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Gorephilia interview done by Patrick posted on 2-27-17

Here  is  a   new  interview  with  Finland's   Gorephilia  who  discuss  their  new  cd  "Severed  Monolith"  which  will  be  released  through  Dark  Descent Rec.

Interview   with  Jukka   Guitarist  for  Gorephilia    done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  Jukka  how  are  things  going  with you  these  days and  please  introduce  yourself to  the  readers?Hello Patrick! Doing fine, thanks. I'm Jukka and I play guitar and mostly write the songs in Gorephilia.

 2.At  what  age  were you  when  you  first  got  interested  in  playing  the  guitar?And  are you  self-taught  or  did you  take  lessons  when  first  starting  out?

 I think I was 12 or 13 when I got my first guitar. It was a beat up Rockson or something. I strummed on my friends' guitars for a while before that. Never took any lessons.

3.Who  are  some  of your  influences  and  favorite  guitarist? Besides  handling  the  guitars  do  you  currently  play  any  other  instruments?

Some of my favourite guitarists are Eddie Van Halen, Trey Azagthoth and Tony Iommi. I'm always more impressed by great songwriters than crazy shredders, but once in a while they come in the same package. Besides guitar I have a passion for drums. I actually started playing drums in my classroom during the recesses before I had even touched a guitar. Drums were a bit too expensive and I never had a place to play them at home. Fortunately I can now desecrate my bandmates' sets from time to time!


4.Gorephilia  was  formed  in  2007 what  gave  you  all the  idea  to  start  this  band? And  how  did you  all  come up  with  the  name  of the  band?
 In 2006 we came up with this crazy idea of making old-school death metal with a western theme. The band was cleverly named GoretexX with an extra x to differentiate from the water resistant fabric. We got fed up with the concept quite fast and moved on to a bit more serious subjects. For some reason we kinda just tweaked the name and stuck with it after I did the logo.

 5.What  is  the  current  line up  of the  band  and for the readers  who  have  never  heard  Gorephilia's  music  how  would  you  best  describe  it?

Henu on the vocals, Kauko on drums, Tami on bass and Pauli and me on guitars. We play this thing called Death Metal.

6.Gorephilia is  getting  ready  to  release  their  second  full-length "Severed Monolith" how  long  did  it  take  to  write the  music  for this  release? Does the  whole  band  take  part  in  the  writing  process  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?
 The writing took like 3-4 years and that was much too long for my liking. I'm satisfied with the end result, but I wish it came about faster. I write most of the music, but sometimes the songs are shaped further in the rehersal jams.

7.Who  usually  takes  care  of  writing  the  lyrics  and  what  are  some  subjects   you  all  wrote  about  on  the  new  release?

 Henu, Tami and I all write. On this new album most of them were penned by me with Tami doing the text for two tracks. The new album is about death, nihilism and the deconstruction of the individual as a part of a whole and as a whole.

8.Besides  the  upcoming Severed Monolith   release are  their  any  copies  of the  debut  still  available besides the  releases  does the  band  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  readers? If  yes  where  can  the  readers   buy  it  from?

 A lot of distros carry the debut on vinyl and CD. Safest bets might be the webshops of our labels - Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records. We also have some shirts. Check our official page and our facebook page for details!

9.Do  any  of  the  members  currently  play  in  any  other  bands  or  projects  if yes  please  tell  the   readers  a  little  about   them?

Tami plays bass in Solothus - doom death with great melodies. Kauko drums in Gloria Morti and Aegrus - technical and melodic black/death savagery and straight satanic black metal worship, respectively. I play guitar in Krypts - lumbering death with tastes of doom and black metal.

10.Gorephilia  comes  out  of  Finland's  metal  scene  what  is your  opinion  of the  metal  scene  in  Finland  these  days?

I wouldn't be worried about it.

11.Who   are  your  all-time  favorite  Finnish  bands  and  are their  any  new  bands   you  can  recommend  to  the  readers?

Stone, Demilich and Wigwam. No new bands come to mind right now...

12. Jukka    when  not  working  on  new  music  or  band  business  what  do you  enjoy  doing  in your  free  time?

I like to play video games, especially older stuff. I go swimming couple of times a week. Trying to get into programming. Right now I'm watching StarGate SG-1. And of course I like to do a bit of drinking with my friends. 

13.Thank  you    Jukka    for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do  you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?
Thank you for reading this. Reading is important. Also thanks for the interview!

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