Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Reviews done by Patrick posted on 5-30-17

Here  are  some  new  reviews  for you  to  check  out  and  hopefully  find  something to your  liking.I hope to  get  some more reviews  done  and  posted  in the  next few  weeks.So  if you  are  new  to  Winter  Torment  take  some time to  check  out  some  of  our  past  review blogs  along  with  some  great  interviews 

Desekryptor--Chasm Of Rot  cassette  {Blood  Harvest Rec.}
Indiana's  Desekryptor unleash  their  second  demo tape through  the  mighty  Blood Harvest  featuring five  tracks of  horrific and  heavy  old school  death metal.Guitars  are  played  with both heavy  mid-paced guitar patterns and  some extremely fast and chaotic  patterns  mixed in to  the  songs.The  drums  are  played  in the  same  vein  with both mid paced  drum  patterns to  a  more  violent,faster  drumming  style.Chasm Of Rot  is  a  great  demo of  well  written and crafted  chaotic and heavy  old-school death metal.
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Mortor--Burn Up The Dead  cd {CDN Rec.}
Coming out  of the Canadian thrash  scene is  Mortor  with their  third full length Burn Up The Dead.Featuring  twelve  violent  thrash  hymns.The  vocalist  does a good job  of  raw screams  mixed  with  some  gruff  death metal  growlsThe  drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  experience and  well played  patterns  going  from a mid tempoed  drum  style  before  exploding into a frenzy  of  crazed drums.The  guitarist  knows  how to  write and  create  both extremely  fast guitar patterns  but  also  knows   when to  slow to  a more  controlled  mid paced sound and style.If you  are  a  fan  of violent and crazed  thrash metal with  elements of old-school death  entertwined  within the  music  then  be sure to  pick up a  copy  of   Burn Up The Dead  today.
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 Sovereign--Spirit Warfare:Demo MMXVII cassete {Folkvanger  Rec.}
Coming  out  of  Arizona's  black metal  scene  is  Sovereign  with  their  new  demo Spirit Warfare:Demo MMXVII.Sovereign plays  a  very  raw and  harsh  black  metal  style  that is  done with a lot of  skill yet  primitive  music.The  guitar work is  done  with both  fast and  some more controlled  mid paced  guitar patterns.The  vocalist  does a  mix  of  both raw blackend  screams and some  deeper  death growls used in a few  parts in the  songs.If you  are a  fan  of  the  ninites black metal  style and sound then  be sure to  pick  up a  copy  of  Spirit Warfare:Demo MMXVII  today.
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Varmia--Z  Mar  Twych  cassette  {Folkvanger  Rec.}
Poland's pagan  black  metal  band  Varmia  release  their  debut  full length featuring  nine songs  of black metal  with both  a mix of raw and some  atmosphere  elements mixed in.The  music  is  well written  and  performed  mainly  in the  mid paced  style even  adding  elements  of  folk  music  into  their  sound.The  vocals  are a  mix  of  well sung clean  vocals and  some  raw black metal  screams mixed into  some of the  songs.If you  are  a fan  of  well written and  played pagan  black metal  then  do yourself  a  favor  and  pick up  a  copy  of  the  debut  release.
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