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Interview with Crypts Of Despair done by Patrick posted on 12-10-17

Interview  with DA  Vocalist and guitars for  Crypts Of  Despair   done by Patrick

1.Hello how are  things going in Lithuania  these  days? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi, I am D.A. from Crypts of Despair (guitars/vocals) and everything is going pretty well, thank you.

2.When did you first  start listening to metal music and  who were  some of the first bands you listened to?Who  are some current bands that have  caught your  ear?

Everything started when I was 7 years old. One summer being bored at home I discovered my father's CD collection which consisted of the old Sepultura records, Metallica, Kreator, Sodom, Iron Maiden, etc. These were the first bands that drew me towards metal. Since then I started seeking out more. These days I mostly listen to post 2000's music like Disma, Dead Congregation, Grave Miasma, AOSOTH etc.

3.When  did you first meet the other members of the band?And how did you all choose  Crypts Of  Despair as the name of the band?

Every story is pretty unique and it would take a long time to tell. I joined the band through an ad I found saying they were looking for a guitar player. At that time our drummer S.K. was already there. The other members (S.J. and B.J.) I met going through the years and later they joined during changes in the line-up.
The name was already established when I joined so I do not know the origins of it. It was most likely thought of by a past member.

4.Who  would you  say  are  Crypts Of  Despair  biggest influences?

Conciously we are not trying to be influenced by any bands. We try to create music based on what we feel (life experiences, events, relations with other humans) but I guess you can never escape being influenced by other bands that you like.

5.Testimony Rec is  releasing  the debut full length The Stench Of The Earth  how did you  all come in contact  with this great  label?

We were looking for a label to realease the record. Coincidently I got in contact with Dennis of Testimony Records through social media and after some talk found out that he owned a label himself. I let him listen to our record which he loved and that is how we started thinking of working together. We liked the labels roster and Dennis attitude so negotiations started and it was decided to start a partnership.

6.Does the  whole band take part in the  writing  process or does one member  usually  write  everything?

Most of the material is written by myself however the band helps me with their input for instance writting lyrics (All the lyrics were written by S.J. and two of the song lyrics were written by B.J.) and making suggestions for some details of the songs.

7.Besides  the  The Stench Of The Earth debut  does the band have any other merchandise  currently  availible for the readers to buy?If  yes  what is availible and where can the readers buy it?

All of the merchandise can be found on our page. Currently we only have a few t-shirts left, however early next year we will be having more merchandise available so anyone interested should follow our social media pages.

8.Does  Crypts Of  Despair   get to play  live  very  often?What have  been some of the  bands most memorable  shows over the years?

Before the long break we used to play a lot in the Lithuanian local scene. We took any offer from the smallest clubs to festivals playing with any bands no matter what. These days we set our sights abroad and are trying to widen our horizon.
That would probably have to be most of our recent gigs the highlights being: Armageddon Descends V festival and other gigs where we shared the stage with Funebrarum. Phrenelith, Demonomancy. And most notably our London gig with Drowned and Craven Idol at Grave Miasma's 15 year anniversary.

9.Are their  any tours or shows  coming up in  support of the  debut release if yes where will the band be  playing? Who  are some bands you  will be sharing the  stage  with?

Currently it is to early to say but we are working on some things to make this happen. We will see what the future brings.

10. DA  when not working  on band business or new music  what  do you like to do  in your  free time?

Sometimes I attend other gigs locally but basically music IS my free time due to the fact that I have a full time job.

11.Besides  playing in  Crypts Of  Despair  do you  or any of the members  currently  work in any other bands?If yes please tell the readers a little about them?

Besides CoD I personally play in Luctus (black metal, lead guitar, new album to be recorded early next year), Sisyphean (black metal, bass/vocals, debut album "Illusions of Eternity" was realeased last month by Drakkar productions), Nahash (black metal, guitars).
S.J. - Luctus, Fuck off and Die!
S.K. - Luctus, Nekkralai

12. Crypts Of  Despair  comes out of Lithuania's  death metal scene  what is your  opinion of  Lithuania's metal  scene?

We don't have many bands and often times musicians play several bands. I think I'm right in saying there are only a few Death Metal bands over here. When it comes to the extreme branches of metal others in the country tend to veer towards Black metal.

13.Who  are your all time favorite   Lithuanian bands?And are their  any new bands you  feel the readers  should check  out  soon?

It just so happens that all the other bands I play in I was a fan of before I joined.
There is a new wave of bands here however that are well worth the attention of listeners: ERDVE, Au-Dessus, Faršas, Haeiresis, Infestation etc.

14.Thank you  DA for  taking the time to fill this  interview  out  do you have any  final words  for the  readers?

Thank you for this interview and support. Follow our social media pages and Testimony Records for more news.