Friday, August 2, 2019

Devourment--Obscene Majesty cd.lp {Relapse Records} posted on 8-2-19

Devourment--Obscene Majesty cd.lp {Relapse Records}
Texas based Devourment return after a six year hiatus with their brand new release.Obscene Majesty contains ten songs of brutal,intense slam death metal that is played with a lot of skill and well written music.The guitars are played with a lot of extremely fast and chaotic guitar patterns.The guitars for the most part are done with fast riffs the guitarist does create and execute some well played guitar passages even adding in some well performed solo's.The drums are done with violent blasting drum patterns that fit Devourment's music perfectly.The drums are not all blast beats as their are some great drum patterns that do slow to a more calm mid paced range before going back to the blast beats.The vocals are low.guttural death metal growls that fit the band perfectly.If you are a Devourment past releases then do not let Obscene Majesty pass you by.

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