Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Declared Dead interview is now up done on 5-3-16 done by Patrick

Here  is  a   new  interview  with  Declared  Dead  the band  is  the return  of  Tony  M.  who  was the  mastermind  behind  Terminal  Descent  back  in  the early  2000's   before  stopping the  band.But  he  is  back  with  his  new  band  Declared  Dead.  If  anyone  is   interested  in  hearing the  new  music  be  sure to  check  out his  sites  or even  send  him  a email for  news  etc  on the band.And  if you  are  a  web/fanzine  or  run   a  radio  show/station  be  sure to get  in touch  with  tony  about  possibly  playing  Declared Dead  on your show  or  station

Interview   with  Tony  M. vocals  and  all   instruments   done  for   Declared  Dead  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello  Tony   how  are things  going  with  you  these  days?Please   introduce  yourself  to  the  readers?

 Hi, Patrick and anyone reading this. I "always" despise this question (or variations thereof - "How are you?", "How's it goin'?", "How are you doing?"). Haha. It's such a vague and potentially expansively involved question to ask and/or have to answer - if you're a "thoughtful" being at  all - that is. I know most of the time it's just a "generalized greeting" with no actual "caring" at all...but it's kind of a "pet peeve" of mine. Especially, when asked this question on an, almost, daily basis at work or from family members, etc. People seem to want to "quantify", "label", and "judge" the experience of life/living/existence by very superficial means, while running away from the "truth" at any cost. How am I at what? In what time frame are they referring to? Do they think they are the only ones asking this question? Do they not realize they ask this question every day? By asking, "How's it going?", are they referring to the mechanics of The Cosmos? What is "it" they are referring to? That's a very deep question to have to answer in three seconds, you know? Haha. It's like, I was just fine until you asked me "how I'm doing"...and seventeen times a day I have to respond to this? Now, I want to go on a killing spree. Fuck you and fuck the world! Hahaha. Turns my stomach, man. People suck, for the most part. *Grin*. But yeah, we are too complex of beings to simply state, "I'm good." to give attention to idiots. Not that I'm calling YOU (Patrick) an "idiot"...hahaha. I just decided to start off with a diatribe/tirade. Hahaha. Who does that? That "Tony guy"...that's who. "Nice introduction, asshole!" Hahaha. "Oh, come on! Like me, like me!!!" "I really need your approval!!!" Hahahaha. But funny enough, what's the first thing I say to my cats when I get home or wake up? "How's it goin', guys?" "How's my sweet kitties doin', today?" (Yes, "improper grammar"...boo-hoo). Haha. But when I ask that, I - actually - mean it...because I love them.
Anyway, I will simply state: "I'm fine." How's it goin' with you? How's the weather been? I have long hair, again. I'll, probably, shave it off next year, like I did eight years ago, or so.
My given name is "Tony". "Tony Mikkelson". I don't really identify with that name other than it's supposedly my name, so I respond to it when "necessary". Some might remember me as "Tony M." (simply 'cuz I was too lazy to sign snail mail letters with my "full name" - the "M" just trailed off into the sunset or something).
I'm far less socially involved than I use to be and I have nothing to sell.

2.Before  you  started   Declared  Dead   you   were  the  force  behind  the  death/thrash  band   Terminal   Descent.What  gave  you the  idea  to  start this  band?

Wow..."way back when". I think the idea came about in the very early '90's when I got more and more into "Metal" music...plus, trying to find/make an egoic based self-identity, etc. This was even before, finally, getting a guitar. I knew I wanted to do something in the Thrash vein...then Death Metal came into my life before I got that first guitar, as well. So, I "needed" a "Metal" sounding "band name", etc. Again, I had that name before I even played any instruments. Haha. I remember "playing guitar" on my hair comb, wooden spoons, and egg dicers by the way. Has nothing to do with your question...just "nostalgia" setting in. Haha. Wooden spoons were very versatile, too! You could play guitar with them, use two for drum sticks (chop sticks were, also, used for drum sticks!), and use 'em for slashing "Z's" in cupboard doors like Zorro! Of course, beating bitches' asses would be a great use, these days...but(t), alas, I have no l(asses). Ummmm...where was I? To put it simply, the idea to "form" Terminal Descent at that time was, probably, due to "teenage rebellion" (not knowing that it was just another cliche).
3.How   many  releases  were  released  back  then and  are  any  still  available? Do  you   have  a  favorite  song  or  release  from    Terminal   Descent?I  know  you  stopped   Terminal   Descent   about  10-12  years  ago  why  did you  stop this  band?

