Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stellar Master Elite - II Destructive Interference Generator (2013) (Black Metal/Avantgarde) (Review)

Yo what up all? Man I've been meaning to write about Stellar Master Elite for a long time. I would like to recommend this band as they do offer something different with their music. Maybe its because I'm also a punk & an underground hip hop guy so I'm a little more familiar with coming across the lyrical themes and messages that Stellar Master Elite have as its far more common in those 2 scenes than metal. 

Musically II Destructive Interference Generator is black metal with clean vocals, which is important if we consider the subject matter within the music. Its not the usual stuff associated with the more popular ends of black metal. This is far more in line with red & anarcho bm. I guess a mix of avantgarde & melodic black metal. A later track even has a touch of doom metal, which complements the very down tempo flow. 

The whole concept of the album 'II Destructive Interference Generator' revolves around humanity becoming a slave population to the corporate empire that governs the planet. Song titles such as 'prison planet, thoughtcrimes/villain/slave, the mobius strip, and so on. Common themes to those of us active in the punk & underground hip hop scenes. 

Personally I feel the clean vocals make this album more accessible, and thus succeeding in allowing Stellar Master Elite to promote their message to a larger audience. For example I could sit down with some people I know in underground hip hop and say listen to this. If the band had opted for the harsher raw approach I probably wouldn't be able to do that. 

Over all this is a good piece of written & crafted music displaying an openness to other forms of creativity throughout. Maybe its just me as I'm a music nerd, but I certainly can hear many influences falling outside the metal spectrum. 

I'd certainly recommend II Destructive Interference Generator if you are interested in hearing a well known genre of music such as black metal presented in a radically different manner, but with an intelligent concept.