Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Interview done with Croatia's Bustum done on 3-16-16

Here   is  a   new  interview  conducted   with  Croatia's  black metal  band  Bustum  who  recently  had their debut  "Demonolosophy"  released  through the  Hungarian  label  Iron  County Prod.  on  cassette  form.  Anyone  into  traditional,violent  and  fast  black  metal  should  check  this  band  out  as  soon  as   possible.

Interview   with  Bustum    done  by    Patrick

1. You all formed Bustum in 2001 what gave you all the idea to start this band? How did you all come up with the name of the band and does it have a special meaning?

 Bustum in total is project/idea/band of a Demoniac. He formed the band, wrote all the songs, done literary everything around the band. He tried to find some obscure name in latin back than and he find Bustum. Since this days we kept that name.

2. What is the current line-up of Bustum? For the readers who have never heard Bustum's music how would you best describe it?

 Current line-up is Demoniac on guitars, bass and back vocal and me (Nicor) on lead vocals and drums. This line-up is in charge for almost 5 years now. It is cold black metal from Balkan with blasting drums, harsh vocals, fast melodies and crushing riffs.

3. Iron County Prod. is getting ready to re-release your debut "Demonolosophy" on cassette how did you all come in contact with this label?

 First, I asked Nuno from Caverna Abismal Records does he want to release our album on tape, but he told me that he can’t but knows guy from Hungary who will love to release our full-lenght on tape format and gave me contact of Balazs. I get in touch with Balazs and he accepted to release tape on first. I have only good words for his work. From start of that idea about our tape he always push it forth with ideas and suggestions. Really good and highly professional fella.

4. Besides the re-release of "Demonolosophy" has the band started writing music for the next release? Do you all know yet will it be a full-length or an EP?

Beside re-release of an album on tape we also working on one re-release that we will uncover soon, with some bonus songs.  About new material... between me and Demoniac currently stands around 1700 miles, ’cause he’s currently in Ireland. But we had some talks about material and maybe soon we’ll unveil some ideas for a new single or two or three songs. We’ll see, I don’t know now for sure.

5. Does the whole band take part in the writing process of the music or does one member usually write everything?

I came in the band on „all is ready“ situation. Demoniac made it all. He made it all and   wrapped it on his wish, only Piper (drummer of croatian band War-Head) made drum tracks for songs.

6. Who usually takes care of the lyrics what are some subjects the band writes about?

 Demoniac made  all of them. But we have some new lyrics from me, for possibly new songs that we’ll made.  Lyrics of Bustum talking about darkness in human and all evil that can be born and produced by men/women. Human is the bigger evil than Satan himself.

7. Besides the new re-release of the debut does the band have any other releases or merchandise available for the readers? If yes where can the fans buy it from?

We have our album (Regimental rec. version) stil available in small amount, soon we’ll have tapes. One new re-release with bonus songs will be announced soon so stay tuned. All information, orders and questions about band you can find on: or .  We also thinking about to release new t-shirt design for order.

8. Bustum comes out of Croatia's black metal scene what is the black, death metal scene like in Croatia?

 I really don’t know, I don’t follow croatian metal scene. There was in past few really good bands from Croatia; bands like: Castrum, Unholy Inquisition, Nekrist, Prognan, Gorthaur’s Wrath, Neldoreth, Deaf Auditorium.

9. Who are some of your all-time favorite Croatian bands? Are their any new bands coming out of Croatia that you feel the readers should watch out for? 

I don’t have all-time favourite band(s), but I will give you my  top 5 materials from Croatian scene: 1. Unholy Inquisition - Depraved God's Creation (masterpiece of a demo material made in 2004) 2. Deaf Auditorium - Season of Evil (Full-lenght from (I think?) 2002, black-death metal with high screams and grawl vocals, great!) 3. Castrum - Black Silhouette Enfolded in Sunrise (Full-lenght from 1998 and it is brilliant vampiric black metal) 4. Nekrist – Slava Satan (demo material from 2007, killer demo, check it out!) 5. Dr. Steel - Čekam na Noć (Great heavy metal album from 1986) Check out bands Kult Perunov and Black Cult. Two bands made of black metal  veterans from Rijeka city.

10. Does Bustum get to play live very often or do you all prefer to work in the studio? What have been some of your most memorable shows to date?

Last five years band is not active on live performances. Bustum made some good shows over Croatia in the past (from Demoniac’s stories). If we continue to work further, we’ll probably firstly be active in studio only, than later to think about live gigs. 11. Are their any tours or shows coming up that the fans should watch out

11. Are their any tours or shows coming up that the fans should watch out for? Where are some places the band will be playing?

Nothing for now. But who know what future holds for us. We have calls to take place on stage, but due our distance problem that is impossible for now.

12. Other then working in the band Bustum do any of the members currently work with any other bands? If yes please tell the readers about them.

Not at the moment. We both have too many obligations on our day-time jobs.

13.What does black metal mean to you?

Black metal is pure art of violence and freedom of emotions mixed in audio and visual attack... nothing beside that. Black metal always must be intolerant and offensive.  

14. Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you have any final comments for the readers?

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