I remember one reviewer said something like, "Here's yet another release by Terminal Descent. This guy shits out more music than a trailer trash whore spits out babies!" Hahaha. It was meant as a "compliment". I found that amusing. Hahaha. Back in those days, I was very "eager" to be heard/recognized/appreciated. Most music I did was very "spontaneous". Not very thought out structure-wise. I was striving for originality...but, I'm sure most of it was pure banality. It had a strange atmosphere/vibe to it, I can say, however. That part was pretty "original". Again, this doesn't have that much to do with what you asked. But it is what's coming through, as I ponder your questions. I like to provide "well rounded" information and offer "substantial" answers when someone takes the time to "promote" anything of "mine", etc. Anyway, how many releases? There was "Slaughtering the Astrakhan (Best Of?)", "The Perfection of Imperfection", "The Sun's Black Shroud/Karmic Affliction", "Abysmal Regime", "Mortuary Lust", "Eternity's End", "Convictions of Malcontent", "Of Darkest Light", "Manifesting the Present", "The Archetype of Grim Solace", "Hostage to the Devil", "Mana Shukultu e.p.", and the never finished "A God Amongst Ruins". I think that's it? I think there were a couple of "compilations" besides, as well. Those aren't, necessarily in "proper release order", either - by the way. So, what's that? Thirteen to fifteen releases, maybe? But they were, mostly, all "garbage"...haha. A few people, actually, find them "brilliant". But I look back with - mostly - embarrassment. But it was a "growing experience", too...multi-faceted and highly complex (in terms of "spiritual expansion", etc.). I think "Host Age to the Devil" and "Of Darkest Light" might still be around on various internet sites. I'm not, really, making it/them available - myself - however.
I'll listen to some Terminal Descent every once in a while...for "inspiration" and to - sometimes - rip off riffs and reuse/modify them for newer projects...haha. I realized, recently, that there are certain songs/riffs that I STILL play, today (and am reworking to build "new songs" or to expand upon those older ideas in a "fresh way" or more accessible way, etc.). Some of the stuff on the Declared Dead album have "Frankensteinian" elements from Terminal Descent. There's even a new version of "Evil I" (which is/was from "Host Age to the Devil") on "Denounced and Defiled" (new Declared Dead album). I like the Declared Dead version more. Haha. I REALLY like the structure of a song called "That Which Serves" (which was written for the "Mana Shukultu e.p." in 2003 or 2004) and was re-recorded for "Host Age to the Devil" (both Terminal Descent titles as you know). I, even, re-recorded it for a later project called 3hrinE in late 2011, I think it was. That time it was an instrumental version (and far closer to how I wanted it to be conveyed). The 3hrinE version has been my fave, thus far...BUT, I am in the process of recording it yet AGAIN for the same 3hrinE project (though, I have changed the name of that project to Eyes of Aeons, now...hahahaha...confused yet?). I STILL feel that song hasn't been manifested to its proper "glory" (I have a feeling it "never" will...it's a very complex in a subtle way type of song...beyond contemporary expression, in my opinion). It's funny to think that I have "classics" (to me) in my "repertoire" like a "real band" that's been around for 20-30 years, you know? 'Cuz, some of the riffs I've been working with on all these projects that stem from Terminal Descent - some of the riffs/songs are literally 20 years old! And some songs are a dozen years old. Even the redone version of "Evil I" was recorded for the first time ten years ago! It's, slightly bewildering to think about...haha. Other than that, I don't really have a "favorite" release by Terminal Descent. I feel "Of Darkest Light" and "Host Age to the Devil" were very "pivotal" moments for me, in terms of being a "spiritual being"...so, they stand out in that regard.
I quit/killed off Terminal Descent at the end of 2007, shortly after the release of "Host Age to the Devil". It's a slightly difficult question to answer in terms of why. At that time I was going through a "spiritual metamorphosis", so to speak. It was kind of a "calling of the guard". A "higher" and more "secretive" type of "mission" was being "activated" in/through me. There was a type of "spiritual awakening" and with it an "ego dismantling" stage. There was a similar (yet different) "awakening" experience around the time of "Of Darkest Light", as well...and the "dawning" of it was before that around 1996/'97 with "The Perfection of Imperfection". Unless one has gone through this "process", I really can't find adequate words to explain it. There's a "spiritual teacher" called Adyashanti who has explained it as well as can be explained in my opinion. But, now, it goes "beyond" that. I think he's aware of such things, I'm referring to - as well - but his "role" is not quite the same as "mine". Or it is, yet, he doesn't wish to bring that aspect into the fore-front of his teachings, etc. To put it "simply"...Terminal Descent, for me - looking back at it is like a "road map"...with lots of "clues" and "winks" from The Cosmos and when read "properly", it holds all the "personal truth" that's needed to "fulfill my destiny", so to speak. This, of course, is a very intimate and personal type of thing. Terminal Descent was never about the music reaching a vast audience and becoming "successful" in that way, as the little ego-based Tony guy, at the time, had strived for. It was "successful" as a "catalyst" for a "personal spiritual awakening" when the time was right and needed for this individual to "sound his/its note" in the Cosmic Orchestra, so to speak. I often called Terminal Descent my "oracle and effigy"...whatever that means? Hahaha. It's like, "I" knew that's what Terminal Descent was about all along, yet at the very "end", I started to get caught in the web of illusion...so, when the "ego-dismantling" took place, it felt "real"...even though, "I" have never really been comfortable trying to keep a facade, if that makes sense? It's like the "wisdom" was "always" there...but it was only being spoken of...not "truly" embodied. Terminal Descent had the concept of "ascension" the whole time...yet it, also, had the scientific meaning of fastest velocity one travels before crashing into the ground. I was aiming to "prove" Terminal Descent as a "success" (which would mean lots of people embraced it and supported it like a "great band" would be "exalted", you know - "ascending"...the classic "underdog" story, you know?). But it was only after Terminal Descent "failed" miserably (crashing into the ocean of nothingness) that "ascension" status could be obtained via complete and utter "freedom" from the shackles of "wanting". I don't know if any of this is making sense? It's been a while since I've tried explaining this to anyone. Obviously, music has still played a big part of this life as a form of creative expression. There's just a "higher purpose" of being incarnate in this place and time that I do not find useful trying to explain to the "uninitiated", yet is part of the Terminal Descent story...so, hopefully, it makes some sense to who(m)ever's reading this? It has nothing to do with being "better than" or anything either. It might sound a bit "arrogant" when trying to explain. It's not meant to. "Everyone is special...but no one is especially special".
4.What  gave you the   idea  to  start   Declared  Dead ?  How  did  you  come  up  with    the  name  Declared  Dead  for  the   new  band?

