Sunday, December 3, 2017

Reviews done by Patrick posted up on 12-3-17

Exalter--Persecution Automated  cd {Transcending Obscurity Asia}

Starting off with a short intro the band wastes little time in letting their brand  of old school thrash be unleashed.Mixing in both  chaotic fast thrash elements and a more mid paced controlled style.The drummer does a good job  of writing and performing  fast,chaotic drumming patterns.The guitarist knows how to write some creative and fast guitar parts.The guitarist writes  some very well performed  guitar patterns  and  solo's mixed into the songs.The  vocals are a mix of  raw  thrashy screams and some gruff growls and screams mixed together.If you are a  fan of the early U.S and German thrash gods then  be sure to check out  Exalter's  debut  cd.

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Radiation--The Gift Of Doom  cd {Witches Brew Rec.}
Coming out  of Slovakia's thrash metal scene  is Radiation.The  guitar player does a great job of writing  crazed in your face guitar patterns.The guitarist does slow to a more calmer mid paced mixed with  some solo's mixed into the music.The vocals are gruff screams and vocals and their are  some thrashy traditional screams.If you  are looking for a band that is  full of energy and aggressive  metal  then look no further  then Radiation's debut  cd.
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Slow--V-Oceans  cd {Code 666}
Slow is  a doom,atmospheric band coming out  of  Belgium. V-Oceans is the newest  release  featuring five songs of funeral doom and some well written and performed atmospheric elements  together.The vocals are low,heavy death growls and some shrieks and screams used throughout the  songs.Musically the Slow plays a mix of  slow  and mid paced sections but  the drums and  guitars  do speed up to a faster pace in  some of  the songs.If you  are  a  fan of majesticand atmospheric funeral doom be sure  to  check  out  Slow's  latest  release.
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