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Interview with Maim done by Patrick posted up on 5-18-17

Here  is  a  new  interview with  Sweden's  Maim  who  are  getting ready  to  release  their  third  full-length  release  Ornaments Of  Severity.So  if you  are  a  fan  of   Swedish  death  metal  then  be  sure to  give this  band  a  listen today

Interview  with  Maim   done  by  Patrick

1.Hello Christian and Henric  please  introduce  yourselves  to  the  readers  and when  did you  two  first  meet  each  other?

 Hello! We met 10 years ago in our hometown called Åtvidaberg. With the intension to play heavy music together.We liked the same bands and had the same vision and thoughts about our sound. Soon enough we formed the death metal institution called Maim together with Rikard Ottosson and Joakim Andersson.

2.Was  it  long  before you two  started  the  band? And  has  Maim  always  been  a  two  man  band  or  would you  like to  add  more  members  someday?

 We were four-piece band from the beginning. But over time Joakim left the band, because he moved to Stockholm and could not find the time to rehearse, and we carried on as a three piece band. And later on Rikard decided to leave the band since he became a father and also couldn’t find time for the band. Then we decided to carry on writing music and record another album all by ourselves. When the album was recorded, we recruited our long-time friend Niclas Löfgren on bass for live shows. We now consider him as a full-time member of Maim and we will continue as a three piece

3.Ornaments Of  Severity  is  Maim's  third  release  to date  do you  both  work  on  writing the  music  or does  one  member  usually  write everything?

We both contribute with riffs and ideas

4.Besides  Ornaments Of  Severity   are  any  of the  bands  previous  releases  still  available for the readers to buy? Besides  physical  releases  does the  band  have  any  other  merchandise  available if  yes  what  is  available  and  where can  the readers  buy  it?

The first 2 albums i think are all sold out I'm afraid. But you can get the EP from, or buy it directly from us via along with  t-shirts and longsleeves.

5.In  your  opinion  what  is  the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  metal  underground  today?And   what  does  underground  metal  mean  to you two?

 The best thing about the metal underground today is that it is so easy to connect with other bands. The internet has made it possible for bands to share ideas and create their own tours without some greedy managers by their side. And today dedicated underground music festivals are rising everywhere. The worst thing about the underground today would be that a lot of bands try to make a hype out of themselves. They release 3 official music videos before the actual release, and post hundreds of Facebook statuses to get as many likes as possible. And then they go on tour to play for 10 people in the crowd. Underground music for me is to defy trends and stick to your guns.

6. Christian  you  take  care  of  the  vocals when  did you  start  growling? And  do you  do  anything  special  to  keep your  throat and  voice  healthy?Who  are  some  of your  favorite  vocalists?

 I think I never have growled before. This album is my first attempt. I did some screams on ’With Dawn Comes Death’ but thats it. When I was working night shifts at a factory, I used to go outside for my rounds and just scream my lungs out for practise. All alone with heavy machines surrounding me. I guess it must have sound quite frightening if someone ever heard me. Orange juice works good to

7.Besides  taking  care of the  vocal duties you  also  handle the  guitars  for the  band  when  did you  first become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars?Are  you  self taught  or  did you take  lessons  when  first  starting  out?

I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old. I borrowed my grandmothers old acoustic guitar and tried to learn how to work it. One night I laid the guitar on the floor and went to bed. When i woke up I stepped right through it and crushed it. Thats when I decided to buy an electric guitar. When I was 16 I went to music school for 3 years.

8.Who  are  some  of your   influences  and favorite  guitarists?Other  then  playing the  guitars  and  growling  do you  currently  play  any  other   instruments?

I was an early Slayer fan and still is. And that band really did an impact on me as a teenager. So I would say that Jeff Hanneman is my favorite guitar player. I spent hours and hours playing Slayer riffs back in the days. I also play the bass in another band and on ’Ornaments of Severity’ 

9.Henric  you  handle  the drums  for the  band  when  did you  become  interested  in  playing  the  drums? Are you  self taught or did you  have  lessons when  first  starting  out?

 I’m self taught and i started to play the drums when i was 14 

10.Who   are  some  of your  favorite  drummers? Besides  the  drums  do you  currently  play  any  other  instruments?

One of my favorite drummers is Morgan Ågren, he’s unbelievable behind the kit. I also get a lot of inspiration from Vinnie Colaiuta. I also play guitar and some bass. Usually when i’m alone in the rehearsal room recording new ideas

11.Is  Maim  the  only  band you  two  work  in  or  do you  play  in  any  other  bands?Please  tell  the readers  a  little  about the  other  bands you  work  with?

I play bass in Ocean Chief, a Swedish doom band that has been around for over 15 years. I joined them on guitar about 5 years ago but nowadays i play bass live for the band. Henric has currently no other side projects

12.Maim  comes  out  of  the  Swedish  death metal  scene  what is your  opinions  of  the  Swedish metal  scene  over  the  years?

It has been a bit dry for some years i think. Not that many Swedish bands has got my attention. Im not really into the HM-2 sound. TEMISTO did an awesome debut and VANHELGD has always released quality stuff

13.Who  are your  all-time favorite  Swedish  band s  and  are their   any   new  bands you  feel  the readers  should  check  out  soon?

I think both Henric and I can agree on VOMITORY. We always have been influenced by them and still are. Their riffs and songwriting are superior. As for new bands i strongly recommend RUDE from USA. Total Altars of Madness worship done in the right way

14.Besides  bands  are  their  any  honest  and reliable  labels or  distro's  you  could  recommend?

I would recommend Blood Harvest for extreme and raw music

15.Christian, Henric    when  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you two  enjoy  doing  in your  free time?

We both share the same interests and in the free time we are mostly listening to music, watching movies, going to concerts, talking about new records. We also like to be outdoors and to travel. Henric likes to go on wandering trips and go skiing and i like to be out fishing and to travel when i have time 

16.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this   interview  out  do  you  have  any  final  words  for the  readers?

 We want to thank you and all of you guys out there whom has supported us through the years.  Keep real metal alive, Cheers! 
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