After killing off Terminal Descent I went through a number of "new music projects" to take its place, I guess...haha. Each had a slightly different personality to it, I'd say. There was Crown the Clone, PyroMorphiA, Trolling For Cadavers, Inthlhxmneh Teh Atzlxiku, Sovereign Vow, and 3hrinE. It's like one would be "spiritual" and one would be "darker" in nature. So, after 3hrinE (which was one of the "spiritual" ones), I was in the mood to do some sort of "Old School Death Metal" type of project. I don't really remember how I happened upon "Declared Dead" as a name...it just kind of came to me and I was like, "that sounds pretty cool". I looked it up to see if it had been used before and it seemed like it hadn't, so I took off with it. I, only, realized - recently - that there's a slight tie-in with Terminal Descent (especially, since I've been revisiting Terminal Descent songs/riffs to use for Declared Dead). I "declared" Terminal Descent "dead" yet, it still "lives on". Nothing ever "truly" dies, you know? Haha. Plus, Metal, in general has been "declared dead" many times through the decades...uhhh...yeah, right...Metal lives on and on and on!!! Plus, right when you are born in this realm, you are "declared dead" from the start..."doomed to die"...damn! Maybe, that can be a new song title? Hahaha!
But yeah, at the time of Declared Dead coming into being (mid 2014), I was in the mood to bring back some "aggression" to my guitar playing and my music in general. The past few years had been in a more "mid-paced" progressive style (3hrinE and Trolling For Cadavers). The Declared Dead demo called "Subterranean Nightmare" was just that...fast and aggressive. The new full length album has some fast spots but there's, also, mid-paced songs as well, I guess. But "darkly themed", at least?
I just tend to get "bored" with "styles"...so, I seem to jump back and forth from kind of "aggressive" to kind of "progressive", lately. Right now, I'm leaning towards the "progressive" side...but I might work on some follow-up Declared Dead material (e.p.?) while I get the debut Eyes of Aeons project going. I, also, thought of doing another e.p. for Trolling For Cadavers (it's more of a "comedic" type project...kind of "Death Pop"? It hasn't reached its "full potential", I think).
5.As  with   Terminal   Descent   the  new  band  is  a  one  man  band  do  you  enjoy  working  by  yourself  or  are their  not  many   metal-musicians  that  live  close to you? If  you  had  the  opportunity  to  work  with  any  musicians {past  or  present}   who  are  some  musicians   you  would  like  to  work  with?

