattereah (All, fukk you Sal!), Sadokist (Finland, all), Maggoty Corpse (Japan, all), Crysys - "Hard as Rock" , Accidental Suicide - "Deceased", Grand Belials Key.... on and on! Go Shiiiiiiiiiiit yourself!!!!! Have you finished that glass of Piss yet ?!!! If yes have another, if no jump off a cliff!5.Nekro  Drunkz    is  getting  ready  to  release  their  fourth release "Lavatory  Carnage"  how  long  did  it  take  to  write  the  music  for  this  release?Do  you  both  work  on  writing  the  music
or  does  one  member usually  do  everything?

Disgustor: Its our third album, we've had a lot of other releases, some people have mistaken one live release for an album. But "Lavatory Carnage" is our 3rd full length album. We wrote it pretty quick, only a couple months. We just huff some Jenkem that The Weregoat guys have left over, and then Piss in the 5 satanic corners of our friend Mason's bar, Rose City Strip. That's how we write most of our songs. Some times a song will come to me mid-bang and I have to write the drum parts on my woman's butt cheeks! 

6. "Lavatory  Carnage"  is  the  bands newest  release  are  any  of Nekro  Drunkz    past  releases  still  available  besides  releases does the  band  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for the
readers?  If  yes  where can  the  readers  buy  your  merchandise?

Disgustor: Our 1st album is sold out. Our 2nd album is still available from Moribund Records. Cassette version and full color t-shirts of "Lavatory Carnage" are available now from . We have some other limited releases that you can find in some distros if you decided to use those urine encrusted eyeballs of yours !!

7.I believe    Nekro  Drunkz's  is  a  two  man  band  have  you guys  thought  of  adding  more  members  to  make  a  full line-up  or  do you  prefer  working  as  a  two  piece?

Disgustor: if we added another member, they wouldn't last! They would likely die. They'd have to pass rigorous testing  and learn all 200 of our songs!! Who would want to do that?! We don't even want to be playing this music ourselves, but we are funded financially and under contract by a sinister hidden terrorist group from the Middle East.

8.Besides  working  in    Nekro  Drunkz  are  you  all  working with  any  other  bands  or  projects?

Disgustor: Seth and I also play in Cemetery Lust and are recording our 3rd album late 2017. For fans of extreme blasting death thrash!!!  Seth also plays in Torture Rack, which is hands down the most brutal band in the area, and they could hold their own against any big time band, musically or in a fight. I'm 100% positive of that!! 

9.What  does  underground  metal  mean  to  you?

Disgustor: Everything. There is only metal and it is invincible! Hopefully in another 5 or so years all the new comers who aren't really into metal will be weeded out and the strong will remain. Fukk off to promoters and phonies who are trying to gain fame and fortune for themselves, and not take care of the bands. That's not what it's about! Thanks to all those who are insane enough to take time out of their lives to book shows , go to shows , do artwork, do a fanzine, or anything to keep the underground moving. Don't give an inch to those PC political wimps either! Do what you want, when you want! Metal is and has always been extreme, so, don't ever stop the insanity, filth, and violence!!

10.When  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what do
you  enjoy  doing  in your  free  time?

Disgustor: Sex and Booze! Jack my dangling knob all over the place! Listen to metal music. Singe my ball hair over a ceremonial flame. Clip my yellow toenails and leave them in people's mail boxes. Take dumps at work so I get paid for em. Check out different portable toilets around town to see what kinda treats I can find. Pee in soap dispensers. 

11.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out
do  you  have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?
Disgustor: wash your hair with Piss and buy our new album from Moribund records! Eat a pussy everyday or jump off a building or both, the choice is yours, stand up for your right!! If your unfortunate enough to consider yourself a fan of ours, get in touch we have plenty of limited posters and stickers and shit that we send in there mail, the old school way!! Also, we are recording some new songs for an upcoming release on 7". Should be out in early 2017 so keep your brown eyes peeled, and throw some salt in there for good measure!!!! Crush and Fluuuuush-ah!! Listen to all the god damn bands on Headsplit Records - 
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