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Humanitas Error EST. interview done by Patrick on 5-2016

Here  is  a  new  interview  with  the  German  black  metal  band   Humanitas  Error  EST.  Who  talk  about  the   new release  "Human  Pathomorphism"   and  the  bands  past  and  future.

Interview  with  Humanitas  Error  Est.   done  by   Patrick

1. Hails! When did you get the idea to form Humanitas Error Est? How did you all decide on the name of the band?

S Caedes: Hailz to you, Patrick! Well, the idea already raised up in middle of 2012, but it was hard, just impossible, to find the right musicians, who share the same point of views and who want to walk the same way with you: straight forward. I've such a hatred against humanity and all these religions. I'm disgusted by people who are just weak, who are not able to take responsibility for their life. Who are always just complaining about bullshit, who are destroying our nature. And I felt more and more the very need to express myself, all my aggression in music. Gradually I had the idea to have a male-vocalist on my side, to have more vocal variations. In July 2013 Ahephaïm and me finally get in contact with Ghoul. We meet up to talk about, what the band should be about, and it was quickly clear, that with him we found our second vocalist.

Ahephaïm: After that, it was the typical search/fight to find the further right musicians, every band knows. But we wanted also to be sure that everyone of them fits with the ideas behind the band as for the music. We needed more than one year to have this actual line-up. 

2. What is the current line-up of the band? For the readers who have never heard  Humanitas Error Est, how would you best describe it?

S Caedes: Well, we have me and Ghoul on the vocals, Ahephaïm on the drums. We have two guitarists, Tsar and Void114 – and our bassist Rogan. 

Ahephaïm: For me, Humanitas Error Est is just the sum of our brutal energies staged in music, spontaneously. We don’t need to think too much about, it just flows out and give the result you can hear on “Human Pathomorphism”.

Ghoul: Straight and aggressive Black Metal, that's what we stand for. But we also want to look beyond our own noses, we don't want to sound monotonous. All of us have different influences and we try to combine it the best way.

3. Humanitas Error Est released the debut album "Human Pathomorphism" through Satanath Rec, Abstruse Eerie Radiance and Black Plague Rec. How did you all come in contact with these labels?

Ahephaim: During our mini tour in Belgium in July 2015 we met the guys from the band Zardens who asked us if we already have an album,and  a label, … As the album was not ready at this moment, we also didn’t had any label and he advice me to contact Satanath Records. The interest for Humanitas Error Est was more than obvious and he even talked about it with partner labels who were also interested to take part in this release. Our interest was to cover Asia through Satanath Records in Russia, America with Black Plague and The True Plague in USA and Europe through the Belgian label Abstruse Eerie Radiance. 

4. How long did it take to write the music for the debut release? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or does one member write everything?

Ahephaim: Basicaly, I wrote the songs with Tsar, working together with his riffs and my rhythm ideas, establishing structures. After that, the two singers can work on their text and their vocal lines. Nothing really special I guess. The songs were quickly written as I told you we made it quite  spontaneous to keep it as wild and honest as possible but I couldn’t tell you exactly a number of months.

5. Who usually takes care of the lyrics for the songs? What are some topics the band writes about?

S Caedes: Ghoul and myself. Our crucial point is the human being itself. Our common denominator is hate, aggression against mankind and the experiences we made in our life. We both are individual characters, but we share our point of view about humanity and religions. And this is the main topic in our lyrics. Ghoul is writing often more between the lines, more subtile. I prefer the brutish, the rude way. Using also a lot of sadistic content in my lyrics – that's just the way how I am. We write about the stupidity of believing in gods, about the weakness of people out there, taking responsibility for their life, about the sadism which is lurking in everyone of us, the evil within. But also some sexual content like necrophilia and other perverted, deviant stuff.

Ghoul: We share the lyrics. When the structure of a song is ready, most of the time we directly feel, who of us will write the lyrics for this song. We never had problems with this. It's a good team-work. And for the topics… let's say it like this: humanity is an all destroying species which is gorging till death. Humans don't care about the destruction of mother earth. Humanity is just a virus, nothing more, nothing less. And just because weak people are praying to god, doesn't mean, that they're better humans. Everyone is his own god. Some of us understand, most of us don't.

6. Besides the debut cd "Human Pathomorphism" does the band have any other merchandise available for the fans? If yes where can the readers buy it from?

S Caedes: For the moment we have Shirts and Tanks with simply our logo and the chaos star on the back. But in a few weeks we will have new designs available (Shirts, Zipper, Hoodies, Girlies and Tanks – also in different colors). We made a cooperation with Phil Robinson (Níðhöggr Studio). As I really like his work and I'm in contact with him for a longer time, I asked my band mates, if they are interested that he creates a special design for us – they were, so we just made it. And the result is just awesome! All is ready to be printed now. Soon as our new merch is available, we will announce it on our website and Facebook. If you want to order, just drop us a line by mail or Facebook.

7. Does Humanitas Error Est get to play live very often or do you prefer to work in the studio? What have been some of your most memorable shows to date?

S Caedes: Ha, easy thing: live! We all just love being on stage, unleash our hatred! This is exactly what we want to do.  Memorable shows… I can name our gig in Switzerland, the Night Of Blasphemy -  this was just an amazing moment. The audience was a 100% with us, and when you get such a feedback, you really know it's better being on stage then in studio! And also the In Flammen Festival – really great feeling to be part of this known festival, specially under the aspect that we only published one demo-song at this time. But you know, every gig is important. Even if it's in a little location, we're there to unleash hell on stage, and that's exactly what we're doing. No matter if we play in front of 500 or 50 people!

