Sunday, September 1, 2019

Visceral Disgorge--Slithering Evisceration cd,LP{Agonia Rec.} review posted on 9-1-19

Visceral Disgorge--Slithering Evisceration cd,LP{Agonia Rec.}
Visceral Disgorge are a brutal death metal band who come out of Baltimore Maryland.Slithering Evisceration is the bands second full length release featuring nine tracks of brutal intense death metal with some slam elements used in the music.The vocals are guttural,low death metal growls that the music perfectly.The guitars are played with fast and frenzied guitar patterns and some slower more calm passages.The guitarist does write and perform some well written and performed guitar parts that showcases the guitarists skill and experience.The drumming is done with top notch writing ability and skills mainly played with insane fast blast beats.The drummer does slow to a more controlled yet fast pace and writes some memorable and well done drum patterns.If you are a fan of brutal,slam death metal then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Slithering Evisceration today.
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