Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hoth - Oathbreaker (2014) (Extreme Metal) (Review)

If I try to remain sensible (good luck with that lol) I'd write this review in a very professional manner, but I have to just announce a very important factor why Hoth get 9000 million Resi points. Ohhhhh Star Wars!!!! They are named obviously named after Hoth!  I want a Darth Maul hardcore band! Someone form one now! Annakin Crust Walker! Well we do have the D-Beat Punk band Bobba Dead Fett so there is room for more. 

I'm going to call up random NYHC personality and say "Hey man Darth Maul wants to form a band. I think its win as I can see him on stage nodding his pointy head towards the audience as they jump around like Wack Wack Binks. Do you share my vision?". lol Wonder if they will hang up on me huh? 

Ok this is going to be difficult for me not to contain my hyper nerdy oh oh's so I won't even try. 

 You know I was mentioning about Darth Maul forming a hardcore band well imagine Darth Vader got the day off from inter galactic chess club & he decided to form a black metal band to tell his story about his origins as Annakin Skywalker to the Sith Lord we all know. This is pretty much what Hoth are for me.

Yeah I'm a big sci fi nerd so I was sold on this from the Hoth I mean off, but seriously if you have any love for Star Wars you will know what I mean when you start to listen to Oathbreaker. Ya just like oh man u guys need to do the music for the new sequels. 

Its just got everything for me. Atmosphere, thought, story, music from an array of sources, which I will say fams this really makes it a concept album or a soundtrack for me. Go to the Hoth bandcamp site & press play on the music then start watching any Star Wars movie on mute or reading the various SW books. Within a couple of minutes you will feel like ya listening to a musical version of a Star Wars movie/book. Rather awesome!

I guess I should attempt to say something about the music Hoth play on Oathbreaker. Hmm I don't want to label this as its very forward thinking, but sighs for those that must know then its blackened for sure & maybe we can just say just Black Metal or Sith metal. 

Putting my nerdy outbursts aside this is good music peeps. Hoth play some really nice melodies and harmonies on some songs that add a melancholy feel to the album as it keeps you thinking man is this Darth Vadar they are describing? Hoth excellently bring the sad tale to life of Darth Vadar or someone like him through their music. There are so many different aspects to the music from acoustics, black metal, harmonies, dark moody gothic pieces (I know no other way how to describe it), mix of clean & harsh vocals, guitar solos, jazz, & much more.

Considering this is only their 2nd album its pretty rad!

I'm excited too see what Hoth will do next & I really hope they keep this theme going as its different & there is a wealth of material to offer inspiration from the SW universe or even post apocalyptic themes would be boss. Yes I'm such a nerd and was a little excited listening to Hoth.

To conclude you don't need to be a nerd like me to enjoy Hoth. The music is excellent, but it does help if you are a lil on the nerdy side as I think it helps someone appreciate Hoth & Oathbreaker so much more. 

Anyone do any Jedi Thrash/DM?