Well, Declared Dead is "technically" a "one man band"...but it's being portrayed as a "multi-member band"...haha. This "Tony guy" has no credits whatsoever in the liner notes, etc. All the guys look like me in the pictures, for some odd reason...but their names are completely different (Anders Milovovich, Deiter Cox, Dimitri Nagel, and Mikhel Van Zaal). They, also, reside in Belgium right now, as well. Not Iowa/United States. This is kind of a throw back to Terminal Descent as well, 'cuz, Terminal Descent had the connotation of - also - meaning "Terminal Descent - into MADNESS!!! Muhahahaha!" So, maybe this Tony guy went completely crazy after killing off Terminal Descent a decade ago and re-emerged as a Split Personality???? It's, really, just to give myself a bunch of laughs. And a couple of my old time buddies a laugh (who know my previous antics). "Enigma much?" Haha. Plus, it's never been about making a name for "myself"...it's always been about making a Universe with the music and inviting people in...so, I can mutilate their ears and corrupt their souls...umm...uhh...I mean...uhhh...
I don't know if I "enjoy" anything in this shitty fucking lifetime...haha. Working by myself is, probably, more of a "necessary evil" than because I, actually, like it. I just prefer to be away from people far more than I prefer to be with people. But that's just because most people are fucking parasites. "Oh, what a spiritual thing to say!" Hahaha. It's all about themselves when I have to interact with people. It's draining. I don't have the energy to pretend like I find them interesting, when I don't. And I don't have it in me to pretend like I'm such an interesting person to be around, either. People want to be seen a certain way, most of the time...as superficial as my opening flurry about "How are you?". I see through their facade in the first few minutes I'm with them. If they're not on "my level", they become a burden. If they ARE on "my level", there's really not much reason for us to interact. Almost a "Catch 22"? Again, this, probably sounds arrogant? I've just become VERY wary of who I share my "sweetness" with. Not very many humans are privy to this anymore. Plants and animals (not "humans", if you categorize them as such), however - it is with great abundance I allow my internal radiance to shine.
I don't, really, know if there are many metal musicians in my area. I don't "go out" and I'm not seeking anybody to jam with. I've been doing this "alone" for about 20 years...no real reason to change, now, I guess...haha. Plus, I have no desire to start a band/tour, etc.
However, I've done a two man project with a "friend" who resides in Virginia (called Scumbags of Society and/or shortened to S.O.S). He did all the music and I wrote the lyrics and recorded vocals. Something like that, I'd be open to, in "the future". Collaborating with others but not having to be in the same room together? Hell yeah! Haha! Though, I would allow my S.O.S cohort to visit me at my "studio" in person if he ever chose to.
Hmm...can't really think of any musicians past or present I would want to work with. Our styles would have to mesh...as well as our personalities. I don't really "look up" to anybody, anymore, either. The first couple of people I DID think of when I first read your question was it might be "cool" to meet Jeff Waters of Annihilator and jam on some riffs together or something. But not really to work on songs. The more I've discovered what a "quality" person Chuck Schuldiner seemed to've been, it might've been nice to be in his presence for a little while, as well?
A kick-ass drummer would be cool to work with but I'd want my chops up as a guitar player another few notches before that, probably...hahaha.
I think my journey is a bit of a solitary journey
6. Declared  Dead   is  getting  ready  to  release  the  debut  full length  "Denounced  And  Defiled"  how  long  did  it  take  you  to write  and record  the  music  for the  debut  release?


