Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Metal Reviews done for 6-17-14

Metal  Hails!! 
I have   some  new  reviews  to  post  up    hope  you  all will  enjoy  them  and   hopefully  buy   some  merchandise  from  these  bands and  labels.their  is a  little  bit  of  everything black metal,death,old-school  etc....

Desecresy--Voracious   Mass cd   {Xtreem  Music
Desecresy  come  out of the  great  Finland  scene  the band  plays  heavy death metal.The  musican's  in  Desecresy  are  very  good  with  the  instruments and  know  them unlike some bands in  the  scene today.The  drumming is  very  good  with a lot  of  speed and  great drum beats but  the  music  does  slow to a mid paced range in some songs.The  vocalist  is really good with deep death metal growls. A defintly  good release if your a fanatic  of  death metal.

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Devangelic---Ressurection  Denied   cd  {Comatose Music}
 Comatose  has  done it  again a new  band   from  the  Italian scene  that  knows  how to  brutalize  you.Devangelic  play  some  great vicious and brutal death.The  musican's  know  how  to  play  their  instruments  with a lot  of  force  and  talent.The   guitarist  are  extremely  fast  with  some chunky,heavy  riffs  mixed in the speed.the guitarist  does  slow down on a  few songs before  speeding right back up.The  vocalist  does a good job with  the  brutal,low vocals.You  should get the  picture  if  your a  fan  of brutal death metal or  Comatose's other bands you  will love  this band  as  well.

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Grave Crusher--Morbid  Black Oath   cd    {Xtreem Music)
Grave Crusher  are a  new  band to  my  ears and  I'm  really  enjoying  what  I'm  listening to.GraveCrusher  play  the  death metal  similar to  the  late 80's and early ninties  scene.Semi-fast  guitar's The  drummer is  really good as well going  from  mid-paced  drums to all out assult  on  the  listeners.The  vocalist  does a good  job  of  death growls.If  your a  fan  of  old-school death metal  then  pick up a copy  of  Morbid  Black Oath today
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Grey  Skies  Fallen---The  Many  Sides Of Truth  cd  {Paragon  Records}
This  is a  re-release  of  Grey Skies  Fallen  cd  "he  Many  Sides Of Truth"This  is  a good doom release.The  music is  top  notch  with  some  very good acoustic guitars and  mid paced  guitars with some faster  guitars.The   drumming is  done  with a lot  of  slow  to  mid-paced  drum  beats  and even some faster  drumming.The vocalist has  some  very interesting  vocal  parts  with  the  clean singing of the  male  vocalist  and  some  more blackend  screams.This  is  my  first  time  hearing  the  band  and it  is  defintly a good release  if  you are a doom fan with  hints of  other  genre's  then  defintly  get a copy  of  this   release today.
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Nechbeth---Coerce  Creed   MLP. {Iron  Bonehead  Records}
Nechbeth  come  out  of  the   Singapore's  violent  war/blackend death scene.Nechbeth   does a  great  job  of  creating  music.The  vocalist  are  extremely  violent  blackend  shrieks and  few  growls.The  drumming  is  blasting  with  some  mid-paced  drums.This  is a  great  release  and  anyone  into  violent  war metal  should   pick  this  up  today.
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Nocturnal  Damnationion/Nihil  Domination---Baphometic  Goat  Of Thermonuclear  War    7inch  {Hell's Headbangers  Rec}
South Korea's  Nocturnal  Damnation  are  up  first   with  two  tracks  of  violent war  death metal.The  music  is  really  fast  and  chaotic.the  second  song is  a  little  more  blackend  death with  the  war  influences.the  vocals  are  deep growls and  screams,whispering type  the guitars ars  extremely fast  but  played  with a lot  of  power.Nihil Domnitatiiiion  are up  next  coming  out of  the  scene in  Ecuador.with two  tracks  of  war death metal with  some  screams  mixed in.This  is  a  great 7Inch  with two  great bands  everyone  into  blalckend death with war  influences  should  get  this  today.
Sabbatic  Goat--Imprecations  Of Black Chaos cassette {Vault  Of  Dried  Bones}
New Zealand's Sabbatic Goat  have  released their  new release 'Imprecations  Of Blackend Chaos"   Sabbatic  Goat   play  a  style  of  blackend death war  metal.Heavy fast  drums with some mid-paced drumming  mixed in a few of  the songs.before  picking up  the  pace  again.The  drums  are  played  with inhuman speed  but are done  very  good.The vocalist  is  deep death growls  and  some  shrieks.
VerbumVerus-Melkiresha  cd    {Daemon Worship  Productions} 
 Coming  from  the   Netherlands   Verbum  Verus   play  extremely  good  black metal  with a  nice  mix  of  fast and mid-paced black metal.The guitars  are  done  very good  with fast guitars and  some  solo's  and  great  work with  the  guitars.The vocals  are  done  very  well  with  blackend  shrieks  and  screams.This is  a  band  to  watch  out  for a good  release to  add to  your  collection.
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