Ghoul: My favorites till now were Club From Hell (Erfurt/Germany) and also the Night Of Blasphemy in Olten, Switzerland. The audience was damned great, we really felt that they were there to enjoy a Black Metal gig. It was an amazing atmosphere.

Ahephaim: Live is where Humanitas Error Est makes sense. You can arrange a lot of stuff in studio, but you can’t lie in front of an audience and we like to show that we really mean what you can hear on “Human Pathomorphism” but in an even more brutal and raw way. I join my colleagues about their choice of the best live experience with Humanitas Error Est at this day.

8. Are there any upcoming shows or small tours the readers should watch out for? Where are some places the band will be playing?

S Caedes: Yeah, we have some great gigs planned. Two of my favorites, which I'm really looking forward to, are on the one hand the Radiant Art Festival in Belgium, on the 9th July 2016 and on the other hand the Autumn Souls Of Sofia Festival in Bulgaria, on the 14th October 2016. In Belgium, Ahephaim and myself will play also with Lebenssucht, our second band. Being on stage two times will be a hard thing, but also a very great experience. Besides this we both also will expose some art (photographies) of us, so we are able to express our emotions in two different ways, what is  absolutely amazing.

Ahephaim: To watch out all our gigs, fans can just have a look on our website or at the tour-section on our facebook-bandsite. Soon we will announce some more gigs for 2016 as for 2017.

9. Humanitas Error Est recently made a video for the song Raping Religions. How long did it take the band to make this video?

S Caedes: Oh, not that long. For „Raping Religions“ we just used some live-material from our gig we had in March 2015 in Erfurt, Club From Hell. Our guitarist Tsar was editing the video… I guess he finalized it within few days.

10. Besides Raping Religions are there plans to make any new videos of the debut? If you could is  there a song you would like seen made into a video?

Ahephaim: Indeed, I’m working on the edition of an official video for the song “Pain Feeder”. It took a bit more time than expected due to my other activities but it should be released in the next weeks if all goes well.

11. Humanitas Error Est comes out of the German black metal scene. What is your opinion of Germany's black metal scene?

Ahephaim: Germany is the metal country by excellence, with all its festivals, labels, … so the scene is very developed. The mainstream scene as the underground one. In the black metal scene you find a lot of great stuff like also pretty shitty releases. When I’m interested into a musical genre, the origin of the band is just an information amongst other and I guess it’s not that important. Only to understand some of their ideas, concepts maybe. Concerning gigs and lifestyle in the German black metal scene, it’s like a big family with sometimes little fights between some members of this family but in general it’s quiet a comfortable scene. The biggest problem is with politics mixed in the music. A lot of press people, labels, and also band members are really concentrated into checking if this band or this band has links with Nazi ideas, … instead of first put a hear on the music. As a Belgian guy living in Germany since only few years, I found this quiet shocking how this subject is leading into fights and problems, even for bands like us, who have nothing to do with political ideas.

12. Who are your all-time favorite German bands? Are there any new German bands you feel the readers should watch out for soon?

S Caedes: Honestly I give a fuck about, if a band is German or not, I'm only interested in the music, if the music can kick my mind. But ok… to name some... one of my first Black metal Cd's I bought was from Dunkelgrafen, which I also still like to listen today. Bands who were influencing me a lot are Anti and ColdWorld. And in addition I'm a big fan of Endstille, already for years.

Ahephaïm: There are a lot of great German bands; The Ruins Of Beverast, Endstille, Farsot, … but to be honest I’m hearing bands from all around the world and actually very few from Germany. It’s not a question of choice, more the hazard of discoveries.

13. Besides working with Humanitas Error Est are any of the members currently working with other bands or projects?

S Caedes: Except Tsar, we all have bands beside Humanitas Error Est. I'm doing the vocals in Lebenssucht, which is more depressive Black Metal. But it's not a “how I can kill myself best way – thing”, since I'm not interested to kill myself. But yeah, I'm very into depressive art, it's a very personal thing, you know. The music and lyrics are much more intimate, the aura of the band is very morbid – what we will also show on stage.  Actually we are working on our first album and have already few gigs fixed for this year. First time we will be on stage on the 9th July in Belgium and
few more gigs will be announced soon. In addition to my two main-bands, I did some guest vocals in Withering Night (Black Metal, United States) and I will also do some guest vocals for Absolutus (Black Metal, Belgium). Void114 is member of the band Coma., from Austria, a very experimental band, very sick music. Can't really put it in words, you just need to listen to. I like it a lot.

Ahephaïm: I’m also drumming into many bands beside Humanitas Error Est. First I have my solo project Arnwald which is something more ambient, industrial with some kind of black metal spirit. My other bands are spread into many genres: Grausame Töchter (electro/punk), Rogash (death metal), Lebenssucht (black metal), Die Wanderratten (medieval alternative), … plus many other projects under construction. 

Ghoul: And me, I'm doing the vocals in Goatfuck, a Black/Trash metal band from Leipzig. We restructured the band into more black than trash, also gave the band a new name (before it was Slaughtered Existence) and working hard on our first EP with me as vocalist. We already had our first gig and there will follow some more this year. One of the upcoming gigs will be in London. Quiet exciting thing. Besides this, we are currently searching for a label.

14. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final words for the readers?

S Caedes: Thank you for your interest and the support of Humanitas Error Est.

Ghoul: Never stop to follow yourself! Cheerz!

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