Well, "Denounced and Defiled" has been "officially" released (April 17th, 2016) at a few sites...further expansion is slowly taking place as I type this. I started recording the material for the debut release at the beginning of July 2015, I believe, and finished in April 2016. It's tough to say how long it took to write the songs/lyrics since some of the songs are "re-recorded" (and re-structured) versions of the "Subterranean Nightmare" demo songs, as well as Terminal Descent and 3hrinE songs...hahaha! I think I realized, recently, that there's only two actual "new songs" on this album ("Denounced and Defiled" and "Strewn Before Vultures"). The rest are rehashed songs from the past. Plus, the cover version of TestAmenT's "Into the Pit". That song was recorded in 4 days, I think (though, I played the guitar riffs for about a month before "entering the studio"). That was the fastest recording time of any of the songs for this release. I've really been spending a lot of time reworking the drum patterns...some songs I recorded three to four versions of drums until I was remotely satisfied to use the last set as the final ones, etc. I've, also, been "practicing" the rhythm guitar parts over and over and over before I go into "the studio" to record, so I have the basic feel ingrained yet there's room for slight improvisation (accents and such). Before, I'd whip out a whole album in three months...now I get about two songs done. These days, I aim for "quality" over "quantity", I guess? I'm kind of trying to do "justice" to some of the songs that have manifested through me over the past 20 years. I'm "never" really satisfied, though...maybe the curse of a "true artist"? I don't know...

7.Where  did  you  draw  inspiration   for the  lyrics  on  the debut  "Denounced  And  Defiled"   and  what  are  some  topics/subjects  you  explore  with the  new release?
The lyrics just kind of sprung forth from the song titles themselves. The song titles themselves just kind of gather themselves to me. I tend to keep a creative observation mode running in the background of my mind and it just keeps an eye/ear out for interesting word combinations. I'll read something and a line will draw my attention and I'll think it would be good for a lyric line or a song title, etc. Or, sometimes I'll be watching a t.v. show or movie and hear what somebody says "wrong" and I'll "rewind" it and hear what they actually said and I'll think, "Wow, what I thought I heard would work well for a lyrical line or song title!". Blah, blah. These days, I don't really feel I have anything to say, lyrically. So, I attempted to just evoke the sense of "Old School Metal" with the topics...threw in a few cliche type of phrasings...more as an homage than anything else. Kind of had visions of b-grade horror movies in the background, as well. I was just aiming for an overall atmosphere. Like different levels of a hellish inter-dimensional realm, etc.
The topics/subjects might be various versions of being "Denounced and Defiled". There's elements of insanity and suicide, hypocrisy, war, killing, torture/suffering, anti-Christianity, enlightenment/disillusionment, and the "true nature of females"...hahaha!
8.Where  can  the  readers  find  and  buy the  debut  "Denounced  And  Defiled" ? Is  it  only  a  digital release  or  will you  try to  do  a  cd  release  as well?
The album is available at BandCamp, Soundcloud, ThePirateBay, and a link through a Dropbox account, for now. I'll add it to YouTube, soon, as well, most likely. You can find the various links at the main website under the heading "Deranged".     http://declareddead.weebly.com/
There's no plans of releasing it in cd form. If a label is interested in working out a deal to press cds/vinyl for it, I'm open to negotiations. But I don't have the financial means nor desire to do that myself, these days. Did it once...twice...both were disastrous experiences...no thanks! I doubt there'll be much attention paid to the digital release, even. If a label deal falls into my lap like a slab o' pussy, I might take 'em for a spin...but neither of those am I actively seeking. Both are, usually, more trouble than they are worth. Haha.

9.How  do  you  feel   Terminal   Descent's  music  is  different from     Declared  Dead   style?

Well, I'd say Declared Dead's style is more "refined" and "straight forward" as compared to Terminal Descent. With Terminal Descent I use to add a lot of odd/quirky/strange accents and overdubs (guitars). It was, probably, pretty cringe-worthy to most listeners. It's almost like I had a tendency to sabotage something that could've been half way decent. But, at the same time, I was striving for something completely unique. But just because something is "completely unique" doesn't mean it's gonna be "pleasant", etc. It's like I was deliberately planting weeds in the garden, or something, you know? Now, with Declared Dead and what was 3hrinE and is now Eyes of Aeons, I'm kind of "trimming the hedges" just enough to walk by them without scratching my face off, while allowing them to look like a "natural landscape". Not over trimming to the point of making sculptures out of the shrubbery, you know? I still like the music to be a little "rough around the edges"...a little "rock 'n' roll". Slightly unpredictable...but I don't want the "quirkiness" to overshadow the deeper emotional aspects, like it seemed Terminal Descent did.
Terminal Descent was very "disjointed", I think. It was, almost, like bizarre Metal circus music or something...hahaha. The newer projects, like Declared Dead, I'm attempting to write actual songs...repeating sections (though, usually, played slightly differently each time to give it some flavor).
10.Tony  when  did  you  start  singing and  growling?Do  you  do  anything  special  to  keep  your  throat and  voice   healthy  when  recording  new  music?
Hmm...I think I started to figure out how to "growl" around 1995 or so? Maybe, '96? I have a vision of me in my bedroom at the time recording some "death growls" into  my four track cassette tape multi-track...hahaha. I was using some of Morbid Angel's "Domination" album as reference, at the time. Seeing how my vocals compared, etc. I think, I - also - did that with Death's "Symbolic"...trying various pitches.
No, not at all. My throat and voice is not very healthy to use as an instrument, actually...haha. It blows out VERY fast nowadays. I, also, can't seem to do low growls very well, anymore. Hence, a more "black metal" (not ultra-bitch mode) vibe on the new Declared Dead stuff. I might just need to find an alternate way than how I use to do them, 'cuz, I WOULD like to incorporate some lower growls on the next Declared Dead material. We'll see how it goes.

11.Who  are  some  of your   favorite  vocalist  and  singers?

Wow...drawing a complete blank, here, actually. Haha. I don't really "do" favorites of anything for the most part. But I understand what you're asking. Ones that seem to draw me in and affect me more often than not... I can, definitely, appreciate various vocalists, I guess. In no particular order: Mike Howe (Metal Church), Carl Albert (is it? Vicious Rumors - "Welcome to the Ball" era), Oni Logan (Lynch Mob - "Wicked Sensation" and "Smoke and Mirrors" eras), John Bush (Armored Saint/Anthrax) Eric A.K. (the dude from Flotsam and Jetsam), Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal), Chuck Billy (Testament/Metal Allegiance - though, it looks like he's choking on his tongue these days...hard to watch), Sebastian Bach (old days up to "Angel Down", maybe? I saw/heard him in an interview claiming he's lucky like Rob Halford or something. That his voice hasn't changed since he first started and he can still hit the high notes. Uhhhh...I was like, "Dude...what the fuck? Are you kidding me? Get the fuck out!" Haha. It's starting to sound like a raggity ol' vagina queefing the Star Spangled Banner in hopes of sounding like air escaping from the stretched lips of a red balloon. *Wheeeeze, fwap, fwap, fwadddddle, splooooooozzzzzze!*). Yikes...ooops...that's just mean. Umm...who else? Maybe, Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse). Steve Perry (Journey). That dude from Steel Panther - I'll throw him into the mix - they're totally bitchin'! I know there are some "pop" female vocalists that are kind of cute and sexy sounding but I can't think of who right now. Definitely NOT that Adele twat. I keep seeing a ham sandwich stuck in her fat throat when I hear one of her crappy songs on the radio at work. Wow. I've really turned into a jerk, it seems. Hahahaha!!! Maybe, it's 'cuz, Declared Dead represents a "darker" aspect of my personality?
12.Tony  you  also  handle  the  guitars  for  the band  at  what  age  did you  become  interested  in  playing  the  guitars? Are  you  self taught  or  did you take  some  lessons  when  first  starting  out?
Yes, that was the first instrument I was truly drawn to (besides my skin flute, of course). I think I was around 13 or 14 when I mastered my skin flute...ummm, I mean when I wanted to get a guitar but I ended up waiting 'til I was seventeen to get some P'tang...I mean...a guitar. Sorry, I've been at this interview for hours, now. I'm going through internet porn withdrawals, I think...hahaha. Yeah, I guess I fall under the category of "self taught" (in both regards). No lessons...the only lessons I learned was "Lessons in Violence" by Exodus!

13.Who   are  some  of your  influences and favorite  guitarists? Besides the  guitars  and  vocals  do  you  play  any  other   instruments? Are their  any  instruments  that  you  would  like to  learn  one day?

Main influences, in no particular order, would be: Trey Azagthoth (Morbid Angel), Chuck Schuldiner (Death/Control Denied), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Eric Peterson (TestAmenT/Dragonlord), Alex Skolnick (TestAmenT), Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal/Alas), Jeff Hanneman/Kerry King (Slayer), James Hetfield (Metallica...ugh), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth...double-ugh). Probably, forgetting some. Three out of the "Big Four" added here, kind of made me lose perspective...haha. Oh...I'll place Chris Poland (Damn the Machine, only) as very inspirational (not necessarily influential on me in terms of how I play). Also, of course - John Petrucci of Dream Theater is a fucking incredible guitarist, of which is more "inspiring" than "influential" to me, 'cuz I'm nowhere near that caliber or ever will be (not that I am with any of the others I listed, either, for that matter).
Right now, the instruments I dabble in are: guitars, bass guitar, vocals, drums (got an electronic drum kit in recent years - no more tapping on the keypads of a drum machine to play!), and some keyboard/synth. I'm pretty much open to learning any instrument (well, "learning" might not be the correct term..."molesting", maybe?). I was thinking violin when I talked about Exodus...but it would be "Lessons in Violins", instead, I guess. Or I could do something called "Violence With Violins", maybe? I, also, thought about getting a theremin (I think it's called) to add to the Trolling For Cadavers project. Money is tight these days, though...not sure I'll follow through with that or not.
14.Besides  Declared  Dead   are  you   currently  working  with  any  other  bands  or  solo  projects? If  yes   please  tell the readers  a  little  about  them?
Not really anymore. I was doing vocals (and writing lyrics) for the two-man project I mentioned earlier called Scumbags of Society (S.O.S), but that project has been on "hiatus" for a couple of years or so, now. The other dude is, basically, burned out already. He says there's still a possibility for more music later on...but who knows. We came in hard, heavy, and fast (like the serial rapists we wish we could be) but nothing stuck - so, he's sayin': "Who gives a fuck?". But yeah, we had some fun with that project. We aimed to be as offensive as we could be...very juvenile. There were a lot of laughs with that project! There was an S.O.S demo (with classic songs like: "M.I.A. Spells Loser", Virgin Ears I'll Drink Your Tears", "My Chum the Chum", and "Drink 'n' Drive"), "Doin' It For the Sluts!" (that was our "Appetite For Destruction" mega-platinum album with classic cuts: "The R.A.I.N.N. Party Crashers", "Moonshine 69", "Puke On My Prick", "After School Orgy in the Teacher's Lounge", and the title track, etc.), "Hoarding the Whores" (with tracks such as: "Pussy Parade Serenade", "Red Light District Calamity", "Machine Gun Jizz-Festival", a cover of G.G. Allin's "Last in Line For the Gangbang", and the title track, etc.), and "Diggin' Ditches For Bitches" (this was the last S.O.S outing...only had four songs, I think). That project started out as mostly "punk" then with each release got more and more METAL! Haha. I guess it was sort of a "Crossover Thrash" by the time "Hoarding the Whores" came out. There was a lot of tongue in cheek "misogyny" and "cynicism" in the lyrics, overall...haha. It was a blast. Hopefully, there will be a "re-union" one day...
Oh, yeah...almost forgot. Yeah - again - another solo project I will begin/continue is the aforementioned 3hrinE (now Eyes of Aeons) project. I've started recording some tracks for that, already. I'm, basically, just picking some "favorite" songs that I've done for 3hrinE in the last few years and giving them a "polish" and tweaking the structures a bit, etc. Reinvigorating them for the Eyes of Aeons name. A lot of the tracks have a combination of "joy and sorrow" to them. They remind me of some of the more "moving" Dream Theater segments...but of course, not as elaborate or technically adept, etc. I'm just speaking of the "mood" it leaves me with. Very "dramatic" feel. The Eyes of Aeons stuff will be all instrumental, I believe. At least, the first album, anyway.
Other than that, there's a small potential that I will return to Trolling For Cadavers for another e.p. in the next couple of years...but who knows.
I'm gonna try and just stick with these three from now on...but, again, who knows...hahaha. Trying to "simplify/condense" the music into those three "categories", basically. I'll try to keep the more "aggressive" sounding stuff for Declared Dead, the "experimental" type of stuff for Trolling For Cadavers, and the "Progressive-Thrash" type of stuff for Eyes of Aeons. But rebellion is already taking hold feeling like that's too limiting! Haha.
15.Tony  I  remember  when  you  and  I  first  met  you  liked  to read  and  study  various  subjects  do  you  still like to read and  study  different  times in  history or   present? If  yes what  are  you  currently  ready  now?

I don't really do much reading, these days. If and when I do read, a lot of times it's "metaphysical" type of stuff related to the "ascension teams and processes" I work with across the globe and beyond. Or, I might, re-freshen a Zen Buddhist way of thought type of thing by re-reading something in that tradition. Or some Buddhist material in general. Maybe, some "Advaita Vedanta" type of material. But this type of stuff isn't really to "obtain" knowledge as much as it is a re-freshening of where my "soul stream" has many roots. It's more a strengthening of thought. Reading is mostly boring to me, nowadays. I'd rather listen to a presentation than read a book. I watch a lot of t.v. shows and a few movies, too...haha. I'm not really "searching" for anything anymore. That's what I did with reading in the old days...was on a "quest". Not so much these days.
I think I might, one day, read some "fiction", though. Maybe, some "classic literature". I don't know...there doesn't seem to be much time to do anything and everything. Gotta "choose wisely", I guess.

16.Thank  you   my  old  friend  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this   interview   out  and telling  us  about your  new project.Do  you  have  any  final   words  for the readers?
Hey! Thank you very much, Patrick! I really appreciate being able to yap with my hands (without being deaf or learning sign language) as I type out this monstrosity! Haha. Yeah, just some lame attempt at humor, there, again. But anyway...seriously...this was quite fun...spent a lot of time on it. Hopefully, it's not wasted on the blind and dumb! I'm sure I have a lot to be embarrassed about when I look back a year from now and see what was said...but whatever. The greatest laugh is always from a punch in the nuts, is it not?
To the readers...if you actually read this entire thing...holy fucking Christ! Don't you have anything better to do??? I hope there was SOMETHING redeeming and/or entertaining within this!
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